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Town officials
Mayor CirclesPointless
Deputy Mayor i____7d
MRT  M54  Tembok
Roadways  B76 
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -18000, 76, 8172 (coordinates of the official town centre)
Founded 17/11/2019
Recognized as town 19/1/2020
Town rank [Mayor]
World New
Post codes TK6 xxx
Ward(s) 6

Tembok is a town located at the far west of the server and CirclesPointless is the mayor of the town. It is also part of the Epsilonian Republic. It is named after a wall built along the former world border, hence the name Tembok, which was derived from the Malay word for wall. The landmark of the wall is the Zetepsilon Arch located at the heart of the town.

It is served by the MRT Mesa Line.