Ward 5

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Ward 5
Premier Cities City of Evella
Elecna Bay

Ward 5 is one of the 9 wards of the New World. It is bordered by Central City to the north, Ward 4 to the east, Ward 6 to the southwest and Ward 7 to the northwest.



Highway Route Builders Status
Highway A5.png Central City to Utopia via Sealane and Segville Status: Service Good.png Good service
A5U-shield.png Highway A5.png at Sealane to UCWTIA camelfantasy Status: Service Good.png Good service
Highway A50.png Highway A30.png at Wythern to Highway A51.png at Whiteley via Fort Yaxier, Elecna Bay and Zaquar Status: Service Good.png Good service
Highway A51.png Highway A4.png to Zerez via Venceslo, Whiteley and Schillerton AP_Red
Status: Service Partial.png Partially open
B57-shield.png Highway A0.png to Oakley via Royal Ferry QueenSmae
Status: Service Good.png Good service


Cities with a superscripted number are partially in the listed ward. Cities with multiple postcodes in their town with this feature may also have postcodes that are not in Ward 5. Cities with a † symbol next to a superscripted ward number have their post code in that ward, not Ward 5.

City Rank Mayor Postcode
City of Evella [Premier] LDShadowLord EV7
Dabecco [Governor] Sirots DBC4†
Danielston [Senator] mjpwwf DN
Elecna Bay [Premier] mine_man_ EB
Formosa [Governor] camelfantasy FM7
Fort Yaxier [Governor] camelfantasy FY
Royal Ferry [Senator] MIKE24DUDE RF4†
Sealane [Governor] tarheelscouse SL7
Segville [Premier] godzilltrain SG
Siletz [Senator] MeetMeInSpace SI4†
Utopia [Premier] Narnia17 UT
Venceslo [Premier] time2makemymove VN6
Whiteley [Senator] AP_Red WT6†
Zaquar [Governor] KittyCat11231 ZQ


Segville, the first  [Premier]  ranked city in the ward.
FYI, the largest airport in the ward and also the airport with the most gates in the MRT.
Utopia, a  [Premier]  ranked city, also the first [Senator] city on the Desert Line.
Dabecco, a [Governor] ranked city.