Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns

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Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns
EstablishedOctober 16, 2014
Head of CouncilJust_robinho
Honorary MembersCal76, Honorary Member to the West
HeadquartersCentral City, Bleekwood Avenue

The Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns (or commonly known as EAST) is the proposed metropolitan planning organization of the Eastern Sector of the Gamma Server. EAST aims To connect all cities on the Eastern side of the server to create a fast, thriving and an amazing environment for all cities to grow and become mega-cities. The EAST council is designed to help developing towns with various means such as, Suitable highways, A great National Rail Service that can be relied on, Renewable energy sources that do not impact the environment, First Class Airports that gets you all over the server and bringing in great exports to make us sustainable.

The boundary of coverage by the Association Starts East from the eastern Ring Road and spreading out to the Eastern World boarder its most northern point it at C12 Station and most southern Point is at C38 station. We do have intention to expand if all goes well.

The EAST Council News

This thing needs revival. So in the new year this thing will restart. Just_robinho will go through all things from town members, roles etc and connectEAST as everyone has been asking about that. In terms of connectEAST I will be doing a Map redraw. The only thing really staying is the branch from Marblegate to Sesby.

Again this will come back early 2017.


EAST Member Cities

As of October 2014, these are the member cities within EAST:

City Station Mayor Points
Marblegate F27 Just_robinho 6
Sesby C24 0rocketscience0 5
City-State of Saint Roux

includes Nord, Sud, and Lakeview

P25/C36, P27 bestmate66 6
Airchester C25 Cortesi 7
Victorian City P10/P11 ,P12 MC_Protocol 2
North Haven C14 samyankeesfan20 2
Thunderbird F17 decorminecraft 4
Loudoun F11 / V12 tdtspeedy 2
Woodsbane V10 keentlewi 2
Mason City C12 kiwirainbow 3
Merchant City XE8 Technological99 2
Melrose P13 Martii_Scots01 2
Sienos V6 / P6 yoshipie_ 0
Solarion C16 / XE18 Tom_Pairs 2
Waverly C78 Cal76 1
Royal Ferry F5/I5,I2/F2/ZS2,I3/F3 MIKE24DUDE 2
Greater Accerton C27/EC8 CaptainChimpy 4
Quartz Bay P15 zaxbyschicken 2

For Federation purposes, each city is assigned MPO points, which will determine the size of the MPO.

Rank Points
Premier 5 points
Governor 4 points
Senator 3 points
Mayor 2 points
Councillor 1 point
City that is part of a SMP 2 extra points

Currently, EAST has an overall points total of 53.

Eligible Towns

Boundaries of EAST
Boundaries of EAST

To be eligible to join the EAST, there are several criteria that must be met:

  • You have to own a city within the boundaries of EAST - being inside the red borders of the map to your left.
  • Be a Councillor or above.
  • Be able to contribute in participating towns.
  • Be a good team member and supportive in all decisions that are made by the council
  • Understand that MRT rules still apply overall.

These are the minimum requirements of the SMP, If you fail to follow these rules, you may be removed from the SMP. MRT rules are still in place.