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Downtown Martinsboro a few days after its founding
Flag of Martinsburg.svg
Flag of Martinsboro
Town officials
Mayor PaintedBlue
Deputy Mayor TBD
Metro/Subway Martinsboro Subway (planned)
Facts and figures
Founded April 7th 2020
Town rank [Unranked]
Other info

Martinsboro is a town in the new world owned by PaintedBlue. He made it to fix the errors in his other towns like Lilygrove and Cape Cambridge. Martinsboro currently has 5 builds.


Martinsboro was founded on April 7th, 2020, a few weeks after PaintedBlue's original town of Cape Cambridge obtained Senator. It was founded because PaintedBlue was bored and wanted another project to work on when he wasn't working on Cape Cambridge.

After searching for a few minutes, he found a spot up north. Seeing that no one claimed the spot already, he set out to work on the downtown area, making the first few roads and buildings. He made a main road and a smaller road as well, and made a large office building that was 20 floors tall.