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Additional information
Number of Locations70
HeadquartersFeline Holdings Center, Central City
Parent companyFeline Legacy Retail Group (a part of Feline Holdings)

Catronics is a leading consumer electronics company. We make products that increase your productivity, such as our Catnip desktops, that increase your mobility, like the server leading smartphone: the Catphone 2X, as well as the Catwatch 2Crys and Catwatch 2Drop smartwatches, and that increase your joy and creativity, including the musical GEMpod, the magical Catpad, and the colorful Catpad Brush. Catronics brings the new age of the MRT and the world to your fingertips.

View the 42 second Catphone 2X commercial!

View the 62 second Catwatch 2Crys commercial!

View the 41 second Catpad Retina commercial!


Catbook The Catbook is a laptop designed by Catronics, designed to have great power and speed running on CatOS.

Catbook Pro This is an upgraded version of the Catbook, with even more powerful performance.

Catbook Air This Catbook is meant for the portable you. It is light as a feather and bright as a diamond.

Catnip Light The Catnip Light is a standard desktop computer designed of an iron plated keyboard, a wide screen, and a processing unit behind the monitor. Sold alongside the Catnip Pro, it is the successor to the Catscreen (standard edition).

Catnip Pro The Catnip Pro is a professionally oriented version of the Catnip desktop computer series, with a similar design differing in the addition of a gold plated keyboard as well as faster graphics and processing. Sold alongside the Canip Light, it is the successor to the Catscreen Pro.

CatGEM 2 The successor to the original CatGEM, which was discontinued due to 1.8 compatibility issues, the CatGEM 2 features a new colorful and more inviting design. It is the entry-level Catronics desktop computer, below the Catnip Light and Catnip Pro, and runs CatOS along with all of the other Catronics computers.

Ellie Ellie is, simply put, your new personal assistant, in a new way from ever before. Ellie is life sized, customizable, and will bring the "personal" back to personal assistant. Ellie has her own personality which adapts as you spend time with her. Ellie can do everything that Sarah can do on CatOSmobile, such as look up the weather and time, travel information, and places nearby. But Ellie takes it to a level not paralleled before. Ellie was released with 1.8.<b

Calvin Calvin is Ellie's new cousin. Now, the experience you know and love with Ellie has been brought to a new embodiment. Calvin can do everything Ellie can do, including connecting to your CatOS, CatOSmobile, CatOSwatch, and CatOSportal devices.

Catphone 2X Catphone 2X is the newest release of Catphone, and forms the second generation Catphone series along with the older Catphone 2. It runs CatOSmobile, is faster, and has a new design.

Catphone 2 The Catphone 2 is an older, entry-level Catphone, and forms the second generation Catphone series along with the newer Catphone 2X. It runs CatOSmobile, and is faster than its precedessors: the original Catphone and Catphone 1P, and also has a sleek design.

Catlens The Catlens is Catronics' most immersive product yet. It acts as both a virtual and augmented reality headset, meaning you can either immerse yourself in a virtual world, or change and enhance the world around you. It contains a durable iron casing, and runs CatOSlens.

Catpad Brush The Catpad brush is a consumer oriented Catpad model. It is sold in a variety of colors similar to the discontinued CatGEM computer. It is sold alongside the higher end Catpad Ultra and Catpad Retina, and replaced the original Catpad.

Catpad Ultra The Catpad with enhanced graphics and performance, and a durable iron encasement. (Formerly/alternately known as Catpad Advanced.)

Catpad Retina The Catpad Retina (formerly/alternately known as Catpad Advanced + Ultra Display) is a Catpad Ultra given a HD retina display and a luxury golden encasement.

GEMpod Silk One of the models of the GEMpod with a lapis multitouch display. It runs CatOSmobile and is the funnest mobile device yet.

GEMpod Fleek One of the models of the GEMpod with a diamond multitouch display. It runs CatOSmobile and is the funnest mobile device yet.

GEMpod Glam One of the models of the GEMpod with a gold multitouch display. It runs CatOSmobile and is the funnest mobile device yet.

GEMpod Tick One of the models of the GEMpod with a redstone multitouch display. It runs CatOSmobile and is the funnest mobile device yet.

Catplay 2 The Catplay 2 is a gaming console designed for anyone wanting to have a great gaming experience. It is a new version of the Catplay that was recently released and is currently only found in select locations so far. Some stores still have the Catplay 1, which is being discontinued.

Catplay Portable This is a handheld gaming console designed by Catronics, a sister to the Catplay.

Catwatch 2Crys The Catwatch 2Crys is the flagship successor to the original Catwatch, the first new product released after the gamma server opened. It is comprised of a new crystal design, and is a higher end Catwatch model sold alongside the Catwatch 2Drop.

Catwatch 2Drop The Catwatch 2Drop is a cheaper successor to the original Catwatch. Comprised of a small drop design, it is a lower end alternative to the Catwatch 2Crys.

Catvision HD Bring the eye of a cat to your flatscreen television. Catvision HD offers a standard HD display for any location, fully compatible with Catvision Portal and Catplay 2.

Catvision 2x2 Catvision 2x2 is a slightly larger television screen, useful in larger rooms or public spaces. Fully compatible with Catvision Portal and Catplay 2.

Catvision Mega HD Catvision Mega HD is a massive, HDTV screen. It's the eye of a cat and the roar of a tiger, and it's fully compatible with Catvision Portal and Catplay 2.

Catvision Portal Catvision Portal is an advanced digital media player for your TV. Watching television has never been the same, with thousands of movies and shows on demand, and more. Running CatOSportal, it is made for Catvision, but is also compatible with various other television sets.


CatOS This is the Catronics computer operating system used on all of its personal computers. It has a top bar for any actions you need to do in an application, and has various keyboard shortcuts you can use. It comes pre-installed with several useful applications.

CatOSmobile This is the Catronics mobile operating system, running on the Catphone, Catpad, and Catpod Touch. It is optimized for multi-touch use and comes pre-installed with some usefull apps such as a calendar, clock, notes, etc, as well as music to turn your OSmobile device into a Catpod, the Jungle Surf web browser, a messaging app for Catmessage (between any OSmobile device) and SMS texting (Catphone only), in addition to a phone app, pre-installed on the Catphone, with unique contacts and visual voicemail. CatOSmobile also has the App Store to download third party apps.

Cattunes Cattunes is the center of all your music. It comes pre-installed with any Catronics PC, but can be downloaded onto any computer. It can be used to buy and play music, and any music you buy is available in the cloud. It can be used to download music onto any Catpod or CatOSmobile device, the latter able to download music on its own.

Catplications Catplications are a line of applications from Catronics pre-bundled with CatOS and available on the CatOSmobile App Store for free. It includes Catmovie, Catphoto, Catoffice, and more.

CatOSportal CatOSportal is an operating system running on the Catvision Portal digital media player and the Catplay 2 gaming console, both similarly designed and compatible products. CatOSportal receives information over the cloud from your Catronics account, updating based on purchases made on your CatOS or CatOSmobile device.

CatOSwatch CatOSwatch is the operating system on Catronics' Catwatch. It is directly tied to CatOSmobile, and must be paired with a Catphone or Catphone Plus to fully function. Once paired with a Catphone, it can additionally be paired with any Catpad, Catpod Touch, or Catronics PC tied to your account.

CatOSassist CatOSassist is the operating system used by Ellie and Calvin, the Catronics personal assistants. CatOSassist works on its own and also connects to CatOS, CatOSmobile, CatOSwatch, CatOSportal, and CatOSlens devices.

CatOSlens CatOSlens is the operating system of the Catlens. It powers both virtual and augmented reality and connects to other Catronics devices.


Four New Products - Now Available

The following products have been released.:

  • Catphone 2X: The new flagship Catphone that is faster, more powerful, and more stunning than the Catphone 2. It is also made of a durable slice of quartz that is meant to last.
  • Calvin: Ellie's new cousin is here. Now a male version of Ellie is available to better suit everybody's needs. Calvin will be sold alongside Ellie in all Catronics stores.
  • Catlens: Immerse yourself with the brand new virtual/augmented reality headset from Catronics. A brand new category of its kind.
  • CatGEM 2: We brought back CatGEM and made it better. Now, the CatGEM 2 is more colorful, sleeker, and more affordable.

In addition, the following product has had a slight branding change:

  • Catphone 2: Now sold as the entry level Catphone alongside the new Catphone 2X. Slogan changed from from "The Next, Next Big Thing" to "Made To Love".

And the following product has been discontinued:

  • Catphone 1P: Originally the Catphone Plus, demoted to entry-level model with Catphone 2 release.

The products are available in the following launch stores:

  • Saint Roux - near Cosmo Theater
  • Saint Roux - 50th Store
  • Appleton
  • Merchant City
  • Nippia
  • Vergil - Downtown
  • Vergil - Feline Holdings Campus

They will soon be released to all other stores in sequential order of when they were built, starting with the newest stores.

69th Store

The 69th store plans have been released. The 69th store will be a milestone megastore with four floors:

  • Floor 1: Large product showroom for all current products.
  • Floor 2: Special showroom for older, discontinued products.
  • Floor 3: Exhibit about the history of Catronics.
  • Floor 4: Food court, observation floor, and recreational center.

The store will be built on the lab world.

To apply for the 69th store, go to and fill out the form. Selected applicants will be able to take part in an auction for the store.

Store Locations

Catronics sells its products in retail locations across the server known as Catronics stores. The following is a complete list of all current Catronics stores on the MRT (off-server locations operated by Feline Holdings International not included).

Select Catronics products are sold at CookieTech and RedGrocer locations. Catphone models are sold at retail stores of most Catphone carriers.