New Cattington

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New Cattington is a town in a part of Northwest Epsilon where a Plains biome and a Dark Oak Biome. An Extreme Hills biome can be found not far from the town. The location was chosen by Purrcat2010, the current at that time leader of the Nature Protectors of the MRT for the second part of Operation: Towns Preserving Nature. The operation is that members of the NPOTM, including the leader founded a town (New Cattington), to built a town like normal, except to set aside areas that will have little to no building activity. In recent months, the entire town was moved to an artificial island in the middle of the Northern Ocean. Despite the claims of some people, it’s namesake town still exists and is still owned by Purrcat2010.

Quick Facts

Mayor: Purrcat2010

Deputy Mayor: KittyCat11231 (kitty, feel free to correct that if I spelt it wrong)

MRT Station: None

Connections: None

Town Hall Coordinates: 9,350 (x), 64, (y), -11,026 (z)

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