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Clockwise from top: Hamblin Shard Theater and Lorax Park, Seabeast Building and Roots Plaza, Whitaker Hamblin Homestead
Flag of Hamblin.png
Flag of Hamblin
Deputy MayorSansNotLuigi
Town recognition
Date foundedMarch 29, 2019
Date recognized as CouncillorMay 20, 2019
Date recognized as MayorJuly 29, 2019
Date recognized as SenatorNovember 26, 2020
Town hall coordinates-13235, 72, 3014
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
MRT H5  Hamblin
 WS11  Hamblin
Road connectionsA78
Air facilitiesHamblin Municipal Airport
Seabeast Hamblin Hub
Bus facilitiesSeabeast Hamblin Hub
Rail facilitiesHamblin Watermill Station
Water transit facilitiesHamblin North Savannah Port
Landmark(s)Hamblin Shard Theater

Hamblin is a Senator city founded and owned by ArizTrad, located at H5 on the MRT Savannah Line and WS11 on the MRT Western Line. The town is home to the Hamblin Shard Theater, a large pyramidal theater, and the Seabeast Hamblin Hub, a large bus hub with numerous bus routes operated by Seabeast Buses.


Hamblin was founded on March 29, 2019, shortly after ArizTrad became a member. The first buildings to be built were the town hall and the stores and apartments along Admin Row.

In June 2020, an extension of the A78 to Hamblin was approved and was subsequently built by ArizTrad. Soon after, the Seabeast Hamblin Hub was built, and Seabeast Buses began service. In late 2020, the Hamblin Watermill train station was built, and, in late 2021 Seabeast Rail, began service out of it.

The town was promoted to Councillor on May 20, 2019, and to Mayor on July 29, 2019. The town attempted to be promoted to Senator in May 2020 but was denied due to issues with scale, interiors, and gaps in the city. The town was submitted for Senator again in November 2020 and was approved unanimously for promotion.

In 2022, the Hamblin North Savannah Port and a road connecting it to central Hamblin were created, allowing Hamblin to have a water connection.

In early 2023, Hamblin hosted the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 11 at the Hamblin Shard Theater.


Situated on the MRT Savannah Line and the MRT Western Line in Ward 7, Hamblin is located west-south-west of Central City. Central Hamblin is located in a savannah biome, with the Hamblin North Savannah Port being located in a desert biome. The port sits on the southern coast of the Autumnal Sea.

Hamblin has no direct neighbors. In relation to other settlements, Retroville is to the northeast, PhoenixVille is to the north, and New Savannah is to the south.


Admin Row

Admin District

Hamblin's Admin District is a downtown area on the eastern banks of the river that features the City Hall. Its other prominent feature is mid-rise brick apartment blocks along the waterfront. The alleyway between the two blocks is known as Admin Row. Another feature of the Admin District is the River Walk, a path that starts and ends in Cooper Village, with scenic parts in the Admin District.

Cooper Village

Cooper Village is a suburban area neighboring the Admin District. Cooper Village features the only school in Hamblin, Cooper Village Elementary School.


Pluton Community Greenspace

Pluton is a private development from the Seabeast Corporation on the northern banks of the river. The community offers amenities including a pool, tennis courts, a rec room and lounge, and large park areas. Each building is associated with its own color, giving a rainbow look to the subdivision.


Hamblin's Downtown has modern architecture, as seen in its white skyscrapers. Hamblin's Downtown consists of large office buildings. On the ground, the Downtown has luxury stores. Downtown is accessible through a bus route going to Hamblin's main train station, Hamblin Watermill Station. Roots Plaza is located in Downtown, a small plaza with a fountain and a tree. Downtown's most prominent feature is the Seabeast Building, the tallest building in Hamblin, home to the headquarters of the Seabeast Corporation.


Homesteads is a suburb east of Pluton. Homesteads houses the Whitaker Hamblin Homestead, the fictitious founder's house in which he and his family lived during the beginnings of Hamblin. It is also the place of burial for him and his family. Homesteads contains the Seabeast Hamblin Hub, a large bus terminal for Seabeast Buses. Along with buses, the station also has helicopter transportation.

Urban Recreation Center

The Urban Recreation Center is made up of Hamblin Shard Theater, the Shard Events Plaza, and Lorax Park. Hamblin Shard Theater is a large, mountain-like structure that has three "shards", each in the color of Hamblin's flag. The yellow shard contains the lobby of the theater, the green shard contains the theater itself, and the light blue shard contains a conservatory. In 2023, Hamblin Shard Theater hosted the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 11. The Shard Events Plaza is a large plaza outside of the theater. Lorax Park is a hilltop park where many truffula trees grow. At the top of the hill is the Onceler's house, which can be climbed to get a view of the city.


Hamblin has intercity connections by air, bus, rail, and boat. Hamblin is known for being the home to the Seabeast Hamblin Hub, housing the most Seabeast Buses. By rail, Hamblin is served by Seabeast Rail at Hamblin Watermill Station.

For connection by air, Hamblin has a Senator-sized airfield, named Hamblin Municipal Airport. Hamblin also has helicopters at the Seabeast Hamblin Hub, connecting to Sansvikk and Chan Bay.

Hamblin is connected to the rest of the New World Highway system through the A78.