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Town officials
Deputy Mayor Ryan_Friel
MRT Y22 Closest station
Roadway(s) MRT-66
Other transit MMTA 1,2,3, and 4 Lines, KTA Commuter Rail Silver Star Line
Facts and figures
Founded 8 July 2014

Mikeland is a small town whose mayor is MIKE24DUDE and whose deputy mayor is Ryan_Friel. There are multiple things to do in Mikeland and there are always new projects. Mikeland has been recognized as a town on 8/27/14.

Mikeland Was Originally made to house the MMTA but has evolved. Mikeland Is Located Right down MRT-66 from silverhaven and kitania.


As Mikeland is one of the newer towns it would be thought that they don't have a power station but have a power station supplying power to all major government buildings and large buildings. Power is available to anyone who asks Mike24Dude or Ryan_friel. After an examination to see if your building meets the criteria. We will put it on our list of work to be done this will most likely mean that it will not be attached immediately.


Mikeland is a very fun city but has some rules to follow.

1.If an iron door is closed do not open it and step inside the building, the door was closed for a purpose.

2.Breaking in to a restricted area or not following the rules can cause you to end up in MIKELAND prison

3.Griefing is an automatic report to an Admod

Fun Places To Visit

If you like gems check out music gems locations on Lavender Street as well as Glenwood road.

Looking for some quality food? Go to 150 central park located at the corner of Glenwood road and Lavender Street.

Looking for a quick coffee or just some Chinese food to snack on go to Starlots coffee or Kung fu pao Chinese food on Oak Road.

Looking for some good old ice cream with lots of choices Go to Michaels Ice Cream shop entrances on cody avenue and lavender avenue

Want some nice stadium food go to