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City of Singlwurst
Bandar Singlwurst
सिंग्लुरस्ट का शहर
Ciudad de Singlwurst
Skyline of Singlwurst
Historic flag of Singlwurst (was called Singatralia)
Town officials
Mayor Echohue
Deputy Mayor SoaPuffball
Other transit Singlwurst Transport Authority, BTA, Lake Thanos Ferries
Facts and figures
Founded September 2018
Town rank [Councillor]
World New

The City of Singlwurst is the 6th largest city in Bahia. It is located in the middle of Lake Thanos, and is the only city in Bahia located on an island. It is a town that focuses on technology, economic development, education and being a multiracial city with all races/ religion being together. The city is known as "Bahia's First City". It is also known for being an independent country at one point, before Bahia annexed the city. It is connected to the capital, Sunshine Coast, via the Lake Thanos Ferries system.

History / Sejarah / 历史

Fictional History
Singlwurst was an unknown island and is an enclave in the middle of Lake Thanos. In November 19th 1865, Lieutenant Sir Gurnsey Mercury went on an expedition and found the unknown island. It was sparsely populated as it is unknown to its neighbours and they lived like in 500 years back. He step foot on the island and decided to expand it with the British's policies and started to directly govern it. Sir Gurnsey Mercury decided to call it Singatralia and he became the Governor-General.

He started to modernize the buildings by replacing wooden huts with brick ones to prevent fires, reclaimed land and also made Singlwurst an early trading port for the British and for the Asian and Chinese traders. He started with the Singlwurst Marine Pier where it used to be a trading port but now is a tourist attraction in Singlwurst. In 1891, he passed away and the title of Governor-General was passed on to Sir Peter Thompson who expanded the infrastructure of Singlwurst, he built the City Hall which is now near the Singlwurst Port where is the residence of both the President and Prime Minister of Singlwurst. He moved to the City Hall and he started to import British goods to Singlwurst. He decided to have policies which are more liked by the citizens and the approval rose sharply! Sadly in 1915, he died and was passed to Jackson Smith who started the idea of skyscrapers, he realized that Singlwurst needs to reclaim more land to handle more buildings and expand.

Singlwurst was not involved in any wars but Jackson Smith died in 1950. The citizens decided for independence and the Minister of Parliament, MigInfi, started to campaign for elections when Gurnsey Williams, Sir Gurnsey Mercury's great-grandson, became the Governor-General. MigInfi began talks with the British government and they won independence which they eventually did in March 20, 1962. MigInfi became the first prime minister and Gurnsey Williams became president. MigInfi's tenure as prime minister ended sadly in 1985 when he had a stroke and passed away. Then, the prime minister role was passed on to Goh Thock Huang who resigned in 1994 after the financial crisis. He was passed on to MgWn who is now the current prime minister. Gurnsey Williams died in 1975 and Gurnsey Brown became the next president but died until SoaPuffball rose to presidency in 2001.

Singlwurst is now growing properously under the guidance of MgWn!!

Real History

  • Citybuilder_, aka Cact0 gave MgWn the island in September 3, 2018
  • MgWn started to build Singlwurst in November 2018 and had to reclaim land!
  • SoaPuffball became Deputy Mayor before Singlwurst became councillor.
  • Singlwurst became councillor in 9th February 2019.
  • Singlwurst was sold back to Echohue in August 2019.
  • Singlwurst will continue its expansion!

Buildings / Bangunan / 房屋

1) Singlwurst Port
2) City Hall
3) SBC Bank
4) Shophouse
5) SINGLWURST FM radio station
6) Columbia inc Headquarters
7) Infiotel the Mercury
8) One Mercury Place
9) Singlwurst City Centre Apartments
11) Carnoustie Embassy
12) Singlwurst Mail Centre / Facility
13) Astroslurp
14) BobaLeaf
15) imperial_block's Garage
16) Slushi Shack
17) CodyHM's cafe
18) The Float@ Singlwurst Bay
19) The Royal Kessie
20) Singlworst l'condominium
21) fBank (FiorkG), under construction


This section is kept only for historical purposes. Bahian law applies in Singlwurst.

  • Article 1: No littering
  • Article 1.1: No chewing gum
  • Article 1.2: No inappropriate throwing
  • Article 1.3: Dental Gum is only allowed
  • Article 2: No racial riots allowed
  • Article 3: No ammunition allowed
  • Article 4: Controlled Substance must be inspected
  • Article 4.1: Weed, Narcotics, Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Meth is banned
  • Article 4.2: Consfication of controlled substance must be only handled if present
  • Article 5: National Service is compulsory for all able-bodied 18 year old men.
  • Article 5.1: If not registered, fines and imprisonments may happen