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Alert.png Returned to ModernArt
This town has been returned to ModernArt after a GSM.
Town Officials
Mayor ModernArt
Deputy Mayor N/A
MRT  C34  Izumo - Financial
Facts and Figures
Population 4
Town Hall Coordinates 6371 71 2739
Founded IDK
Town Rank [Mayor]
Official Language(s) English
World New World

Izumo is a small city within the Kaktus Republic founded by ModernArt. The town is located south of freedon, and north of Marblegate.

Purchase of Izumo

After finding out that ModernArt sold Izumo to Kastle, VernCow immediately asked Kastle if he could purchase Izumo. The transaction was settled by VernCow paying 1k to Kastle.

After VernCow stalling in the server and doing nothing with it, ModernArt got the town back via a GSM when VernCow didn’t return to the server to update his status.