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Town officials
Mayor helkama
Deputy Mayor Mine_man_
MRT  49  Foobar
Facts and figures
Population About 5
Founded Gamma opening date.
Town rank Councillor
Official language(s) Finnish, English (unoffical: Swedish, Sami)
World New

Southlake is a city located at the southern part of the Circle line at the station C49. Southlake is next to a lake from the city gets its name.


Southlake is the only city on the MRT where the offical language is Finnish. And the Finnish embassy is located in Southlake.


Southlake has A bunch of trees and a forest. The lake next to Southlake has good water, the Quality of the water is Really good.


Transport connections to Southlake are:

Transport Table
Transport type Status
MRT MRT Circle line  C49  Foobar In service.
Channel Southlake South Channel Gulf of Southlake City of Southlake In service
Rail Southlake Light Rail  SLR  Elecna Bay HelkRail & EBTC Planned/In Construction

The Southlake Light Rail

The Southlake Light rail or SLR is a rail network planned running between Elena Bay and Southlake. A rail connection between the two cities has been always in planning and its being build and finished as estimated in summer 2016. There are plans after this to extend the SLR network towards Astoria and some other towns/cities in the Southern part of the Gamma world.


The HelkGroup HQ is located in Southlake.

The Helkgroup HQ