Walvis Bay

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Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay City Hall.png
Town officials
Mayor Echohue
Deputy Mayor MojangChan
Other transit BTA
Facts and figures
Population 982,311
Founded October 7, 2019
Town rank [Unranked]
World New

Walvis Bay is the largest city in Northern Bahia, located along the northern border with Cremona. It is the 5th largest incorporated city in the country, after Sunshine Coast, Torres River, Sahelia, and Alta Mesa. Located on the shore of Wagtail Lake, it has a surprisingly varied climate, with temperatures depending on your distance to the lake. The city is one of the driest places in Bahia, receiving less than an inch of rain per year. Walvis Bay is known for its distinct architecture, pleasant beaches, and nightlife. On the fringes of town one can find a few casinos, and just outside of the city is Cactus Peak National Park. The city is situated on an isthmus between Wagtail Lake and Lake Walvis. About 14 miles east of the city along the Afar Haul Road you can find the San Rafael Reservoir, the largest lake in Bahia, and a popular recreation spot.