Polaris Hotel Group

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Polaris Hotels
FoundedSeptember 8, 2020
HeadquartersTotem Beach
Locations4 (5 planned)
Rewards ProgramDenGold
Key people

Polaris Hotel Group is a corporation that offers quality hotel franchises. It was founded by crimsonf0x in Early September of 2020. The franchise specializes in roadside, comfort hotels. All Polaris Hotels come with a wide array of amenities, including spacious rooms, common areas, and landscaping.


After numerous failed attemps, crimsonf0x wanted to start a franchise that would be successful among the greater server. He got to brainstorming, and then found interest in the large paste in model, wishing to replicate the success and growth like certain competitors such as IKEA, and BMT7. He drew up designs for a large, roadside hotel, and after 3 weeks of building, Polaris was born, and the first location was established in the city of Beachview. Initially, the first customers were hard to find, but as word of Polaris' quality reached the server, it underwent a rapid expansion.


Our singular and flagship product is a large roadside hotel. It contains 42 high quality rooms, and a host of other amenities.

Lobby of the hotel

The lobby is the first thing visitors see when they enter the hotel building. It is designed to give off a warm, welcoming vibe. Here you can find our signature guestbook featured in all hotels, where visitors of the hotel sign their names and a message, if they so choose. To the left of the lobby is a lounge area where guests of the hotel can relax in comfort after a long journey.

The Den, signature restaurant of the franchise

Our signature restaurant, named “The Den”, is also a feature of all hotels. Mostly self service, the main attraction is the buffet, which serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. The restaurant also has a direct view of the kitchen, where our chefs prepare delicious hearty entrees for you to enjoy.

Guest Services Area

Located near the elevators, this section of the hotel aims to provide our guests with all the services they may need whilst on the road. Public computers allow for fast, easy printing, and a private meeting room provides you with a quiet space to do some work.

Pool and Fitness Centre

Our state-of-the art exercise facilities have everything you need for a proper workout. If the weather’s not the best, our indoor fitness center contains the newest equipment. If it is, swim in our clean pool.


Our secure and comfortable rooms come with all the standard amenities, plus much more. Our luxury, comfortable bed with memory foam mattresses will make sure your stay is the most comfortable as it can be. Our decorations and detail helps to create a state-of-the-art experience.