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MineCity Regional Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Punta Airport Company
Serves MineCity
Location South Old World
Hub for Eastern Airways
Built 2013
Elevation AMSL ft / 65 m
Coordinates 343,65,1178
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 186 Stone

MineCity Regional Airport (IATA: MCA, ICAO: MMCA) is a regional airport in the central part of the Old World of the MRT Server. The airport primarily serves the city of MineCity. It is the old hub for the airline Eastern Airways. One of the first airports built of the MRT Server after the new airports rule revamp back in 2013. Airport is managed by Punta Airport Company.

Gate Airline Destination Status Click on "Expand" to view the full list
1 Waypoint MRT Regional Now Boarding
1 Waypoint Cyra Now Boarding
2 Infamous Airlines Fort Yaxier Now Boarding
2 Infamous Airlines Ice Springs Now Boarding
2 Infamous Airlines Richville Now Boarding
3 Waypoint Marblegate Now Boarding
4 Waypoint MRT International Now Boarding
4 Waypoint Riverside Now Boarding
4 Waypoint Northern Trail Now Boarding
5 Waypoint Airchester Now Boarding
6 Waypoint Ice Springs Now Boarding
7 IntraAir Kitania Now Boarding
7 IntraAir Cyra Now Boarding
8 Waypoint Omerah Now Boarding
9 Waypoint Ocean Suburb Now Boarding
9 Waypoint Autocity Now Boarding
10 Waypoint Brooklyn Now Boarding
10 Waypoint Rockaway Now Boarding
11 Caelus Hamanei Now Boarding
12 Waypoint Alturas Now Boarding
12 Waypoint Llamapolis Now Boarding
13 BluAir Venceslo Now Boarding
13 BluAir Norwest Now Boarding