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Ambox important.svg Note: I'm currently wildly inactive. Having packed up and moved across the Pacific to attend university, I simply lack the time to be on Minecraft much. I am available daily within a few hours on Discord, if you need anything at all. The time difference isn't *that* radical, after all, and I'm on Discord pretty much all day. Ambox important.svg
LocationTokyo, Japan
Time zoneGMT +9 Japan Standard Time
Language(s)Fluent: English
Conversational: Japanese
Born1 March 2000
MRT Information
Current rankGovernor
Notable projectsKonawa, MRT Radio, Wishes
Joined2 August 2012
Accepted18 August 2012
Member18 August 2012
Mayor17 October 2012
15 July 2013
19 April 2016
Trusted20 January 2013
12 July 2014
Trustee4 October 2014
Councillor15 July 2015
Senator14 August 2016
Governor11 October 2016
Social networks
Nickname(s)Sol, Spencer
Previous Name(s)Spencer407, Moleurs

Hi, I'm Soleurs. AKA Spencer. AKA Senpai Soleurs. AKA Solpai. etc. I'm a Governor on the MRT, and an ex-Mod of a server called Minecraft Transit Authority. I am the god of fireworks shows, Disney (especially the parks), musical theatre, and my favorite project I finished a while back is called Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams. It's awesome, I might just put it on again in the future!!

SEASON 3 & 6 MOLEURS (and I actually changed my name to Moleurs for season 7)

About Me

I was born in Florida, raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma late in elementary school, where I stayed through high school graduation. As of January 2, 2019, I now live in Tokyo, Japan! I've been on the server since before it was a month old, and I am a lover of Disney and musical theatre. In fact, I spend a significant (and probably unhealthy) amount of my free time at Tokyo Disneyland. You'll probably catch me in Discord voice now and then if I'm online, although the most reliable way to contact me is via Discord messages. I'm 22 years old and a long-time member of the server, having joined when I was 12. (Get off my lawn, you damn kids!) If you find me on the server and I don't respond, it probably means I'm building in Konawa or working on my fireworks shows. Sorry!

You might wonder why I've stuck around for so long. Most of the people from the early days of the server don't really stay, but some of us have. Some lost interest, some had life get in the way, and some people just got banned. I come back, even after a long time, because I've always found friends and a good time on the server, and working on my builds is a good way to alleviate stress or boredom.

Despite my staggered and hideously unreliable availability, if there's anything you need from me, still feel free to ask me on Discord. I'm generally fairly open to people messaging me, and I'd love to hear inquiries about franchises, Konawa, Frontier, Horizon Airport, or my entertainment. While they may not be made a full priority, any requests you have will be fulfilled to the best of my ability.

That's just about it. Have a Disney day!

At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up, or press # for more options.



Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Welcome to Civilization
Receive the rank of Mayor on the old world.
Achievement get!
Trusted to Be Here
Recieve the rank of Trusted.
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
Achievement get!
Take a Seat
Receive the rank of Senator.
Achievement get!
Convene the Cabinet
Receive the rank of Governor.
Achievement get!
There and Back Again
Return to the Trusted rank after having a warning.
Achievement get!
What Rank?
Skip ranks that you would need to hold, because at the time they didn't exist.
Achievement get!
Happy to Help
Make a financial contribution of CA$10 or more and receive supporter benefits.
Achievement get!
Receive a rank again after a demotion.


Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Test Subject
Connect to the beta Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Connect to Mumble.
Achievement get!
Stellar DJ
Connect to the radio.
Achievement get!
Welcome Back
Come on the New World.
Achievement get!
Connect to the old server (before the new world)
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
Socially Linked
Use the sub-reddit.
Achievement get!
No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to Discord.


Achievement get!
Join the server during its opening month.
Achievement get!
Play on the server during our switch to OVH.
Achievement get!
I Found Your Thor Hammer
Shock other players during ShockFest.
Achievement get!
What Tournament?
Participate in the anniversary PVP tournament.
Achievement get!
Cake for All!
Attend the first anniversary of the server.
Achievement get!
Alpha Tester
Test a prototype of MRT version 5.
Achievement get!
One of 48
Was online when the record for most online players was broken on the old world (Jan 11, 2014).
Achievement get!
Been there, done that
Join whilst the MRT was on the old world.
Achievement get!
Join the MRT on its new server during its opening weekend.
Achievement get!
Woo! Admins!
Attend AdminFest/ShockFest II on April 1, 2015.
Achievement get!
1.8 Update!
Join the server when it updated May 30, 2015.
Achievement get!
Join the server on April 1, 2016.

Other players

Achievement get!
My hair's on fire
Get shocked by chiefbozx.
Achievement get!
Get shocked by chiefbozx 100 times.
Achievement get!
What Did I Do
Get shocked by Frumple.
Achievement get!
Get revenge on someone who played a prank on you.
Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
True Comedian
Have at least 10 quotes on the Funny Quotes page.


Achievement get!
Down to Business
Attend a GSM.


Achievement get!
Know basic WorldEdit.
Achievement get!
Know advanced WorldEdit.
Achievement get!
Know basic WorldGuard.
Achievement get!
Know advanced WorldGuard.
Achievement get!
Know CoreProtect.
Achievement get!
Know how to use Dynmap.
Achievement get!
Golden Ticket
Win the lottery.
Achievement get!
Know how to use EElevator.
Achievement get!
Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift

Long Time Service

Achievement get!
Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months.
Achievement get!
Long Time Service
Be a member for over a year.
Achievement get!
Old and Gray
Be a member for over 2 years.
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 3 years.
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 4 years
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 5 years
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 6 years
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 7 years.
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 8 years.
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 9 years.


Achievement get!
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
Achievement get!
Buisness Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
Achievement get!
Own a successful franchise with over 25 locations.
Achievement get!
Headquarter Time!
Establish one large HQ for your franchise.
Achievement get!
Merger Contract
Merge your franchise with another.
Achievement get!
Establish 50 locations with your franchise.