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GreenHaven Mall

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GreenHaven Mall
GHMALL logo.png
Location  B27  Farragrout Greens /  B28  Nanthaven
Direct Transportation  EST  Red Line
Other Transportation MRT  B  Blue Line
SET  X   Y   Z  lines
Owner RedStone Shack Enterprises
Floors 5 (A-wing)
3 (B-wing)
Shops 35 (25 occupied)

The GreenHaven Mall is a 5-story shopping mall located on the border of  B27  Farragrout Greens and  B28  Nanthaven. The mall is home to many sever-wide franchises as well as some smaller local shops.


The Mall is owned by RedStone Shack Enterprises, and was built by hand without the help of WorldEdit. The stores in the mall are as follows:

Shop Name Shop Owner Shop Location
Barnes and Enchantments Tom_Pairs A-1-5
BaseWire Baseball02 B-2-3
BeefHut Express yeamanator132 A-1-7
BenkGo! Tarheelscouse A-2-1
C&B's Fireworks Plus+ CarbonM14 A-3-7
Catronics Kittycat11231 A-3-1
ChiselPicks tdtspeedy A-2-2
Derek Jeter's Taco Hole jphgolf4321 A-3-4
Feline Wireless Kittycat11231 A-3-2
JBuffet Jmckeen A-B-4
Just Like Grandma's Bakery bspells A-3-6
Kalmar Fried Chicken thomasfyfe A-1-6
Matt's Fast Food matthieu_Dinh A-2-6
MineCDonalds AP_Red A-3-5
MRT Globe Cortesi A-2-7
Music's Gems Music3_0 A-3-3
Netherstarbucks matlandia14 A-1-4
PB&J Supermarkets Jmckeen&Puffball5672 A-4-2
Puffball's Lounge Puffball5672 A-B-3
Puffball's Convenience Store Puffball5672 A-1-3
RedStone Shack Jmckeen A-4-1
The Beacon Grill finney125 A-2-4
The Fire Pit Van_Raide13 B-2-2
TheSpoon DasNexus A-2-5
TransitHub twh9432 A-B-1&A-B-2

The mall has 35 small shops (varying slightly in size) and one Anchor Store space (occupied by PB&J Supermarkets). The mall also has a large food court area on the first floor with tables and seating, above which is a large angled glass skylight. The mall is also equipped with the "EElevator" system, allowing for easier travel between floors. The mall currently has 11 vacant spaces, and you can go to property management to find out how to claim a space. You do not have to ask anyone to build a shop, but please follow the proper procedure or else your shop could be removed. Please check the total space of the shop you want to claim, this is posted outside of all vacant shops.

I'd like to give thanks to Puffball5672 and Lukeday115 for helping me (Jmckeen) build the structure of the mall completely by hand.

A Mall Expansion was completed on July 13, 2014. This area houses 12 new "B" Shops. This expansion was built because the mall had reached full capacity. Currently mall literature is being updated. If you wish to have one of the brand new shops, you MUST contact Jmckeen or Puffball5672 at the moment.

Mall Maps

GHMALL map LB.png

GHMALL map L1.png GHMALL map LB1.png

GHMALL map L2.png GHMALL map LB2.png

GHMALL map L3.png GHMALL map LB3.png

GHMALL map L4.png