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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
This city is a member of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine.
Town Officials
Mayor Fiork777
Deputy Mayor KingFox
MRT V39/I36-Southburg Central and Futurely I37-Lorem Ipsum International Airport
Roadways Futurely USET Roadways
Water sTrans Waterways
Nearest Airport FYI
Other transit sTrans
Facts and Figures
Population 760.500
Founded January 14 2018
Town Rank Mayor
World New

Main Town

Southburg is a town located along the extension of the Valley/Island lines. It is one of the largest towns in the region.


In 1802, the Portuguese Kingdom discovered the land and started a battle with UK over its ownership. The Battle of Yaxier (Batalha de Íacsera in Portuguese). Portugal won.

In 1907, Brazil bought Southburg for U$8.000.570 because Portugal no longer wanted it. Brazil saw a big opportunity for tourism so renamed the town (Nova Íacsera) to Burgo do Sul (South Burg), and the town expanded 17km east.

In 1967, with 192.929 inhabitants, it was bought by the Fiorkish Empire.


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