Democratic State of Bronte

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Democratic State of Bronte
Town officials
Mayor Jian_Zen
Deputy Mayor mervynang
MRT  F30  Bronte Nor Road
Roadways B45-shield.png
Nearest airport Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
Facts and figures
Population 13
Town hall coordinates 9494, 64, 4946
Recognized as town 5th September, 2017
Town rank Mayor
World New World
Ward(s) 4
City Phone Code +118 (424)

Bronte was founded at an unknown date in the New World. In June 2017 Jian_Zen received it in a town auction, and he is the current mayor. It is situated in Ward 4, north of Tranquil Forest and south of Marblegate.


Bronte is the MRT's first project of pure democracy; that is, everyone get's a vote. The only exception to this rule in the Steward, who is the offical 'Mayor' of the town (currently Jian_Zen), and the Vice Steward - the offical 'Deputy Mayor' of the town (currently mervynang).

Steward and Deputy Steward

The Steward and Deputy Steward of Bronte are the official 'Mayor' and 'Deputy Mayor' respectively, for the purpose of MRT ranks. The Deputy Steward is a regular citizen and has the same role as every other citizen with the exception that, if the Steward is inactive for 6 months without prior notice, to call a vote in the People's Senate for the installment of a interim Steward until the Steward returns. If, by 10 months, the Steward has still not returned and not given any notice, another vote may be called for the installment of the interim Steward as full Steward.

The Steward on the other hand is the only citizen of Bronte to not have voting rights in the People's Senate. Instead they have the power to do anything in Bronte that does not go against the People's Senate. For example, they are allowed to build train lines, roads, buildings and so forth without the permission of the People's Senate. They also have the right to:

  • Devolve more power to the People's Senate
  • Veto any People's Senate action if less than 60% of citizens voted for something

The Steward and Deputy Steward live in 1a and 1b Capitol Hill respectively, and both have administrative offices in 1 Capitol Hill (The official 'Town Hall')

1 Capitol Hill, the town hall and apartments of the Steward and Deputy Steward

People's Senate

The People's Senate, situated on 8-12 Democracy Street

The People's Senate is where every citizen of Bronte is invited, on the first of every month, to participate in the democracy of Bronte. There, they have the right to vote and motions and decide the future of Bronte. The current powers of the People's Senate are:

  • To commission a small building project, like suburban houses or apartments
  • To commission new roads

As the state is in its infancy, the senate has little power. However, as the senate grows, the steward will devolve more power to the senate in order to boost the growth of Bronte.

Building in Bronte

Everyone is welcome to build a franchise or house in Bronte. If you wish to do so, please /mail tomtomy8 on the server, or DM tomtomy8#5070 on discord. Non-first time builds are preferred, however if you have past evidence that you are a good builder then this will be wavered. The only rule to building a franchise in Bronte is you must also have a registered residence in Bronte. For this I am willing to pay a little more than usual.

Registered Franchises, shops, etc

  • Live & Let Live Logistics, at 10 Chester Road, built by Arhutr on 20/7/17
  • Brentwood Coffee, at 1 Chester Walk, built by Jian_Zen on 23/7/17
  • Snowy Chemist, at 4 Chester Road, built by Jian_Zen on 24/7/17
  • CherryTech, at 2 Kenthurst Road, built by Sirots in July 2017
  • Labrador Food Court, at 2 Labrador Circus, built by Jian_Zen on 2/9/17
  • Cytus Cafe, at 2 Poole Road, built by lalaboy on 4/9/17
  • itsu, at 2 Otemachi Road, built by Jian_Zen on 5/9/17
  • Clothes la mode, at 11 Chester Road, built by Jian_Zen on 5/9/17
  • Auto Shopperz, at 1-7 Kenthurst Road, built by DevranTheBoyxD on 15/1/18
  • Direct Cars, at 5-9 Chester Road, built by pyth0n_ in 2018
  • Old Fashioned Fish and Chips, at 1-3 Chester Road, built by Foxfoe on 5/8/18

Numbering System

Bronte works off a numbering system for each building. To work this out, start at the beginning of the road chose which side you are building. Left are even numbers, right are odd. Each 10 blocks is another number. This works out, for example: If a building takes 15 blocks on the road, and there is a 10 block gap between it at the end of the road, and it's on the left side of the road, it would be 3-5. No two places can have the same number. If in doubt, don't put one on and /mail Jian_Zen. The only exception to this rule is Capitol Hill, where the one building, the town hall, occupies 1, 1a and 1b Capitol Hill (1a and 1b being the Steward and Deputy Steward's apartments respectively).

Population Census

Here is the current population of Bronte, as well as their registered addresses: