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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

I couldn't find anything else :shrug:

Flag of Peacopolis.png
Town officials
Mayor PeacemakerX5
Deputy Mayor i____7d
Founder PeacemakerX5
MRT None
Bus Southoak Bus Service
Roadway(s) B531
Water None
Airport(s) Peacopolis International Airport
Rail Peacopolis FLR Station
Other transit Metro
Facts and figures
Population a gazillion
Town rank [Governor]
State Region of Lumeva
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party Liberal
MPO Epsilonian Republic
Ward(s) 5
Other info
Denonym Peacopolian
Current building count* a lot
Currency Norwestian Pound (NW£)

Peacopolis is a Governor-ranked city on the New World, known for its extreme case of Mojangitis.


There is a cable car system in the city linking the downtown area to the nearby hills. At the time of writing this, there is a current under-construction Monorail system which currently has the lyrics from the song "Deja Vu" from the anime Initial D written on the sides of the track.