Wagtail Province

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Wagtail Province
PROVBAHIA-Flag of Northern.png
Provincial officials
MRTJungle Line Extension in the future
RailWalvis Bay Station
Other transitBahiaRail
Facts and figures
Capital coordinates15115, 76, 15407
FoundedNovember 14, 2018
CapitalWalvis Bay
Official language(s)English
New World regionEpsilon
PartyBahia People's Party

The Wagtail Province is the largest province in the Republic of Bahia by land area. It is located in the northern part of Bahia, bordering Cremona to the north, unincorporated server land to the east, Wagtail Lake to the west, and the provinces of Alta Mesa and Sahel to the south. The capital and largest city is Walvis Bay, founded on November 14, 2018.

Geography and topography


The Wagtail Province is located entirely within the Danakil Desert. Most of the land is flat, with occasional large hills and mountains jutting out of the desert. Most rivers are dry, and the only major lakes are Lake Walvis and Lake San Rafael.

List of hills and mountains

The Wagtail Province is host to many hills and mountains, with the tallest being Cactus Peak.

  • Cactus Peak '107
  • Wash Peak '103
  • Tunnel Peak '92
  • Highway Mound '85
  • Walvis Hill '76
  • Rafael Mountain '92
  • Red Hill '96

Counties and towns


The Wagtail Province is divided into four counties:

  • Walvis Bay
  • Atlash
  • Cactus Peak
  • Danakil


There are no incorporated towns in the Wagtail Province. Towns in the Wagtail Province include:


There are a total of 22 buildings in the Wagtail Province.

Number Building Address Purpose
Walvis County (Total 16)
1 Walvis Bay City Hall and Provincial Capital 1 Walvis Highway Goverment
2 Walvis Radio Headquarters 1 Old Town Road Office
3 Bahian Federal Goverment Offices 2 Old Town Road Goverment
4 Aroma Coffee 3 Old Town Road Franchise
5 RichMobile 4 Old Town Road Franchise
6 Rich's Fried Chicken 5 Old Town Road Franchise
7 BMT7 2 Walvis Highway Franchise
8 Strip Mall 3 Walvis Highway Franchise
9 Instant Ribbits 4 Walvis Highway Franchise
10 PP Travel Agency 5 Walvis Highway Franchise
11 Convenience Store 6 Walvis Highway Franchise
12 Royal Cars 7 Walvis Highway Franchise
13 Taco Bell 8 Walvis Highway Franchise
14 Flavios 9 Walvis Highway Franchise
15 Border Checkpoint- Inbound 10 Walvis Highway Goverment
16 Border Checkpoint- Outbound 11 Walvis Highway Goverment
Cactus Peak County (Total 2)
1 Walvis Bay Station 12 Walvis Highway Transit
2 Cactus Peak National Park Visitor's Center 1 Cactus Peak Road Goverment
Atlash County (Total 0)
Danakil County (Total 4)
1 RichPlus Fuel 1 Desert Highway Franchise
2 Desertville Town Hall 3 Desert Highway Government
3 Home of Underscore11 2 Desert Highway Residence
4 Gadsden Town Hall 1 Mesa Valley Road Government
5 Pioneer Public House 2 Mesa Valley Road Franchise
6 Wade Family Mechanic 3 Mesa Valley Road Franchise
7 Gadsden General Store 4 Mesa Valley Road Franchise

Parks and protected areas

The Wagtail Province is home to numerous national parks and protected areas, including:

  • San Rafael Valley National Park
  • Lake San Rafael National Recreation Area
  • Goblin Valley National Monument
  • Cactus Peak National Park
  • Founder's Park
  • Border Flag Monument
  • Bahia Conservation Society San Rafael Wash Holdings



The province is served by multiple roads, and due to its strategic position on the northern frontier of Bahia it is the main road port of entry for the entire country. The A410 bisects the province north-south, being the major north-south road corridor through the entire country. Other roads include the Walvis Bay Highway, which serves Walvis Bay, and the unpaved Desert Highway, which terminates in Desertville.

Other transport

As of April 2020, the only third-party form of transportation in the province is BahiaRail. The BahiaRail Walvis Bay- Torres River corridor is a connection between the Wagtail Province and the densely populated capital region to the south.


As of August 2022, there is only one resident in the province.

County Address Resident
Danakil 2 Desert Highway Underscore11