Okok City

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Okok City
Town officials
Mayor Okok237
Treasurer Okok237
Other transit  PF1 
Facts and figures
Population 35
Town hall coordinates (X,Z)=(2285,1438)
Founded April 30, 2014

Okok City is the one and only double-decker city on the old MRT server. Such a minor feat is something Okok237, mayor of Okok City, likes to brag about. The city is currently undergoing expansion.


Okok City was founded when Okok237 was searching for a place to build soon after he received a promotion to member. He chose the spot because he thought it was far from neighboring cities. Once the town expanded from a small office building to a three building town complete with roads and a city hall, he invited someone over to build their franchise in a segment of the town. "Here comes the fun part," says Okok237, as he stares into the distance. The player, whose name has yet to be determined, said that the town was close to not one, but three neighboring towns. When asked for a response, Okok237 replied, "That's when I realized that there was much more to building a city than it's literal definition." Fortunately, the player decided to contact one mayor, kekkomatic (mayor of Arisa), for approval. When Okok237 next logged on, he was received with a letter from tell276 in front of his town hall. It said to talk to him when he came on. Due to time zone difficulties, Okok237 never met him in person until a few days later. When he discussed with him, it turned out all that he requested was moving a minor road away from where he was developing and no future development in his town's direction. Okok237 has yet to make contact with the final mayor, who is located a fair distance away from the town, for discussion. Okok237 was met with an offer for a rail station from snaf014. When snaf014 was making his rail, he accidentally removed Okok's Mountain in the process (no one really knows why; it was likely an accident) and placed the rail station right next to the town hall, which was different from the agreement to place the rail on the side of the town. Okok237 was lenient with this however and only requested a rollback of his mountain, which has not been fully recovered but Okok237 is still satisfied with. Despite the inconvenience, Okok City is now accessible through rail transit; previously, the only way to access the city was to get off at Midcity and, after traveling down a long road, crossing grass. However, the infamous rail station provides a convenient path to Okok City from Spawn City with only one transfer at Midcity and has thereby helped tourism efforts in the city.

On September 7, 2014, the commitee of the town decided to pass Bill #76, based on a suggestion from bryce_am, which paid for a city redesign project called "Operation: 大字" which introduced large text signs in both English and Japanese on many prominent buildings. This was mainly to help wandering tourists find many buildings faster. Previously, the only marker of a building was its design, of which there were few unique aspects of, and a small sign that could only be viewed from 20 feet away that named the building. It also called for reinforcing of the upper level's roads. The bill is currently under effect.


This city was built on a hill, which gave Okok237 inspiration to build a two story city, which is the first of it's kind on the server. The roads and city itself is mostly flat, other than for some slopes and the ramps traversing between the upper and lower levels of the city.

Okok City currently consists of twelve buildings:

  • OkRT Management Building (aka OkRT Office) - Home of OkRT Systems President and Town Mayor Okok237, he has yet to make a rail line.
  • Okok Tower - This will be the city homes of those close to Okok237 and the mayors of cities in good relations with Okok City. The tower is 21 stories tall.
  • Okok City Town Hall - A tower hosting the mayor's name vertically on the north wall. It also contains a discussion table in the center and a observation deck for observing town meetings.
  • Okok Mail - Holds the mail for the town's mayors. It is checked at least once a week.
  • Mysterious Lift Building - Must've been a failed attempt at making a lift. (Better luck next time!)
  • Okok Condos - This is one of many homes for citizens of Okok City. It also contains a store on the top floor, accessible only from the upper street level.
  • Okok Tall Mall - This will be one of many buildings hosting franchises in Okok City. It is 12 stories tall. Contact Okok237 for renting out spaces in the building.
  • Okok City Music's Gems - The first and (currently) only franchise in Okok City, it makes up about 76% of the profit of the city.
  • General Okok Mail Center - This is the mail service for Okok City citizens.
  • Okok's Block Party - Get special blocks for the price of free!
  • The Great Maze - Get lost in Okok237's easy maze! [Postponed completion: Incomplete construction may cause injuries to visitors; please have caution when visiting]
  • Snaf's Rail (now part of Palelmo Transit, also owned by Snaf014)  PF1  - The infamous rail station.

Government & Politics

Okok City is run by Okok237, the mayor of the town. The town elects 12 members to run the governments' other functions, which with the combined vote of the people and the mayor may veto at any time. There are currently no ambassadors, so they currently play no role in the government. The 12 members and the mayor have the ability to write bills, which get passed if, with the mayor counting as six votes, at least five-eights of the votes are in favor of the proposal. Otherwise, it gets rejected. This simple system is planned to remain in effect until Okok237 resigns.



The majority of the population speaks English, some speak Japanese, and a few speak both.