North Haven Riverside Airfield

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North Haven Riverside Airfield
Airport typeCivilian
OwnerCamelfantasy, CaptainChimpy
OperatorFormosa Transit Authority
ServesNorth Haven
LocationNortheastern New World
Focus city forSkyTrans
BuiltJune 1, 2018 - June 3, 2018
In useJune 3, 2018 - present
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9/27 502 153 Black Concrete

North Haven Riverside Airfield is an airfield serving North Haven. It is located east of the city, with an underground terminal, ground level runway and apron, and elevated helipads.


Odd gates are lined up along the north and even gates along the south, with gate numbers ascending from west to east. All odd gates are currently reserved for SkyNation Alliance members.

Note: Not all flights are active

Gate Airline Destination Gate Airline Destination
1 JiffyAir Parkland Frampton Airfield H1 SkyTrans Aeolia Intertemporal Complex
2 Infamous Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International
Ilirea Midcity Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
H2 Infamous Airlines Bakersville Fairfield Airfield
New Bakersville City Airfield
3 SkyTrans Fort Yaxier International Airport
Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield
H3 SkyTrans
4 Infamous Eagle Radiance Square International Airport
Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
Valletta Desert Airfield
5 SkyTrans Kantō Airfield
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Kantō International Airport
Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
H5 SkyTrans
6 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport H6
7 Sandstone Airr Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport

Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport

Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield

Chan Bay International Airport

Fort Yaxier International Airport

H7 SkyTrans
8 BluAir West Mesa International Airport
New Bakersville City Airfield
9 SkyTrans Paixton Regional Airport
Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport
Pine Mountain Airfield
H9 SkyTrans
10 Trans Minecartian Airways
d/b/a IntraAir
Segville International H11
11 SkyNation H12 SkyNation
12 Trans Minecartian Airways
d/b/a BART Airlines
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport H13
13 AirPurpur Creeperville International Airport
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
West Mesa International Airport
Freedon Silverwood International Airport
H14 SkyNation
14 Big Rich Air Richville International Airport
Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
15 SkyNation H16 SkyNation
16 National Airlines Titsensaki Regional Airport H17
17 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
San Dzobiak International Airport
H18 SkyNation
18 Waypoint Murrville-Arcadia International
West Mesa International Airport
19 FlyCreeper Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport H20 SkyNation
20 MRTHS Air Carnoustie International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
21 FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport H21 SkyNation
22 LARLAT Airways Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport H22


Check-in desks are numbered in the same manner as the gates. Each distinct section has a pair of check-in desks.

Desk Airline
1 SkyTrans
2 Infamous Airlines
3 SkyTrans
4 Waypoint
5 FlyCreeper
6 BluAir
8 Trans Minecartian Airways
10 National Airlines


Access is provided by a local service road.


Gates for planes are 13 wide and 17 long, while gates for helicopters are 13 in diameter. Use a separate row for each separate gate request.

Unique destinations will be given more priority. If a player owns the destination they are requesting a flight to they will be given priority.

Airline Plane or Heli Username Destination(s)
Oceanic Airways Plane MaxStewartS Ilirea Midcity (IXM)
KaloroAir Small Plane Needn_NL Creeperville (HND), New Acreadium (SIA), Waterville (WMA), Murrville (MUR), Utopia (JDL), Airchester (ACA)
KaloroAir Heli Needn_NL FNorwest (NWT)
Infamous Airlines Plane woorich999 Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Michigana Plane KevAKATheGr8 Itomori Municipal Airfield, Dekuville Harbor Airfield, SSI (because i was too lazy to type the whole thing),
DAS Plane MojangChan WMI
MRTHS Air Plane CaptainObi Carnoustie City Airport, Murrville New Airport