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Town officials
Mayor Duechayapol
Deputy Mayor hntredtie
Founder Duechayapol
Town Councillors Amu111, Matthieu_Dinh
MRT  A32  Snowtopic and  A31 - N13  Snowtopic Industrial
Other transit Topic Metro and MRT
Facts and figures
Population 4
Founded October 4, 2014
Recognized as town October 6, 2014
Town rank Mayor
World New

Snowtopic is a town created by Duechayapol in the new world. This town is his second town in the MRT server. It is located on  A32  Snowtopic of the Arctic line by _frozen. The are currently 3 districts which are Government, Residential and Shopping District. There are also 4 districts which are Transit, Sport, Production and Industrial. The transit and sport district will be open once Duechayapol reached Senator rank for at least 2 weeks.


Snowtopic is a town created by Duechayapol which is currently at the terminus of the Arctic line ( A32  Snowtopic). Then later, Matthieu_Dinh, Robang592 and allifarki were the deputy mayors of the town. For about 1 day, Duechayapol decided to make Robang592 and allifarki not to be deputy mayors due to some rules of the MRT server. They are now in consideration of ranks. After that in October 6, 2014, Duechayapol has been promoted to councillor rank. Then, the town has been progress very quick. And later, Duechayapol got the mayor rank on October 22, 2014. After the mayor rank, Snowtopic announced a competition for the deputy mayor since no deputy mayor was elected for a long time due to Matthieu_Dinh being inactive for too long. The winner was _hnt who is now a deputy mayor of Snowtopic taking control on some parts of the town.


  • April 3rd 2015 - Snowtopic held a competition for the deputy mayor of Snowtopic.
  • April 10th 2015 - hntredtie is now declared as the deputy mayor of Snowtopic.


The government of Snowtopic will be separated into two parts, Main Snowtopic and Far Snowtopic. These two government will have different players in charge for some of the ranks. (Treasurer, Sheriff, Head of Housing etc.) Both government will have Duechayapol as the mayor of both government and _hnt as the deputy mayor. The government will be responsible for civic services, both mayor & players builds, League of Cities MPO, transportation and outside connections to the town.


Every transportation will have a main transit hub at the north-east of the town including the future airport project. The exception is for the rail transit hub which also has one beneath the A32 MRT station.


The roads for the city is 7-wide with 3 blocks in each lane making it 2 lanes for the roads. Snowtopic currently has two road types, the normal roads (2 lanes) and the avenue roads (4 lanes with trees in the middle). Snowtopic is currently planning to have a potential highway on the south of the city. This idea is currently planned and not yet decided where will it goes yet.


Snowtopic will have a bus route in to the bus station in the Central City and the city itself. Duechayapol is deciding on the routes for each lines. The city will aspect to have at least 2 bus routes, Far Snowtopic to Main Snowtopic and Leisure Route.

Trains and Metro

Snowtopic is located at A31 and A32 of the MRT Arctic Line, making this currently outside connection to the other towns/cities. Underneath the A32 station is the future transit rail hub for metros inside the city and outside the city. Other players can feel free to claim platforms when they get a permission from either the mayor or deputy mayor and until the town reach the Senator rank. Snowtopic will have at least 3 metro lines inside the city which are Cyan Line (goes through every districts), Lime Line (Leisure Line) and Airport Line (from the airport to the main city). These metro lines will be using Duechayapol's metro design and system instead of the Cyan Technology.

Airports and Planes

When the city reaches the Governor rank, there will be an airport located at north-east transit district including the future main transit hub.


In the future, Snowtopic will have at least two elementary, junior high and high schools in each government sections, one college and one university campus with all possible majors for citizens to choose from.


Coming soon as more buildings will be built.

Recreation (Parks)

Coming soon as more buildings will be built.


Coming soon as more buildings will be built.

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 A30  Lucerne
towards Central City - Southwest Station
 A31  Snowtopic Industrial
 A32  Snowtopic