Fernar City

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Fernar City
Town officials
Mayor BernCow
Deputy Mayor Frogggggg
Founder Rom5419,Frogggggg, BernCow
MRT  T38  Hallarbor  T39  Foobar
Other transit SVTA Satellite Line,FernRTA,
Facts and figures

Fernar City is a town on the Taiga Line located at  T38  Hallarbor and  T39  Foobar comprising of 5 districts. Each district will have either a metro or commuter rail station. Fernar City is owned By BernCow and was initially founded by the creation of the towns of Crossfern and Hallarbor by Frogggggg and Rom5419 respectively. The city was first formed in its current state on May, 7th, 2018 when BernCow obtained Hallarbor from Rom5419. It was officially founded as Fernar City on 4/20/2019 but was officially Consolidated on 5/28/19 when BernCow obtained Crossfern from its then owner fffelix_jan and the subsequently united Crossfern and Hallarbor forming Fernar City. Fernar Houses many large buildings many of which are vacant, contact BernCow if interested


Fernar City is served by the FernRTA which Provides Light Rail and Bus Service. It is also served by the SVTA Satellite line in Crossfern.

Transit Centers

A list of all Transit Centers in Fernar City. A Transit center is defined as a facility with three or more services.

Hallarbor Union Station

Small Transit Center located in Hallarbor served by BernTrak as well as MRT  T38  Hallarbor and the Fernar Light Rail Blue Line.

Government Center

Small Transit Center located in Hallarbor acting as a hub for all Fernar Light Rail Lines.

Archer Transportation Center

Archer Transportation Center will be a Large transit center with FernRTA,BernTrak and SEAT services as well as a Bus terminal and stops for the Fernar Light Rail.

Fernar Regional Airport

Small Airfield planned for when Fernar City reaches Senator



Hallarbor is an urban downtown area located at  T38  Hallarbor and is the Capitol of Fernar. It was originally founded By ROM5419.


Crossfern is an urban area located at  T39  Foobar and was originally founded by Frogggggg who also has full authority over it.

Fernar Center

Fernar Center is an urban area between T38 and T39 and will have many attractions such as shops, museums, Theatres, arenas,etc.

Fernar West

Fernar West will have less of an urban feel then the rest of Fernar and more of a small town/city type feel with a mix of residential and commercial builds as well as public parks and hiking trails. To be renamed.