FLR Corporation

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FLR - Connecting Nodes
Senior staff
Founder i____7d
CEO i____7d
Facts and figures
Headquarters FLTA HQ, Foresne
Founded September 2019
Franchises Foresne Light Rail, FLR Commuter, NewRail FLR, FLR Kazeshima

FLR Corporation is a rail company founded by i____7d. It mainly serves the Region of Lumeva.


Foresne Light Rail

Foresne Light Rail is the main light rail system serving Foresne. It currently has 4 lines and a gondola. More info here.

Prefix: None

Peacopolis Metro


Peacopolis Metro is the main light rail system serving Peacopolis. It currently has 2 lines.

Prefix: P

FLR Commuter


FLR Commuter is the main minecart line linking Foresne to Peacopolis and Twingate. More info here.

Prefix: E

NewRail FLR


NewRail FLR is the warp rail service of FLR Corporation. It is under NewRail, having 1 local line and 1 express line so far. More info here.

Prefix: R (local), W (express)

FLR Kazeshima


FLR Kazeshima is the light rail system of Kazeshima. It is Japanese-themed.

Prefix: K

FLR Nansei-Gunto


FLR Nansei-Gunto is planned to be the mail warp rail service around Nansei-Gunto.

Prefix: N (regular), H (shinkansen)

FLR Shenghua


FLR Shenghua is planned to be the metro system of Shenghua.

Prefix: S


FLR Light Rail Prototype

This prototype is in use in 4 different towns (Foresne, Peacopolis, Twingate, Kazeshima). Each station is equipped with a minecart dispenser (guest-friendly), a stopping hump, and signs that tell you where is the next station effectively.

This system is inspired by (another server) and Airchester's Airport Express.

If you would like the FLR Prototype to be used in your metro, contact i____7d. Note that your metro will then be under, or have business connections with FLR Corporation.