Music's Gems

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Music's Gems
The most recent iteration of the Music's Gems tower.
Number of Stores196
HeadquartersFeline Holdings Tower, Central City
1st StoreQuartz City
25th StoreSpawn City
50th StoreMegaTown
75th StoreSandstone Fair
100th StoreCentral City
125th StoreZaquar
150th StoreCorrigan
169th StoreNippia
Other Information
FoundedJune 22, 2013
HeadquartersFeline Holdings Center, Central City
Parent CompanyFeline Legacy Retail Group (a part of Feline Holdings)
Current Selling Version1.8+ - The Pristine Design

Music's Gems is a gem company that specializes in providing the towns and cities of the server with two types of gem franchises: The ShowRoom store, where the gems are on display, and the TowerStore, where you can purchase the gems. There are 3 Distribution Centres, where all incoming shipments of gems are held before the delivery of the gems to all the other stores. The majority of the stores have no cash registers as the entire purpose of the franchise is to observe the quality and radiance of each of the gems. The most you can do in each store consists of gazing upon and ordering the gems from the store and waiting for its eventual delivery from one of the 2 Distribution Centres or Mega Stores. Due to the Centres being on the east side of the map, consumers on the west side of the MRT world should expect delays in receiving their gems as shipping is expensive and the fact we deliver it free for people's needs. The amount of time it takes for us to deliver also depends on the highway traffic while many new routes are being built. Currently, we are the only gem store on the server and proud of that. We also plan to keep expanding until the whole server has understood the true meaning of gems and their uses in people's lives. Our headquarters is at Zicronia. Since the beginning, we just started out as a simple franchise, but through the love and support of the MRT Community, we have grown to become a household name and have now refined ourselves into what we call a Franchise Overlord, a name to be known everywhere. Music's Gems is now a Skyscraper token any city would wish to have in their skyline or basic possession, which is something Music3 0 has never dreamed of when he opened the store franchise back on June 22, 2013.



Music's Gems sells only the rarest and finest gems on the MRT server for anyone to enjoy, they consist of 9 special kinds:

Gems Description
Dazzling Diamond A type of Diamond that is mined from the deepest of caves to bring out. It is the crown jewel of the server. It is also known as the most popular gem at Music's Gems for its appearance.
Luxurious Lapis Lazuli A type of gem that is one of the rarest, but not for its look, but for its uses. This gem is currently the newest one discovered and possibly is still the most misunderstood variety. However, at the same time, it's classified with the rich lifestyle.
Pristine Prismarine Taken from the vast oceans, this rare gem is rich in its color, design, texture, and heritage. That's why it is carefully guarded by sea guardians in their underwater fortresses. The newest addition to the Music's Gems collection, it a luxury gem that has many practical uses as well.
Genius Gold A type of Gold that is mined for its "smarticle" particles. Besides being a natural jewellery item, it somehow crosses between fighting gear and durable uses. This gem is a must for the middle class.
Emitting Emerald A type of Emerald that simply emits quality that no other gem can quite match. This gem is a must for any kind of decoration whether it be for indoor or outdoor purposes.
Questionable Quartz A type of Quartz that has the most bizarre qualities, either stemming from its form or its use. This is the most used building material from Music's Gems due to its clean cut style and literally questionable characteristics.
Cool Coal A type of Coal whose qualities consists of both durability and usefulness. This gem, in its prime, can be hardened to become a type of Diamond gem. This "pre-gem" is underrated and simply needs to be appreciated much more than its value suggests.
Radical Redstone A type of Redstone that has the strength desired and usually used for application lifestyle purposes. This gem is usually never admired for its lackluster beauty, but just for its practicality, which, to consumers, is both a blessing and a curse.
Ingenious Iron A type of Iron that is used for its durability and its niche. It's one of the most used gems with everyday applications in weaponry and decoration alongside building materials. Because of this, it's what we like to consider a secret weapon.



This company was founded on June 22, 2013 by Music3 0, with the inaugural store being placed in Quartz City. Since then, Music's Gems has become a franchise of over 50 stores that started recieving multiple contracts to be built in other towns/cities by the end of the year. Music3 0's overall goal is to bring out the importance of gems throughout the server and to reenforce the fact that we need to utilize these gems. These stores vary by the overall demand of gems in the area, so expect some stores to not cover all of the required and advertised stock.

  • June 22, 2013 Music's Gems First store is placed, the beginning of the era.
  • July 23, 2013 Music's Gems sponsored the development and building of the west playground at the MRT Zoo.
  • August 5, 2013 Music's Gems also sponsored the East Playground.
  • September 4, 2013 - Music's Gems 1st 5 Floor Distribution Centre store is finally open at the new Orwyn Mall serving the eastern part of Server. The 1st hybrid store on server.
  • October 13, 2013 - Music's Gems sponsors the Gem Museum in Zicronia
  • October 16, 2013 - Music's Gems 2nd Distribution centre in Spawn City
  • November 15, 2013 - Music's Gems 1st MegaStore is finished in Robin's Hill having ALL gem varieties as well as having a huge showroom. The 2nd hybrid store on server
  • December 8, 2013 - Music's Gems now has 25 stores on the server.
  • January 1, 2014 - Music's Gems now has its 1.7.4 version with coloured stained glass to emit the gems radiances.
  • February 21 - Music's Gems now has its 2nd MegaStore in Bloomington
  • March 2, 2014 - Music's Gems now has fixed its errors and now is updated to 1.7.5 version which completes this action.
  • March 10, 2014 - Music's Gems now has 50 stores on the server.
  • March 24, 2014 - Music's Gems now is sponsoring an Archery Range at Eisitasi and is the 1st one of its kind.
  • April 22, 2014 - Music's Gems now is the #1 Franchise on the server leading with the most stores at multiple locations
  • June 7, 2014 - Music's Gems now has 75 stores on the server.
  • July 20, 2014 - Music's Gems has now updated to a 1.8 version in advance for the launch - this includes a viewing balcony and even a gem snack shop.
  • add some more info here
  • December 20, 2014 - Music's Gems now has 150 stores on the server]


  • All current Music's Gems owners should talk to or ask an available staff member for a potential upgrade of the store. It will be worldeditted into the same plot, maintaining location, while now having the new features and quality that the new design has. P.S. Remember-- this is done during the staff's time, so please respect them.
  • With 1.8 hitting soon, there will be possible more gems available to the store - Stay tuned for more info.
  • New Archery Range at Eisitasi Theme Park.
  • Once Multiverse comes out, Music's Gems will have a new slogan and have a potential new market field aiming to hit the 100 store mark.


"The Only Gem Store on the MRT Server." "You got Dah Moneh, so come to Dah Store." "Music's most radiant & beautiful gems on the server." "Gems, from 2 worlds into your1."


With the 200th store coming up, Music's Gems has big plans. Several limited edition stores, the 190th to 199th, will be released.

Towns that would like one of these stores must enter their town into a lottery. The town must be at least Councillor rank. In the lottery, Governor cities and higher will be weighted twice.

Please note that the bidding process for the 200th store has not been released. Towns that hold the 190th through 199th stores are still eligible for the 200th store.

All stores have been assigned by lottery except for the 191st and 192nd stores. Lottery results have been released:

  • DAZZLING DIAMOND 199th store will go to Siletz (first choice).
  • LUXURIOUS LAPIS LAZULI 198th store will go to Wythern (sixth choice).
  • PRISTINE PRISMARINE 197th store will go to Seaview (first choice).
  • GENIUS GOLD 196th store will go to Espil (third choice).
  • EMITTING EMERALD 195th store will go to Elecna Bay (fifth choice).
  •  QUESTIONABLE QUARTZ  194th store will go to Laclede (second choice).
  • COOL COAL 193rd store will go to Formosa (eighth choice).
  • FLASHBACK EDITION 190th store will go to Scarborough (first choice).

The following stores were not initially chosen in the lottery and were given to different players:

  • RADICAL REDSTONE 192nd store will go to Whiteley.
  • INGENIOUS IRON 191st store will go to Loudoun.


This store is a reminder of the rich history of Music's Gems. The 190th store uses the very first Music's Gems tower design. The design is noticeably different from the current design, as it uses non-stained glass, uses a fly chute instead of an elevator, does not include a top-floor snack bar, and is missing the "Cool Coal", "Questionable Quartz", and "Pristine Prismarine" gems. (Some of which did not even exist in Minecraft when this tower was released!) There is only one other of these towers remaining on the server, in Andromeda on the old world.

This tower will be sold for $100.


The first of our "speciality gem" towers, this is a one-of-a-kind Music's Gems exclusive to "Ingenious Iron", one of the oldest gems in the franchise. It has been on the second floor of every Music's Gems tower since the franchise began, and has been included in every iteration of the tower. Minecraft would not be Minecraft without iron. Without iron, it would be impossible to retrieve any of the other gems in the Music's Gems collection. Because of this, you could say that iron is the secret to the success of Music's Gems, which is why we dedicate the 191st store to "Ingenious Iron".

This tower will be sold for $69.
Note: This store was auctioned off after it missed the lottery and was sold for $200.


The 192nd store is all about "Radical Redstone", among the most mysterious and most aweing gem in the Music's Gems collection. At face value, redstone is a mysterious, powdery gem. But if you delve deeper, it becomes apparent that redstone is as much of a utility as a luxury. This gem carries redstone power, which can do things as simple as open a door or light a lamp, or be arranged into complex logic systems including computers and calculators. In practical use, redstone is particularly lodged into the heart of the MRT, as it is used in every aspect of rail travel, from the automated departures and cart dispensing at stations, to the empty cart detectors, to powering the very rails themselves. Redstone is a key component of any MRT station, making it perhaps one of the most important gems in our collection. As it is the very blood of our server, the 192nd store is dedicated to "Radical Redstone".

This tower will be sold for $85.

193rd Store: COOL COAL

This limited edition tower is dedicated to "Cool Coal", a gem that is underappreciated as "lacking luxury", despite the fact that it is one of the most vital gems that we sell. As you read above, iron is one of the most important gems, because without iron, you could not retrieve any other gem. And without coal, there can be no iron. Coal is needed to smelt the iron that is used to extract every other gem. Coal has many other uses too, heating your home, cooking your food, and smelting your hard earned minerals. Coal also has many aesthetic uses, as a material in roads for example, to make the roads glossy and sleek. Coal is, quite literally, the fuel of Music's Gems' success, making "Cool Coal" the focus of our 193rd store.

This tower will be sold for $69.


"Questionable Quartz", the exclusive gem of our 194th store, is perhaps among the most widely known gems of not only Music's Gems, but in Minecraft. One of the most widely used building materials, it is near pure white, and has largely replaced iron is many areas of building. Its origins are particularly mysterious; it is literally the gem of hell. Extracted straight from the walls and floors of the Nether, it is clear that all the ghasts, pigmen, and blazes agree that "Questionable Quartz" is an important piece of our collection, which it is the sole focus of our 194th store.

This tower will be sold for $85.


The 195th store is dedicated to "Emitting Emerald". When people think of rare luxuries, diamond is usually the first thing to come to mind. However, emerald is the true rarest gem in Minecraft, only found in Extreme Hills biomes. The bright radiance of this gem rivals that of diamond. Villagers certainly agree with us, who will give you just about anything to get their hands on the precious gem. Emerald lacks practical use in tools and armor, but makes up for this with its amazing, pristine beauty. Music's Gems would not be Music's Gems without emerald, so we are dedicating the 195th store to "Emitting Emerald".

This tower will be sold for $100.

196th Store: GENIUS GOLD

The 196th store is exclusive to the elusive gem "Genius Gold". Found in the depths of caves, often by redstone, gold is one of the higher class gems in our collection. Gold is often mocked for its poor durability in tools and armor, but that does not at all take away from the stunning radiance of this gem. Gold does not break from its ore upon mining, and requires special attention to smelt the ore into a pure gold ingot. Once done, the results are completely worth the effort. Gold can be used in accessories, statues, or as a decoration to "spice up" your area. There is a reason we call it "Genius Gold", and why it is the dedicated gem of the 196th store.

This tower will be sold for $100.


"Pristine Prismarine" is the newest gem in the Music's Gems collection, and the exclusive gem of the 197th store. Introduced in 1.8, this gem is perhaps one of the most dangerous to retrieve. Found in ocean monuments at the depths of the oceans, it is guarded by herds of sea guardians, who will attempt to kill anyone who comes close to their precious prismarine. Once retrieved, however, it is a beautiful material with many aesthetic uses, as well as in crafting sea lanterns. It is easy to understand why "Pristine Prismarine" is one of our most luxurious gems, and the sole focus of our 197th store.

This tower will be sold for $100.


The 198th store is all about "Luxurious Lapis Lazuli". One of the more artistic gems, lapis lazuli is a deep, rich blue, used in dyes to produce blue leather armor, wool, and stained clay. Lapis lazuli blocks showcase a rich blue texture, making them a perfect aesthetic in any situation, whether in an art gallery, storefront, or just your own home. Synonymous to the color blue, the 198th store is dedicated to "Luxurious Lapis Lazuli".

This tower will be sold for $100.


"Dazzling Diamond", the gem of the 199th store, is by far the most famous gem that Music's Gems has ever sold. The 199th store is the last limited edition store before the store we hit 200, so we are saving the best for last. Diamond is one of the rarest gems in Minecraft, making it complicated to find. Brave miners must go to the depths of Minecraft, avoiding monsters and lava to carefully extract the precious gem. Not only is it the most radiant gem in our collection, it is also a vital material, used in crafting armor, tools, and weapons. Without a pickaxe made of diamond, mining the obsidian necessary for a portal to the nether would be impossible. Diamonds have been used as a status symbol since the beginning of Minecraft, separating the experienced from the inexperienced, the bold from the timid, the strong from the weak. This makes "Dazzling Diamond" truly the most important, most popular, and most demanded gem Music's Gems has ever sold, which is why we dedicate the 199th store to this precious gem.

This tower will be sold for $125.

200th Store - COMING SOON

This store will be revealed at the end of the #CountdownTo200 celebration.


Zicronia Gem Museum

In December, Music3 0 figured that many of his stores were doing very great in the business aspect of the job. But what made him think was how he could get people to truly understand the importance of gems. This led him to take more of the gems he had and go back in time with them. With this, he went to his roots and went on a journey to understand the gems himself. Once he did this, he made a shrine for gems in Zicronia, where the HQ is, for the franchise. But once he got the information, it was definitely more than he bargained for. This led him to think that a Museum would greatly benefit from this opportunity. So in Zicronia the Museum of History was made, not to just marvel at the gems but to learn the history to truly understand the importance of gems. As many people would say, a person who doesn't understand his past will have a cloudy future. After 6 months, the Museum is one of the landmarks in Zicronia and is a sure tourist spot for people to understand the history of gems and more importantly Music's Gems

Top Side View
Front Side View
Outside Front View
Right View
Inside Right Side View
Inside Left Side View
Outside View


On July 20, 2013, Music3 0 heard of an opportunity to make his dream possible. To sponsor a community hotspot, aka the MRT Zoo. Once he submitted his application and got accepted within 2 days, he started right away to make this dream a reality. At first this was just an experiment to get some advertisement out, then led to sponsoring the playground for the kids which is way more than Music3 0 ever thought of. With that, he now is known by all the kids and animals as Mr. Fungi. (:P) Then in August, he was made in charge of the other playground due to low sponsoring and child sorrow. He managed to finish both and make the MRT Zoo a better place. Now when people go to the MRT Zoo, they can appreciate these playgrounds as they give the kids a use of the gems, since many kids rather play than learn about the history of gems.

West Playground

On July 23, 2013, Music3_0 finally got the go ahead and made sure that he would make this happen overnight. As the MRT Zoo was in a major growing phase, Music3 0 knew he had to act fast as this opportunity could pass him at any second. He used all of the current gems available at the time to make once of the most unique and ironically symmetrical parks at the MRT Zoo. By doing this, sales have doubled as this was a great advertisement campaign to show his generosity. With that many kids finally got to see the uses and wonders of gems. And guess what those kids got for their birthdays, you guessed right, GEMS. As of today the West Playground is still standing and is in full swing with the ever-growing popular Morningside MRT Zoo.

Frontal View
Top Side View
Right Side View
Left View

East Playground

On August 5, 2013 Music3 0 heard that the MRT Zoo was running into problems with another sponsor taking charge of the other side of the playground. He saw this as a problem for the kids, so he did the honorable thing. He asked Mustang guy for the rights to the east playground to make it unique like the west. Once the opportunity was accepted, however, this led to Music3 0 having difficulties. He had to make two differently themed playgrounds. While the other had see-saws and spinner, This once needed jungle-gyms desperately. This was a first as Music3 0 is not a playground decorator, but since the last playground was a success, he imminently tried. He made sure that everything was 100% safe and that people would never have to fear along these new walkways. Once this project was done Music's Gems now had BOTH playgrounds. The best way to give back to the community and a perfect advertising campaign.

Frontal View
Side View
Top View
Side View

Eisitasi Theme Park

Music3 0 had an opportunity, to make a theme park attraction at computerghost's (secret-at-the-time) theme park. This originally was just ideas for an Eisitasi project, but he ran into problems with trying to fill it up with a useful attraction. Originally, Music3 0 wanted to build a Music's Gems but since this is a child predominate place, it would make more sense to have a fun type of gem store. So the Archery range was set up. This, like the MRT Zoo playgrounds, is for kids to know and more importantly play with the gems. By shooting the gems and finding out which ones are left, this gives kids a chance to get used to the texture of gems and to make sure that they know their names. Since it's such a fast-paced game, you have to make sure that you shoot the 12 targets QUICKLY. Once built, the kids, as usual, loved it. Music3 0 loves to hear the applause for the gems. Once again, it was a great advertising method. With that Gems sales went up 30% and continued.

Front View
Middle View
BackSide View
BackSide View

GEMS Airline

On May 6, 2014, Music3 0 decided a while ago that he needed a viable way to get around his cities besides rails. Since rails are preferred means of travel, commuters would have to travel great lengths to reach Spawn City Transit Centre. So with that, an airplane was chosen as the best way to get to each of Music3 0 towns. Once the airport ban is lifted, Music's Gems will have a sole airplane flight plan (2 planes), servicing the towns, with an all 1st Class style seats. Since Music's Gems has only the best and rarest gems, as well as Zicronia having diamond and quartz for its town flag, who other would be the best choice to make a sole airplane airline. With having 11 seats, the airline is a hot ticket to manage to get because of the luxurious style of the plane with all the amenities. Of course with the airplane being made in Music's Gems style, with the town in mind. With the 4 airplanes in Lapis, Diamond, Emerald & Gold. Since then, the popularity of course of Music's Gems has doubled and sales have never been better. (Pending gate clearance) So if you're in a hurry, to Zicronia, Zaquar or Tanzanite, go to MRT International Airport, Kitania or WOI and take the plane to any of Music3 0's towns.

Helicopter Routes:

  • 01 - Huntington (Planned)
  • 02 - TBD
  • 03 - Waverly (Planned)
  • 04 - Kessler (Planned)

Airplane Routes

Flight Number Departure Airport Arrival Airport Layover Airport
5 Zicronia MRT International Airport WOI
6 Tanzanite
7 Zaquar Zicronia
8 Zicronia Kitania

Pics soon

Zicronia World GameZ







Old World Towns

MegaStores Distribution Centres
Robin's Hill Orwyn Mall - All Levels
Bloomington MRT Trade Centre
Tower Store 1.8 Locations Showroom Locations
1.8 Spawn City 1.8 Zicronia 1.8 Treplow Robin's Hill Olympic Village Atlantis Mall
1.8 Quartz City 1.8 Eisitasi City 1.8 Pegasus MRT International Airport Valgirn
1.8 MineCity 1.8 Tanzanite 1.8 North Edge MRT Regional Airport Laurel
1.8 Ampitheatre 1.8 Chuno 1.8 Oasis Zicronia World GameZ Northeast Waterport Concourse C
1.8 Riverend 1.8 Palmville 1.8 Gund Valley MineTopia GreenHaven Mall
1.8 Chargestone 1.8 Fora Hills 1.8 Fuji City MRT Cruise Ship MRT Cruise Line - Royal
1.8 Kitania 1.8 Minetown 1.8 Rockaway City Cheyenne Alturas Olympic Stadium
1.8 Galaxyville 1.8 Minehattan 1.8 Redlin MRT Map Cyra
1.8 Truckee 1.8 Menlo Park 1.8 Jungle City Redstone Valley Autocity
1.8 New Kingston 1.8 Cyra 1.8 Stanwood Fairfax Spawn City Transit Centre
1.8 Zip City 1.8 Frost City 1.8 Desertice Crystal Marsh Kitania Metro Centre
1.8 Harborside 1.8 Chesterfield 1.8 Halifax Cactusville Hollis Swamps
1.8 Chrome City 1.8 Atlanta 1.8 Primrose Cacha Academy Inchmuir Mall
1.8 Splurgeville 1.8 MegaTown 1.8 New Spawn City Atlanta Phipps Plaza Centennial
1.8 Bridgeview 1.8 Wishington-PVP 1.8 Paradise Island Inchmuir Neonland
1.8 Owasso 1.8 Welcomeville 1.8 Mikeland Northeast Regional Transit Centre Llamapolis
1.8 Chokster City New Minestone 1.8 Skyscraper City Eastern Heliport Atlantis Square
1.8 Jones Beach Okok City 1.8 Cheyenne Stanley Mall MikeLand
1.8 Sandstone Fair 1.8 Snowy 1.8 Arcadia Subterania Rockstone
1.8 Atluras 1.8 Crystal City 1.8 Farragrout Greens Crystal City TBD
1.8 Nanthaven 1.8 Silverhaven 1.8 BuildCity TBD TBD
1.8 Souslow 1.8 Mineomania 1.8 The Final City TBD TBD

Gamma Towns to be added to chart

Tower stores:

  • Airchester
  • Nippia Downtown Tower
  • Baseball town
  • Ashmore
  • Merrian
  • Ephram
  • Newton Le WIllows
  • Accerton
  • South Janghwa
  • Siletz
  • Astoria
  • Grayzen
  • Nippia Prideway
  • Wythern
  • Luminos
  • Formosa
  • AEville
  • Dandenong
  • Spruce Neck
  • Espil
  • Chestwick
  • Scarborough - 190th Store: FLASHBACK EDITION
  • Loudoun - 191st Store: INGENIOUS IRON
  • Whiteley - 192nd Store: RADICAL REDSTONE
  • Formosa - 193rd Store: COOL COAL
  • Laclede - 194th Store: QUESTIONABLE QUARTZ
  • Elecna Bay - 195th Store: EMITTING EMERALD
  • Espil - 196th Store: GENIUS GOLD

Showroom Stores:

  • Whitechapel
  • Corrigan
  • Huntington
  • Zaquar
  • Nippia Key Blvd Showroom
  • Nippia Carl Ave Showroom
  • Nippia Minajjj Lane
  • Rockets town
  • Illirea
  • Due's town
  • Welcome town
  • Tom pair town
  • Civitas De Posterus
  • Solarion
  • MarbleGate
  • Utopsia
  • Snowtopic
  • Royalferry
  • Hiranomachi
  • Haskaa
  • West Calbar
  • Fozbat_Novat town
  • Covina Beach
  • Miasto
  • Sealane
  • Mons Pratus
  • Laclede
  • Huntington Basement
  • Thunderbird
  • Merchant City
  • Easest
  • mason City
  • Sixty Nein
  • Appleton
  • Greenplain Heights
  • Corrigan
  • Birchview
  • West vermillion
  • Easest Pumpkin Mall
  • Rae
  • Easest South
  • Green Hills
  • Wallowyn
  • Elecna Bay
  • Gold Springs
  • Sydney
  • Kenthurst
  • Waverley Place
  • Segville Mall
  • North Janghwa
  • Ellesume
  • Ezzo City
  • Vegeta
  • Nippia - Excelsior Theater
  • Falloway
  • Royal Ferry


  • Central City - 100th Store
  • Nippia - 169th Store

Not on the chart for old world

  • Andromeda
  • Redstone Valley

Contracted Towns


  • New Kiwi City

ShowRoom Stores:

  • Keentlewi's second town (Alcraft)
  • VinVille

Store Types

Gem Tower

The Gem Tower is Music's Gems's most well-known trademark on the MRT server. With more than half the server favoring its sleek and narrow design, this prototype has been a longstanding model in all the updates of the stores. With only minor additions to the Tower vertically, its became somewhat of a "Skyscraper" token that any town would want if they were to attempt at a skyscraper city. With this is mind, Music's Gems Gem Tower is also one of the ONLY franchises on the server that can offer a 100+ block height design with: quality, sleekness, assurance and of course pleasure. Of course there will be additions in the future but the base model will be forever in place so anyone on the server can remember that as 'time goes on, the past doesn't just linger with us, but in turn evolves us.'

Frontal View
Top Side View
Bottom Side View
Diagonal View

ShowRoom Stores

The ShowRoom stores of Music's Gems have been extremely popular with the plaza/mall space/urban types of towns. Since the Gem Tower is the national symbol for Music's Gems, the showroom store is quite the little sparkle to a town that needs a little of the gem "oomph". Most ShowRoom stores are custom made stores that fit to the town's needs who cannot have a skyscraper in their town. This is a great substitute to many towns that like to have a less modern to contemporary style than others or just have too many plazas. With that, there is no photos as all these stores are custom designs and are fitted to the town's needs. Usually they're one floor but can be expanded to two. Any more than two, your are more than pushed to get a Gem Tower as it will help make the town more glamorous.

Distribution Centres

The Distribution Centres are really self-explanatory. These stores are made to process gems and ship them to the specific Gem Towers & ShowRoom stores across the server. Due to the nature of the size and quantity of orders, these stores are mostly for ordering gems in bulk for the businesses and other crazy gem fanatics that Music3 0 loves. Since most gems are mined and refined before they hit the Distribution Centres, they're usually off limits to unattended guests. They usually have to be supervised at all times to make sure no theft occurs since there is no high-level security system due to the processing of the gems. Most activity of these stores are on the green line which service the north part of spawn and the majority of the east side of the server.

Front View
Side View
Front View
Outside View

Mega Stores

The Mega Stores were the original name of the Gem Tower. The reason for this was due to its size, but once gems became more popular and once Music3 0 passed the 25th store mark, Music3 0 realized that a better system was needed. Therefore the Mega Store is somewhat like the Distribution Centres, but constructed so that people can come, marvel the gems, and actually purchase them. Even though most gems are on display, the gems are still available for purchase. Even though its popular, Music3 0 still wanted to keep these stores to a few so that the trademark Gem Tower can thrive and the cozy ShowRoom store can flourish. Most activity of these stores are on the green line which service the north part of spawn and the majority of the east side of the server.

Side View
Side View
Side View
Side View

Ordering a Music's Gems

To have a store built in your town/city, please go to the 17th floor at the Distribution Centre in Spawn City go to the chest at the desk and put your name singed into a book selecting either Gem Tower or Gem ShowRoom. Once approved follow these steps:

  • I have set copy points at my store in Zicronia for the person to possibly have it w/e to their location exception of custom store order.
  • Once my store is in your town make sure you let me know via MRT Mail PO Box or in chat - so I can add the town to the wiki
    • Any store copied without my perms will be prosecuted so please just inform me and you can have it no problem.

Or go to the new Gamma Representatives office at XW15 Vermillion Station Floor 9.