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Alert.png I am pleased to announce that commencing September, the BenkGo! brand will be relaunched for New World locations. New product lines, store types and service layouts are pending - the new BenkGo! is coming!
CEO/Founder Tarheelscouse
Number of Stores 52
Headquarters Hamanei
Other Information
Founded March 1st, 2014
Headquarters Coordinates 2079, 65, 410
Current Selling Versions Large, Standard, Express, Mall spaces and Food trucks
Current Stock Position 3rd

BenkGo! is a fast-food sushi chain, serving benkyo meals in a quick and efficient service. Initially a local restaurant for Hamanei, the restaurant soon evolved into a chain, calling for increased build production. Our 4 classes of restaurants cater to every space need, providing you, our customers, with the broadest service we can provide. We are proud to be the first major sushi chain on the server, and look to expand on our status as a sushi vendor.

While only a standard restaurant, our flagship restaurant in Hamanei is a great reminder of how it all began, and additionally servers as our HQ.

We are committed to not only serve great sushi but also to serve the community. As such, we sponsor Yellow Hill at the Belt Line in Atlanta and Hamanei Port. We continue to add projects to what we do in our efforts to benefit the community we sell our products to. In turn, Autobus and his corporation ATTS sponsor us, allowing both our and their companies to co-operate in business.

We are proud to have become a household name in the franchise world, having become the 3rd (by MRT Stock) largest chain on the server since only March 1st, 2014.

BenkGo! Stock

▲ 0

last update 17 May 2014


City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Hamanei  R3  1 Standard
Andromeda  B25  1 Mall Restaurant
Kitania  Y24  1 Large Restaurant
Farragrout Greens  B27  1 Mall Restaurant
Crosstown  Y7  1 Standard
Atlanta  G4  2 Standard x2
Redstone Valley  Y14  1 Standard
Sublime  B9  1 Mall Restaurant
Plainscity  B4   O11  1 Standard
Ironapple  Y1  1 Standard
Farragut North  O8  1 Standard
Fairfax  G5  2 Standard, Mall Restaurant
Valgirn  R13  1 Mall Restaurant
Laurel  O16  1 Mall Restaurant
Atlantis  R4   O15  2 Mall Restaurant x2
Department of Defense  O17  1 Mall Restaurant
Chokster City  Y1  1 Large Restaurant
Rockstone  B24  1 Large Restaurant
Omerah  B3  1 Standard
Auratia  Y20  1 Standard
Llamapolis  Y23  1 Standard
Eisitasi  O21  1 Mall Restaurant w/ Express
Stringcity  R3  1 Express
Biome Heights  G8  1 Standard
Shyoya  R3  1 Standard
Stanley  B2  3 Express, Mall Restaurant x2
Minetown  G4  1 Express
Jones Beach  Y1  1 Express
Autocity  B1  1 Mall Restaurant
Autocity Metro System  B1  1 Mall Restaurant
Shadow Rock  B22  1 Standard
Shadow Rock Metro System  B22  5 Express x5
Chesterfield  G9  1 Standard
Treplöw  B19  1 Large Restaurant
Inchmuir  B19  2 Mall Restaurant x2
Truckee  Y12  1 Standard Restaurant
Silver Spring  R9  1 Mall Restaurant
Arcadia  O16  1 Standard Restaurant
True City  R9  1 Standard Restaurant
Zicronia  B29  1 Standard Restaurant
Subterania  G12  1 Mall restaurant


Our restaurants serve the following (Please note that store type is not indicative of whether all products are sold and that prices may differ from the price as given in Akane Dollars in select Old World locations) :

Product name Cost Description + Availability
Cooked Tuna Benkyo $2 A cooked filet of tuna. Marinated in our secret soy sauce recipe and cooked in its own juices on Hokkaido slate. This fish is caught in the Western Sea. Available in most stores.
Tekkamaki $4 Alternatively known simply as "Tuna Benkyo", this is a cured tuna sushi. Marinated in a fresh Hamanei cherry glaze. This fish is caught in the Western Sea. Available in all stores.
Kumanomimaki $8 Alternatively known as "Clown Benkyo", this is a cured clownfish sushi. Our clownfish filets are steamed lightly over a wood stove beforehand, for a satisfying smoky flavour. This fish is caught in the rivers of Akane. Available in all stores.
Fugu $7 Alternatively known as "Puffer Benkyo", this is a cured pufferfish sushi. Prepared by our expert chefs for 100% safety, our fish are seasoned in the brine they are caught in. This fish is caught in the Pacific ocean and shipped especially to Akane for premium quality and safety. Available in all stores.
Benkyo Kihon $12 A meal deal containing 2 tekkamaki and 1 fugu. Most extras included, ginger sold separately. Available in most stores.
Benkyo Ou $16 A meal deal containing 3 tekkamaki and 1 kumanomimaki. Most extras included, ginger sold separately. Available in most stores.
Benkyo Kukudai $24 A meal deal containing 2 tekkamaki, 2 fugu and 1 kumanomimaki. Most extras included, ginger sold separately. Available in most stores.

Contact us

Please contact Tarheelscouse, Hamanei

Else visit either your local BenkGo! branch or visit the chain HQ

Thank you for visiting our website!