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Around December 2016 I started playing. Since then my main focus has been Dulwich and it's infrastructure.

Director of Bad Spelling
Location London Borough of Southwark, England
Time zone GMT (UTC)
Language(s) English, German
Gender Male
Birth date November 14th
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Dulwich
Labour Party
Southern Plains Rail
Accepted December 2016
Citizen December 2016
Trustee Febuary 2017
Councillor May 19th, 2017
Mayor July 17th, 2017
Senator Soon!
Governor Not So Soon!
Premier Never! One day!
Social networks
Facebook Tommy Birt
Steam Jian_Zen
Discord Jian_Zen#5040
Nickname(s) Jian, tommy
Previous Name(s) tomtomy8


1. Dulwich Mayor
2. Subton-on-Sea Unranked
3. Bronte Mayor


1. Beareinstein
2. Cadigal


1. Norwood Coffee (Defunct)
2. Brentwood Coffee


1. Dulwich Transport Services Ltd
2. Southern Plains Rail
3. Bronte Localised Transport


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
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Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of Citizen.
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Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
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Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
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Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
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Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
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Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
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No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to Discord.
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Connect to Mumble.
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Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
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Socially Linked
Use the sub-reddit.
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Moar testing needed.
Connect to the 1.12 beta server.
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Wow, that was fast!
Join the server on July 10, 2017; when it updated to 1.12.
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Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months
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Long Time Service
Be a member for over a year
Officer Positions in the United Cities
Predecessor Position Successor
Mjpwwf Chief Justice
August 30, 2017 - October 27, 2017
_Kastle Associate Justice A
February 2, 2018 - April 25, 2018