Kalmar Fried Chicken

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Kalmar Fried Chicken
KFC Logo.png
KFC First Store.jpg
The first Kalmar Fried Chicken store at Kalmar
Founder & CEO thomasfyfe
Board Directors Miner_Tod
Facts and figures
Headquarters  B19  Inchmuir
Number of Stores 120
Founded September 23, 2012
Parent Company FyfeCorp

Kalmar Fried Chicken (KFC) is a franchise on the MRT Server, founded by thomasfyfe. Although founded in Kalmar, the current headquarters for Kalmar Fried Chicken is located in Inchmuir. The chain is a parody of the popular fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken and was one of the first franchises on the server.

Traditionally, mayors can request for the franchise to be located in their town by contacting thomasfyfe. Different store types are available and can be purchased using the server's economy system.


Kalmar Fried Chicken was founded by thomasfyfe in September 2012, shortly after Miner_Tod had acquired the town of Kalmar. The new KFC was built in an effort to help expand and rejuvenate the town. In October 2012, Kalmar Fried Chicken (along with other FyfeCorp subsidiaries) merged with LDShadowLord's CRUX Restaurants to form LDT Holdings and the main CRUX store at Spawn Station was converted into KFC's flagship store. In January 2013, all LDT Holdings assets were transferred to FyfeCorp, even though before LDT Holdings, Kalmar Fried Chicken had been a separate company.

Since its beginning Kalmar Fried Chicken has opened up stores in over 90 locations ranging from road service stations, small towns to big cities and sports venues. A parody restaurant, also owned by KFC called Kalmar Fried Beef was also opened up next to the original store in Kalmar.

Kalmar Fried Chicken's flagship store is in Spawn City although its largest stores are in Robin's Hill Olympic Park and Morningside Zoo. There were two typical standard designs of a KFC store; the standard design, and the deluxe design, but larger or customised stores were built to accommodate newer locations, often in pre-allocated mall spaces. The Drive-Through and Behemoth designs are typically reserved for larger cities or event areas.

In 2013 Kalmar Fried Chicken partnered with Dave's Doughnuts to supply their doughnuts to most KFC stores. Stores that stock Dave's Doughnuts can be spotted by the pink wool block along side the regular KFC menu.

KFC Evil Production Facility

Kalmar Fried Chicken was a gold level sponsor for the second TacoBurritoAThon sporting event held in Lacledic Republic.

Christmas Takeover Plot

In the Christmas of 2012, as part of thomasfyfe's Christmas adventure map, Kalmar Fried Chicken stores were being fabricated by an unauthorised factory. The factory was using KFC stores in a world takeover plot headed by an unknown individual (play the adventure map to find out more). Kalmar Fried Chicken stores had been turned into mechanised robots in order to stop Christmas and takeover the world. One KFC store was also mutated along with other franchise stores to create one Franchise Super Mech. Fortunately anyone who played the adventure map was able to save Santa Claus and stop this evil plot.


To coincide with the release of the New world, the design of KFC stores were updated. This included the use of new materials, better seating layout, a standard menu set across different designs, and the introduction of the 'Flagship' class of store available to only the largest cities on the server.

100th Store Spectacular

As part of the celebrations surrounding reaching the milestone of 100 operating Kalmar Fried Chickens, three special KFCs were built in the New World. These stores were built in established towns and were distributed via a lottery which took place in December 2015.

  • Store 100 - A one-of-a-kind gold branded Kalmar Fried Chicken store.
  • Store 101 - A one-of-a-kind "Your Town Name Here" Fried Chicken store with custom branding.
  • Store 102 - The first Kalmar Fried Beef to open outside of Kalmar.



The standard menu can be found within all New World Kalmar Fried Chicken stores. Speciality items can be found in some Flagship locations and in other stores where there is a partnership with a local food distributor, see in-stores for details. Dave's Doughnuts are served in select stores, often chose at random due to location of the nearest Dave's Doughnuts store. Old World stores serve a variation of the standard menu.

  • Food
    • Famous Kalmar Fried Chicken
    • Chicken Burger
    • Fried Chicken Bucket To-Go
    • Kalmar Fried Fun Sticks
    • Chicken Steak
    • Chicken Fries
    • Chicken Salad
    • Vegetable Salad
  • Beverages
    • Soft Drinks
    • Tea & Coffee
  • Desserts
    • Cookies
    • Ice-Cream

Store Types

  • Standard - typical store taking up a 10x10 floor space - $10
  • Deluxe - similar to a standard store but with the addition of a second floor for seating - $15/$5 upgrade (available to councillors)
  • Drive-Through - a larger store with redesigned kitchen to include drive-through access windows - $30
  • Behemoth (currently unavailable) - the ultimate store consisting of three floors including staff room, bathroom, extended seating and extra details - $50
  • Custom - varies depending on location, building space and needs of the customer - $35+
  • Flagship - a large custom store that has the contents of a behemoth store and more but varies in style between each town (available to governors) - $100+
Standard Store
Deluxe Store
Drive-Through Store
Behemoth Store

Pricing was introduced in a New World re-brand of the franchise. Prices are always being reviewed and are subject to change.

New World Locations

City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Appleton  P8  1 Standard
Arctic Plains (Washingcube)  A15  1 Standard
Arctic Plains (West Calbar)  A14  2 Deluxe, Custom
Armada  C108  1 Deluxe (Store 100)
Benion  C3  1 Standard
Birdhall  M27  1 Custom
Central City  X0 - Z0  1 Custom
Dabecco  F9  1 Deluxe
Daneburg  C78  1 Custom
Easest  F26  2 Standard, Deluxe
Ellesume  XE24  1 Custom
Epsilon  C27  1 Standard
Espil  C80  1 Standard
Evella  M10  1 Custom
Falloway  C76  1 Flagship
Fort Yaxier  I26  1 Custom
Heampstead  M42  1 Standard
Konawa  C110  1 Custom
Lakeview  P27  1 Standard
Liten  ZN19  1 Deluxe
Lochminehead  V9  1 Custom
Marblegate  F27  1 Flagship (under construction)
Mason City  C12  2 Standard, Standard
Mid Western Exposition (Ezzo City)  XW12  1 Custom
Mons Pratus  ZN4  1 Standard
Narona  T9  1 Standard
New Bakersville  EN14  1 Standard
North Haven  C14  1 Deluxe
Palatium  M9  1 Standard
Polaris  A23  2 Standard, Deluxe
Royal Ferry  I2 - ZS2 - F2  1 Deluxe
Schusterlans  C44  1 Standard
Seaview  XW22  1 Standard
Shadowpoint  N?  1 Drive-Through
ShadyGrove  ZN9  1 Standard
Snowtopic  A32  1 Deluxe
Tetrapolis  T15  1 Custom
Thunderbird  F17  1 Deluxe
UCWT (Formosa)  XW5 - M5 - D5  1 Standard
UCWT (Sealane)  XW2 - M2 - D2  1 Deluxe
Vegeta  T40  1 Custom
Vermilion  XW15  2 Flagship, Deluxe
Wazamawazi  T29  1 Custom
Wythern  C41  1 Standard

Special Stores

City Name Nearest MRT Store Type
Liten  ZN19  Kalmar Fried Beef (Store #102)
Merchant City  XE8  Merchant Fried Chicken (Store #101)

Old World Locations

City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Ampitheatre  Y19  1 Standard
Atlanta  G4  1 Custom
Autocity  B1  3 Standard, Custom, Custom
Arlington  R5  1 Standard
Asuran  R2  1 Standard
Audenville  R13  1 Standard
Bridgeview  G8  1 Standard
Centennial  R12  1 Custom
Chesterfield  G9  1 Custom
Chuno  Y25  1 Standard
Crystal City  R11  1 Standard
Cyra  R13  1 Standard
Diamond Heights  G1  1 Standard
Desertice  G6  1 Custom
Eisitasi  O20  1 Custom
Farragrout Greens  B27  1 Standard
Glowbus Resort  R13  1 Custom
Hardesty  Y2  1 Standard
High Hoopsville  Y20  1 Standard
Hillside-Pagoda  Y21  1 Standard
Inchmuir  B19  3 Standard, Custom, Custom
Jones Beach  G1  2 Standard, Standard
Kalmar  G27  1 Standard
Kitania  Y24  2 Standard, Standard
Llamapolis  B23  1 Standard
Minetown  G4  1 Standard
MineCity  Y20  1 Standard
Miningstone  B16  Y18  1 Deluxe
Morningside  Y1  1 Behemoth
MRT Marina  B10  1 Deluxe
Nanthaven  B28  1 Standard
New Delvin  B3  1 Custom
New Kiwi City  R9  1 Standard
Northeast Waterport  Y8  1 Custom
North Edge  B2  1 Standard
Orwyn  G8  1 Standard
Plainscity  B4  O11  1 Standard
Prubourne  G1  1 Standard
Redlin  Y23  1 Standard
Redstone Valley  Y14  1 Standard
Riverend  O8  2 Standard, Standard
Robin's Hill  G10  3 Standard, Deluxe, Behemoth
Rockaway City  O12  1 Standard
Shadow Falls  G5  1 Standard
Silverhaven  Y22  2 Standard, Custom
Silver Spring  R9  1 Standard
Skyscraper City  B21  1 Standard
Snowy  Y5  1 Deluxe
Splurgeville  B29  1 Standard
Spawn City: Central District  B13  G14  Y15  R7  1 Custom
Spawn City: Government District  B12  1 Drive-Through
Spawn City: Theatre District  B14  Y16  1 Standard
Stanley  B2  1 Custom
Subterania  G12  1 Standard
Talihina  R12  1 Deluxe
Treplöw  B19  1 Behemoth
Welcomeville  B6  1 Standard
Woodzy Beach  B5  1 Standard

Kalmar Fried Beef

City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Kalmar  G27  1 Standard



  • Located on the border between Inchmuir's business district and waterfront district, the KFC headquarters is home to the administration offices for the company. Each executive has their own office.

Kalmar Fried Chicken Development Facility

  • Located on the Kalmar coast, the KFC Development facility hosts a collection of store designs as well as ideas for new stores. The KFC Development facility contains an above-ground showroom containing current designs as well as access to an underground cavern where the development laboratory is situated.

North-West Operations

  • Located in the Litus Tower at New Delvin. The Litus Tower is home to several other corporation outlets and so Kalmar Fried Chicken have located an office here for easy access to other business ventures. This operational outpost is also used as a training facility for employees.
KFC Headquarters
KFC Development Facility - Exterior
KFC Development Facility - Interior

Future Plans

  • Kalmar Fried Chicken also has plans to set up administration offices in the newly renovated FyfeCorp Building in Spawn City along with other FyfeCorp subsidiaries. The idea is also being explored to move the main offices from the Inchmuir headquarters into the brand new Inchmuir Tower across the road and to convert the existing headquarters into a production facility.
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken is seeking an area of land off the coast of Kalmar to build a oil rig for future production plans. KFC has inquired into land at Spawn City's Industrial District to build its main production facility but is still looking for a location.