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Southern Plains Rail

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Southern Plains Rail
Southern Plains Rail.jpg
President tomtomy8

Southern Plains Rail is a rail company primarily serving the plains area in the South-east area of the New World. It was founded on 6th May, 2017 by tomtomy8, and aims to fill the large gap in transport and especially warp trains in the south-east area.


SPR has its hub at Dulwich Meopham Street, a new warp train station soon to be constructed. It will also serve Tranquil Forest Central, and soon hope to open routes to to Wythern, Elecna Bay, and eventually the North East.


Silent Plains Line

Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Bearenstein - Dulwich Meopham Street (Full service will be Bearenstein - Wythern)

Station Status
Bearainstein Train Running
Silent Plains Train Running
Dulwich Meopham Street Train Running
Royal Plaza Confirmed - Station in Construction
Wythern Confirmed - Train to terminate at Royal Plaza until platform comes free.

Bronte Line

Status: Service New.png Planned Bronte Labrador - Dulwich Meopham Street

Station Status
Bronte Labrador Confirmed - Station in construction
Tranquil Forest Central Confirmed - Platforms not allocated
Dulwich Meopham Street Confirmed - Platform not allocated

Line Ownership

All track and stations served by Southern Plains Rail are owned by them, except for these:
1. Tranquil Forest Central Station until Tranquil Forest South Jn - owned by hvt2011
2. Tranquil Forest South Jn - Dulwich East Jn - owned 50/50 Southern Plains Rail and BluRail