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PaintedBlue's Current Time
6:56 pm, July 24, 2021 PDT
FederatedStates.png This user is part of the F.S.
Director of m
Location Chula Vista, CA, United States
Time zone Pacific Standard Time (−08:00 Offset)
Pacific Daylight Time (−07:00 Offset)
Language(s) - English
- m
Gender Male
Birth date March 2nd 2007
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator+]
Notable projects Cape Cambridge, Meridia, Sedalia
Joined June 2 2020
Accepted June 4 2020
Citizen June 17 2020
Trustee June 30 2020
Councillor July 22 2020
Mayor November 28 2020
Senator March 28th 2021
Governor i can make airport now
Premier i have no idea
Moderator whenever my boredom level passes -10
Administrator what
Supporter June 10th 2020
Social networks
Discord AviaBlue#5428
Nickname(s) Painted
Poonted (what pretz calls me)
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Hi there, I'm PaintedBlue! Since you’re here, let me tell you a little about myself. I currently live and spend most of my time in the town of Chula Vista, CA. I joined this server in early June 2020 and got accepted as a member on the 4th of June 2020. I speak English as my main language, know a lot (but not too much) of Spanish, and learning French. Currently, I am the mayor of Lilygrove, Seriadé, Cape Cambridge, Solana Beach, Nueva Seriadé, deputy mayor of Rattlerville, founder and CEO of EnCorp, the Azure Corporation, Via Transit, AxiomSpace, and head of the Federated States Aerospace Agency. When I’m not playing Minecraft, I like to play outside with friends, swim, go bowling, or head to the driving range and whack some golf balls. My interests include aviation, public transport, and space exploration. However, my main interest is space exploration, so I spend some of the time building rockets and such on the server. One of my other goals on the server is to get my newest town of Cape Cambridge to  [Premier] . You probably know me for my town of Cape Cambridge, being the governor of Meridia, or haha funne m. I also usually take a short while to climb the ranks, taking 5 months to get from Councillor to Mayor.


I first joined the server on June 2nd 2020 as a guest when I gained interest in creating a town after randomly finding the server's website as I was looking for minecart transit systems online. I didn't talk too much (as I really didn't know many on the server). I explored many of the towns. I always used air transport to get to every city (i didn't know about premier warps yet.) I started work on planning my first town called Geminica (now known as Lilygrove) and got into more conversations. I submitted my member application about half an hour after joining the server. Then, on June 4th 2020, I received the message that my membership was approved. I then went to the spot I wanted to start my town at, and built a roundabout. After some time on the server I started Azure as an electronics brand, before making vehicles. I then did more stuff and advanced through the ranks, going from member to trustee in less than a month. Then on the 22nd of July, with the help of my close friend EtihadMan, I got Lilygrove to Councillor. I then started ViaFly (originally Endeavour Air). and did some more stuff. I also started Yalebrook. After my interest in space exploration skyrocketed (pun not intended), I started work on my town of Cape Cambridge. I eventually got both towns to Mayor, then got Cape Cambridge to Senator. Then, more stuff happened and now here we are.


Status Meaning
Lime Really active
Green Active, on every
Yellow Semi-active, usually on every few days
Orange Not as active, usually on for only a day or two a week
Red Temporary leave due to personal reasons or other reasons
Black Permanent leave due to a ban or other personal reasons

Current Status: Yellow

Reason: I have returned from my trip, but I don't really know what to do now.


  • Get Lilygrove to [Mayor] or [Senator]
  • Get Cape Cambridge to  [Premier] 
  • Get Solana Beach to [Mayor] or [Senator]
  • Get Nueva Seriade to [Mayor]
  • Get Martinsboro to [Senator] or [Governor]

Towns I own (or have owned)

See this page

Likes & Dislikes


  • s p a c e
  • light rail
  • aviation


  • i really don't know

Featured Pages


Should I leave the server and not return, I will distribute the following to said players,

  • Lilygrove will go to its deputy mayor Crafterboi500, then EtihadMan, then then to MRT Staff.
  • Cape Cambridge will go to its deputy mayor kyyl_, then Echohue, then mi_aquamarine, then to MRT Staff.
  • Solana Beach will go to its deputy mayor Wipeout111, then kyyl_, then, Crafterboi500, then to MRT Staff.
  • Nueva Seriade will go to its deputy mayor, then __7d, then to MRT Staff.
  • EnCorp will go to MRT Staff

Events I participated in


Achievement get!
e x i s t
Be born sometime in 2007
Achievement get!
Achievement get!
O long may our flag wave
Make Sedalia exist