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Miasto is the first town Purrcat2010 obtained in a town auction. It was founded by Max4344, who had long left the server. It was obtained by Purrcat2010 at the February 2017 GSM. It was the second town obtained by Purrcat2010. It is the second territory of the Lordom of Cattington. It is located at C88 on the MRT Circle Line

Quick Facts

Rank: Mayor (That was it's rank when I obtained it, This fact courtesy of AP_Red).

Current Owner: Purrcat2010

Founder: Max4344

Deputy Mayor: LithiuMirnuriX

Population: 1

Connections: MRT Circle Line (C88), A78

Town Hall Coordinates: -6,717 (x), 64 (y), -638 (z)

AZ Finder Coordinates: I6


The town was founded by Max4344 on a date unknown to Purrcat2010. The town reached the Mayor rank also on an unknown date, before the Max4344 left the server for good. The Deputy Mayor, Music3_0, was soon banned from the MRT, leaving the town inactive. Purrcat2010 found out about the town when a post on the MRT website that an A-Road (A78) will be built near there. Purrcat2010 then soon forgot about the post. He at a later date found the town again while traveling on the MRT Circle Line. Purrcat2010 soon sent in an auction request that was accepted at the February 2017 GSM.


This lists all of the current districts in Miasto.

Old Miasto

This district contains builds from when Max4344 was owner of the town. All except for a franchise made by SoaPuffBall and the A78 Connection/Border Control Station were there when Purrcat2010 obtained the town. Almost all of Old Miasto is surrounded by a wall made out of Quartz. No one can edit it except for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor without special permission from either. Since the previous owner of Miasto did not name the streets in this part of Miasto, the current owner of Miasto did not name the streets in this part of town.


Downasto is the second district of Miasto, it contains only one street, this street is Main Street, However, none of the buildings in this area do not have an address number yet. Only two buildings in the area are considered complete according to the MRT rules, and those are steampunk-style buildings built by the previous owner, Max4344. The under-construction buildings include a courthouse, an Airail station being built by SoaPuffBall, and a military base. Even Main Street itself can be considered a work in progress. The original Malachite Design Headquarters once stood on a hill, but was torn down and the road leading to it (Malachite Drive) was dug up. Malachite Design is a sub-company of Malachite Group. A memorial dedicated to the old HQ now stands in it's place. Downasto is “downtown” combined with Miasto.