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Kazeshima 風島
Flag of Kazeshima.png
Town officials
Mayor i____7d
Deputy Mayor mi_aquamarine
Founder i____7d
Water Kazeshima Ferry Terminal
Rail FLR Nansei-Gunto
Other transit FLR Kazeshima
Facts and figures
Population 1
Town hall coordinates -26397 16355
Founded 1/3/20
Recognized as town 18/4/20
Town rank [Mayor]
State Nansei-Gunto Region
Official language(s) Japanese, English
World New
Political Party Liberal Party
MPO Epsilonian Republic
Ward(s) 6
RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

Kazeshima is a town founded by i____7d on 1 March 2020, within half an hour of the Zeta Server's opening, on a remote and quaint island in Southwest Zeta, on Lake Gunto. This town features a Japanese ambiance, mainly inspired by modern Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

Pronounciation & Name

Kazeshima is pronounced "Ka-zeh-shi-ma" (duh). It is a romanised version of the Japanese name, 風島 (かぜしま), which means Wind Island.


Incredibly hard. Bon voyage.

1. /tpa to i____7d.

2. Kazeshima Ferry Terminal.

3. Fly there.



Kazeshima was founded by i____7d on 1 March 2020, 1.20am SGT, after 20 minutes of inching to the location, restrained by massive lag. The first road built was Setsuritsu-odori (設立大通り), and it stretched from the center of mainland Kazeshima to Setsuritsushima, a secondary island separated by river off mainland. He then started on his own residence, a flagpole, and an FLR Kazeshima station (Setsuritsumachi station). The next projects were the Kazeshima Ferry Terminal, the city hall, the ForesInn, and an FLR Kazeshima office.

The spot was chosen as the founder, i____7d always wanted an island town, like how Singapore, Honolulu, or Jeju (irl); or GSM Town, Juhwa, or Hummingbird Islands (in the MRT) are so. It is also far from mainland (one needs to cross another island to get to mainland), which makes it harder to get to.

Kazeshima got councillor on 18 April, and mayor on 21 May.


The Flag of Kazeshima is made of three colours: white, light gray, and red. The background is white, representing purity. There is also a red horizontal stripe in the middle, representing freedom and justice. Two light gray diagonal lines (bottom-left to top-right) overlay everything, representing wind.

The flag was later voted as the Flag of Nansei-Gunto.

Geography & Topology


Kazeshima is located in southwest Zeta, in Lake Gunto.


Naka-Kazeshima is on a plains biome, and some beaches as well. One day, Kazeshima will expand to the whole island. In the far future, it will expand to the islands southwest (Shakaishima) and west (Tamagoshima) of mainland.

Kazeshima also has some islands off the coast of the ice plains at the south east. (Eumi)


At the center of mainland Kazeshima, there are 3 lakes: Saiko, Chuoko, and Toko. Saiko is far to the west, and is between the borders of Kūryokuoka and Naka-Kazeshima wards. Chuoko is in the middle of Naka-Kazeshima ward. Toko is between Naka-Kazeshima and Kazemori wards.


Kazeshima has a lot of islands. They are usually either close to the mainland, or far away in the middle of nowhere.

List of Islands

  • Naka-Kazeshima (中風島) (Total: 18)
    • Setsuritsushima (設立島)
    • Setsuritsu Islets 1-6 (設立第1−6番島)
    • Terminal Islets (ターミナル1-3番島) (Part of Far Islets Archipelago)
    • Far Islets 1-7 (遠い1−7番島)
    • Tokojima (東湖島)
  • Kazekori (風氷) (Total: 9)
    • Kazekorijima (風氷島)
    • Korihashijima (氷橋島)
    • Koriminamijima (氷南島)
    • Koriminamiwa (氷南岩)
    • Korihigashiwa (氷東岩)
    • Koriasasejima (氷浅瀬島)
    • Koriuraiwa (氷浦岩)
    • Korihidaritejima (氷左手島)
    • Korimigitejima (氷右手島)
  • Eumi (絵海) (Total: 2)
    • Etajima (絵田島)
    • Taminamijima (田南島)

Total: 29; including mainland: 30

Administrative Divisions

Kazeshima is divided into different wards (区), which are divided into different districts (丁目). In Kazeshima, some districts can be made up of, or be part of a 'town' (町).

List of Wards & Districts

  • Naka-Kazeshima (中風島)
    • 1. Setsuritsumachi (1丁目 設立町), literally Establishment Town
    • 2. Konranmachi (2丁目 混乱町), literally Confusion Town
    • 3. Takimachi (3丁目 滝町), literally Waterfall Town
    • 4. Uwumachi (4丁目 ウヴ町), literally UwU Town
    • 5. Owomachi (5丁目 オウォ町), literally OwO Town
    • 6. Chūōkomachi (6丁目 中央湖町), literally Central Lake Town
    • 7. Tōkomachi (7丁目 東湖町), literally Eastern Lake Town
  • Senvang (千話)
    • 1. Kitsunebimachi (1丁目 狐尾町), literally Fox Tail Town
    • 2. Nekotoinumachi (2丁目 猫と犬町), literally Cat and Dog Town
    • 3. Takagawaramachi (3丁目 高川原町), literally High River Plains Town
    • 4. Sonzaishinaimachi (4丁目 存在しない町), literally Non-existent Town
    • 5. Yubiwamachi (5丁目 指輪町), literally Finger Circle Town
  • Kūryokuoka (空力岡)
    • 1. Nagaasasemachi (1丁目 長浅瀬町), literally Long Shoal Town
    • 2. Sakyumachi (2丁目 砂丘街), literally Sand Dune Town
    • 3. Tamagokadomachi (3丁目 卵門町), literally Egg Gate Town
    • 4. Daremachi (4丁目 誰町), literally Who Town
    • 5. Saikomachi (5丁目 西湖町), literally Western Lake Town
  • Kazemori (風森)
    • 4. Aomi (4丁目 青見), literally Blue Viewing
  • Kazekori (風氷)
    • 1. Korimura (1丁目 氷村), literally Ice Town
    • 2. Minami-Kazekori (2丁目 南風氷), literally South Wind Ice
    • 3. Kita-Kazekori (3丁目 北風氷), literally North Wind Ice
  • Eumi (絵海)
    • 1. Etamachi (1丁目 絵田町), literally Painting Field Town


# Building Address Category
Naka-Kazeshima (Total 53)
Setsuritsumachi (Total 9)
1 FLR Kazeshima Setsuritsumachi Station 中風島1-1-1 Infrastructure
2 FLR Kazeshima Setsuritsumachi Office 中風島1-1-2 Infrastructural Office
3 Mayor's Residence 中風島1-2-1 Residential
4 ForesCompany Kazeshima Office 中風島1-2-2 Commercial Office
5 ForesInn Kazeshima Setsuritsumachi Branch 中風島1-3-1 Tourism Commercial
6 Kazeshima City Hall 中風島1-3-2 Administration
7/8 Setsuritsumachi Beach Market 中風島1-4-1A/B/C, 2A/B/C/D Commercial
9 Kazeshima Ferry Terminal 中風島1-5-1 Infrastructure
Konranmachi (Total 6)
1 Kazeshima Department of Water 中風島2-1-1 Administrative Office
2 Windbank Department of Water Branch 中風島2-1-2 Commercial
3 The Epsilia Headquarters 中風島2-2-1 Commercial Office
4 Windgym The Epsilia Headquarters Branch 中風島2-2-2 Commercial
5 C24 Department Store 中風島2-2-3 Commercial
6 FLR Kazeshima Konranmachi Station 中風島2-3-1 Infrastructure
Takimachi (Total 9)
1 Windpetrol Setsuritsukawa Branch 中風島3-1-1 Commercial
2/3 Kazeshima Department of Urban Planning 中風島3-1-2/3 Administrative Office
4 Kazeshima Department of Education 中風島3-1-4 Administrative Office
5 Kazeshima Police Department - Takimachi Station 中風島3-1-5 Administrative Office
6 FLR Kazeshima Takimachi Station 中風島3-2-1 Infrastructure
7 Temple of Wind 中風島3-3-1 Religion
8 Central Market 中風島3-3-2/3/4 Commercial
9 Retail space 中風島3-4-1 Commercial
Uwumachi (Total 0)
Owomachi (Total 5)
1 Aston Soda 中風島5-1-1 Commercial
2 Owoten Block 1 中風島5-2-1 Commercial
3 FLR Nansei-Gunto Owomachi Station 中風島5-3-1 Infrastructure
4 Underrail Mall 中風島5-5-1 Commercial
5 Underrail Mall 中風島5-5-2 Commercial
Chuokomachi (Total 7)
1 FLR Nansei-Gunto/Kazeshima Chuokomachi Station 中風島6-1-1 Infrastructure
2 Chuokokaoku Block 3 中風島6-3-1 Residential
3 Chuokokaoku Block 1 中風島6-4-1 Residential
4 Windgym Chuokomachi Branch 中風島6-4-2 Commercial
5 Retail spaces 中風島6-4-3A/B/C/D/E Commercial
6 Windbank Chuokomachi Branch 中風島6-4-4 Commercial
7 Chuokokaoku Block 2 中風島6-4-5 Residential
Tokomachi (Total 17)
1 Tokokaoku Block 1 中風島7-1-1 Residential
2 Tokokaoku Block 2 中風島7-1-2 Residential
3 Tokomachi Fire Station 中風島7-1-2 Administration
4 Kazeshima School of Boating 中風島7-2-1 Recreation / Education
5/6 Tokomachi Market 中風島7-2-2/3 Commercial
7 FLR Kazeshima Tokomachi Station 中風島7-2-4 Infrastructure
8 Tokokaoku Block 3 中風島7-2-5 Residential
9 ForesTools Tokomachi Branch 中風島7-2-6 Commercial
10 Tokokaoku Block 4 中風島7-2-7 Residential
11 Tokokaoku Block 5 中風島7-2-8 Residential
12 Windstore Tokotoshokan Branch 中風島7-3-1 Commercial
13 Windmail Tokotoshokan Branch 中風島7-3-2 Commercial
14 Tokotoshokan / FLR Kazeshima Tokotoshokan Station 中風島7-4-1 Recreational / Infrastructure
15 Tokokaoku Block 6 中風島7-5-1 Residential
16 Tokokaoku Block 7A 中風島7-5-2 Residential
17 Tokokaoku Block 7B 中風島7-5-3 Residential
Eumi (Total 12)
Etamachi (Total 12)
1 Windstore 絵海1-1-1 Commercial
2 Eumi Town Council 絵海1-1-2 Adminstrative Office
3 Etamachi Clinic 絵海1-1-3 Commercial/Adminstration
4 Etamachi Sauna 絵海1-1-4 Recreation
5 Etamachi Boat Rentals 絵海1-2-1 Recreation
6 Etamachi Police Post 絵海1-2-2 Administration
7 Taste of Foresne / ForesTools 絵海1-2-3 Commercial
8 House 絵海1-2-4 Residential
9 House 絵海1-2-5 Residential
10 House 絵海1-2-6 Residential
11 House 絵海1-3-1 Residential
12 Fox Shrine 絵海1-3-2 Religion
Total: 65


Player Address
rocko6alex 中風島7-1-2 3A
frogggggg 絵海1-2-5
LKRandom 絵海1-3-1


not built yet


Kazeshima has a Japanese culture, with temples and shrines dotted around the city. Most signs are also bilingual as Japanese is the primary language.

Kazeshima also has vending machines dotted around the city, a regular sight in real-world Japan.



Kazeshima has a variety of parks for people to visit and relax in. Most parks also have a dog park/picnic field as well.

  • Naka-Kazeshima (中風島)
    • Chuokoen (中央公園) - includes the Temple of Wind (風寺), the Central Gate (中央鳥居), and the Central Market (中央市場)
    • Chuokogan (中央湖岸)- includes the Five Hills (5つ丘), Chuoko (中央湖)
    • The Mayor's Garden (市長の庭) - includes the Establishment Flag
    • Setsuritsukaigan (設立海岸) - includes the Setsuritsumachi Beach Market (設立町砂市場)
  • Eumi (絵海)
    • Etakoen (絵田公園) - includes the island flag

Street Animals

Kazeshima has a variety of street animals. It depends on which ward you are in.

  • Naka-Kazeshima - rabbits
  • Senvang - cats & wolves (except Kitsunebmachi - foxes)
  • Kazemori - rabbits, cats
  • Kazekori - chicken
  • Eumi - foxes

Places with foxes have fox attractors dotted around the place as well.

Internal Transport



Kazeshima is laid out mainly in a grid layout. The road style is similar to that of Foresne's, just that the lampposts are slightly different.


Kazeshima's remote islands are served by Windboat.


FLR Kazeshima serves the whole of Kazeshima.

 K1  Line K1

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png K100 Setsuritsumachi 設立町
Dynmap Green Flag.png K101 Konranmachi 混乱町
Dynmap Green Flag.png K102 Owomachi オウォ町
Dynmap Pin.png K103 Sakyumachi 砂丘町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K104 Nagaasasemachi 長浅瀬町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K105 Tamagokadomachi 卵門町 (planned)

 K2  Line K2

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png K200 Chuokomachi 中央湖町
Dynmap Green Flag.png K201 Tokomachi 東湖町
Dynmap Green Flag.png K202 Takimachi 滝町
Dynmap Pin.png K203 Takagawaramachi 高川原町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K204 Sonzaishinaimachi 存在しない町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K205 Nekotoinumachi 猫と犬町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K206 Kitsunebimachi 狐尾町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K207 Kitsuneatamamachi 狐頭町 (planned)

 K3  Line K3

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png K300 Kita-Korimura 北氷村 (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png K301 Minami-Korimura 南氷村 (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png K302 Aomi 青見 (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png K303 Saikomachi 西湖町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K304 Daremachi 誰町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K305 Sakyumachi 砂丘町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K306 Uwumachi ウヴ町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K307 Nekotoinumachi 猫と犬町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K308 Sonzaishinaimachi 存在しない町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K309 Yubiwamachi 指輪町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png K310 Koyubimisaki 小指岬 (planned)

 K4  Line K4

 K5  Line K5

External Transport


Kazeshima is served by Kazeshima Ferry Terminal.


  • Take FLR Kazeshima to Setsuritsumachi.
  • At the pier, take Route 2.

FLR Nansei-Gunto

FLR Nansei-Gunto serves the whole of the Region of Nansei-Gunto.

 N1  Line N1 / Kitsunebashi Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png N102 Tokotoshokan 東湖図書館
Dynmap Green Flag.png N103 Chuokomachi 中央湖町
Dynmap Green Flag.png N104 Owomachi オウォ町
Dynmap Pin.png N105 Uwumachi ウヴ町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N106 Kitsunebimachi 狐尾町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N107 Kitsuneatamamachi 狐頭町 (planned)

 N2  Line N2 / Namboku Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png N202 Aomi 青見 (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png N203 Owomachi オウォ町 (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png N204 Uwumachi ウヴ町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N205 Nekotoinumachi 猫と犬町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N206 Takagawaramachi 高川原町 (planned)

todo: fix numbers

 N3  Line N3 / Tamagobashi Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png N398 Tamagokadomachi 卵門町 (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png N399 Daremachi 誰町 (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png N300 Owomachi オウォ町 (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png N301 Sakyumachi 砂丘町 (planned)

 H1  Line H1 / Tamagobashi Shinkansen

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png H100 Tokotoshokan 東湖図書館 (closed)
Dynmap Pin.png H101 Tamagokadomachi 卵門町 (planned)

 H2  Line H2 / Sakyubashi Shinkansen

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png H201 Owomachi オウォ町 (closed)
Dynmap Pin.png H202 Sakyumachi 砂丘町 (planned)

If you want to serve Kazeshima, read this


  • On mainland Kazeshima, you can only serve the area near Owomachi/Uwumachi. If you want to serve other parts of Kazeshima, negotiate with i____7d.
  • Your station MUST be messy. The exits will be done by me, so I can link it to the surface, or the future underground shopping mall.
  • Don't question the name.


Just tell i____7d. He'll build another dock for you.

Random Fun Facts

  • Kazeshima is an UwU permitted zone, and is the first city in the entire MRT to declare so.
  • i____7d fought hard for the land, as that area is very popular upon Zeta's opening. I guess big islands are eye-catchers.


Temporary (Kazeshima Aomi Heliport)

Helipad Username Company Destinations
Gate Example Example Example
H1 Needn_NL KaloroAir LAR, BLG [more destinations later]
H2 SansNotLuigi RodBla Ilirea, Carnoustie