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People's Party

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People's Party of the MRT
Peoples Party of the Zeta Republic Logo.jpeg
Party Info
Current Chairmen daltdisneyland, Echohue
Date of Founding April 2, 2019
Currently Active In People's Republic of Montego, Zeta Republic
Members 12 (as of our Discord membership)

The People's Party of the MRT, more commonly referred to as just the People's Party, is a political Party founded by daltdisneyland. While the party has no consistent ideological background, it tends to be radically populist, advocating directly for positions supported by the constituents of the MPO it is a part of. The party is currently co-chaired by daltdisneyland and Echohue.


Kaktus Republic

The party was originally founded to promote common interests and bridge the divide between the main political parties of the Kaktus Republic at the time. While the party supported the status quo of a dictatorship government, it advocated for several reforms, including the demotion of Minecrafter_11 from his Government Staff position and the removal of the bots that he installed. This chapter was founded on April 2, 2019, and quickly grew to become the largest party in the Kaktus Republic legislature. This chapter was unofficially dissolved and reestablished when the Kaktus Republic merged with the Mojang Union to create the People's Republic of Montego.

People's Republic of Montego

The party maintained its previous stances under the Kaktus Republic following the creation of the People's Republic of Montego. It is known to be one of the two largest parties in the Montego legislature; however, pending an official census, it is unclear whether it is the largest as the Mojanger National Party is assumed to encompass all towns added to the republic from the Mojang Union.

Epsilon Republic

Following the election of Echohue to the role of President in the Epsilon Republic, some members saw actions taken by other leaders as subversive to the democratic process. Echohue left his previous party and established a chapter of the People's Party, and several members from Montego quickly joined to create a majority in the House of Representatives. After being unsatisfied with the constitutional reform proposed by the other parties, the members of the People's Party decided to secede and form the Zeta Republic, with members leaving voluntarily or being banned for an alleged "socialist coup." While the party was active, it supported sweeping democratic reforms, in contrast to its previous chapters; however, its efforts to strip power from unpopular leaders resembled previous efforts the party undertook, such as the impeachment of Minecrafter_11 in the Kaktus Republic.

Zeta Republic

As the People's Party seceded in its entirety from the Epsilon Republic, most pledged members of the Zeta Republic belong to it. In the process of construction the constitution, the party has supported language enhancing a democratic government. This chapter's beliefs are identical to the beliefs of the former Epsilon Republic chapter.


There are no specific requirements for membership, and we encourage all interested players to join by requesting a Discord invitation from daltdisneyland or Echohue. It is encouraged, but not required, to become a member of one of the MPOs in which we are currently active before joining the party.