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North Haven

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North Haven
To be added.
Town Officials
Mayor Camelfantasy, CaptainChimpy
Founder samyankeesfan20
MRT  C14  North Haven
Nearest Airport North Haven Riverside Airfield
Facts and Figures
Founded 10/4/14
World New

North Haven is a small city on the MRT Server, located at  C14  North Haven station. The current mayors are Camelfantasy and CaptainChimpy. It was founded on the day the new map opened, October 4, 2014. Over time, it gradually got samyankeesfan20 the rank of Councillor, then mayor, and eventually senator. Interesting things were built such as the World Trade Center, Eastern Plaza, the North Haven Mall, the Odell Beckham Jr. Bridge, and more. Rick Nash Drive has also started construction. In the future, there are rumored plans for the Eastern Airways Center to be built. This arena would be for hockey, and maybe bring a hockey team to North Haven.


North Haven was founded on October 4th, 2014. Since then, it has grown to a small city, complete with a skating rink, plenty of restaurants, a hotel, and more.


10/4/14 - City started construction


  • Eliot Hotel
  • Central Parking Garage
  • FlorMart


  • henrik645
  • Stealth_Eagle


The NHTA is going to start building subway lines for North Haven! The board has made a tentative proposal for all the lines, which would run mostly in North Haven, but hopefully (with perms!) is going to have some stops in neighboring Mason City, Solarion, and the town at XE17. This is only a proposal; the whole system is far off in the making.

Proposed Subway Lines