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Survivor Taco-Bacon Forest.png
old Season 1 Logo
Game Overview
Originally Created September 12, 2014
Category Game Shows, Reality
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Mini-Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 9 (main seasons only)
Created By Baseball02
Presented By Baseball02 (Formerly, Survivor The Summit), AyyLion (Season 1-Present)

Survivor is a game show on the server modeled after the American version of the game show. The current series is hosted by AyyLion and first took place in the fall of 2018. In it, a small group of castaways are deserted in an isolated location with no food or shelter. The castaways compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. Castaways are voted out of the game at Tribal Council ceremonies until only one remains and is given the title of "Sole Survivor." Cash prizes vary; the first season awarded $3,000 to the winner and smaller amounts in cash prizes for challenge rewards. The prizes for the second season have not yet been revealed.

The new series hosted by AyyLion marks the second successful major game show series on the server not to be hosted by MinecraftYoshi26. The first was The Game of Numbers, hosted by Cookie46910 and megascatterbomb. However, this does make Survivor the first successful series hosted in the server's typical game show "sessions" to not be hosted by MinecraftYoshi26.

Casting is currently ongoing for the second full season, Survivor: El Calor, which will premiere on May 18, 2019.

Show Format

The contestants, known as castaways, are split into two or more tribes at the beginning of the game and must provide their own food and shelter at their individual camps. Challenges are played for rewards and immunity, which sends the other tribe to Tribal Council where they vote out one of their tribe members.

At some point, the tribes merge into one large tribe, and challenges are played at an individual level. The final players eliminated from the game make up the jury, where they can watch the subsequent Tribal Councils but not directly participate in the game. At the Final Tribal Council, the final 3 contestants aim to convince the jury to vote for them to win the game. The jury members cast the final vote and determine the Sole Survivor.

Castaways and Tribes

Contestants on the show are known as castaways. Before each season, they are split into two or more tribes, which can be assigned randomly or by a certain characteristic, such as in the Christmas Island mini-season where castaways were split into a tribe of "naughty" and a tribe of "nice." Tribes are assigned a name, which can be taken from a multitude of sources, and a tribe color. Tribes must provide their own food and shelter, but some materials can be won at Reward Challenges to assist them with this.

The Merge

Near the midway point of the competition, the tribes merge into one tribe, which is given a new name and color. From this point, the contestants live as one unit and must compete individually rather than for their tribe.


In both the individual phase and the merged phase, challenges are played for rewards or immunity. Beginning in El Calor, tribes will be provided with "tree-mail" that hints at the content of upcoming challenges.

Reward Challenges

Some episodes feature a Reward Challenge played for a luxury such as food, building materials, money, or game advantages. The winner of this challenge is not immune from elimination, and it has happened before where tribes or individuals that have won reward have later been sent to or voted out of Tribal Council later in the same episode. Some episodes feature a combined Reward and Immunity Challenge, where either the winners of immunity are given a reward, or the reward is featured as an optional alternative to the immunity. One popular reward challenge is the Survivor Auction, where contestants can bid on items that could be helpful for their game such as food or advantages.

Immunity Challenge

All episodes feature an Immunity Challenge. In the tribal phase of the game, the winning Tribe is spared from attending Tribal Council; in the individual phase of the game, the winner still attends and votes at Tribal Council but cannot be eliminated from the game. Generally, Immunity Challenges are longer and more difficult than Reward Challenges and may feature multiple steps for the immunity to be won.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council is the area where players get voted out of the game. It features the cast sitting across from the host, with a smaller area to the side where castaways vote. The ceremony begins with a discussion of the past round, challenges, and camp life with the attending tribe. The end of the discussion is signified by the announcement that it is time to vote. Each castaway privately votes to eliminate another contestant. Once all contestants have voted, the votes are returned to the host's podium. At this time, hidden immunity idols can be played if desired. If enough votes are cast against a contestant that they are eliminated before all the votes are read, the remaining votes can be assumed to be cast for said contestant and will not be read.

In the event of a tie, a revote occurs where only the tied contestants can be voted for. If this revote is tied again, the tie is considered to be deadlocked, and the remaining castaways will be given the opportunity to unanimously decide who to vote out. If this is successful, the chosen castaway will be eliminated. If this is unsuccessful, the elimination will be taken to a rock draw or a sudden death challenge depending on the size of the remaining cast. If there are 5 or more contestants, a rock draw will occur, with any contestant not holding immunity or involved in the tie forced to draw rocks (playing a hidden immunity idol at the beginning of a Tribal Council does not exempt one from drawing rocks, and idols cannot be played after the first votes are read.) One rock will be differently colored than the rest, the castaway drawing this rock being immediately eliminated from the game. If there are 4 contestants left, a sudden death challenge will be played to determine who is eliminated, as there would only be one person eligible to draw rocks. If a tribe of 4 contestants in the tribal phase of the game comes to a deadlocked tie and no consensus is reached, rocks will still be drawn, as no contestant holds individual immunity.

Final Tribal Council

When 3 contestants remain, a special tribal council is held to determine the winner of the game. The final 3 open with introductory statements, followed by an opportunity for the jury members to ask questions of the final 3. Following all questions, each finalist is given the opportunity to make a concluding statement with anything they felt was unsaid during the Final Tribal Council. Following this, all jurors cast their vote for a winner. Unlike the actual show Survivor, jurors are allowed and encouraged to deliberate their votes with others, similarly to Big Brother.


Twists to the traditional format are included to prevent castaways from getting comfortable in the game. Some are minor changes that supplement the basic format, while others aim to change the format itself.

Hidden Immunity Idols

The most standard twist is the Hidden Immunity Idol. Usually, idols are hidden at each tribe's camp, and castaways use clues to find them. An idol can be played at Tribal Council after the votes are cast but before they are read, on anyone who does not have immunity. An idol being played nullifies all votes cast for the person it is played on. If a contestant is eliminated with an idol, it is removed from the game.


Survivor: Utara

Survivor: Utara took place on an island in the Northern Ocean and began on November 10, 2018. It featured 12 castaways. The castaways who participated in Survivor: Utara are:

Survivor: El Calor

Survivor: El Calor is set to take place in a meas biome and begin on May 18, 2019. It is set to feature 14 castaways. The castaways who participated in Survivor: El Calor are:

  • Tonopah (Original tribe): TBD
  • Yuma (Original tribe): TBD


Survivor: The Summit

This test season had 7 castaways and happened on September 14, 2014.

Challenges & Tribal Councils

This was a test season so there were no reward challenges.

  • First Immunity Challenge: Get to the top of the summit and place all three of the tribe's clay blocks on top of their colored wool to win immunity. Kitania won immunity.
  • First Tribal Council Eisitasi went to tribal council. There was a tie at first, but at the revote, ryan_friel was voted out 2-1.
  • Second Immunity Challenge: Relay swimming. Get both wool blocks to the finish line first to win immunity. Music3_0 sat out this challenge. Kitania won immunity.
  • Second Tribal Council: Music3_0 was sent to tribal council with the Eisitasi tribe, but he was immune. tarheelscourse was voted out 2-1.
  • Third Immunity Challenge: Find 3 wool blocks on the side of the mountain and place them on top of their colored clay first to win immunity. It was a one on one challenge... MinecraftYoshi26 versus KittyCat11231. Yoshi won and gave Kitania immunity once again.
  • Third Tribal Council: By default, KittyCat11231 was eliminated from the game.
  • The Merge: For the first time in Survivor history, the entire Eisitasi tribe was eliminated, so the entire Kitania tribe was moved into the Hamanei tribe.
  • There was supposed to be a fourth immunity challenge and tribal council, but it never happened because everyone left early.
  • There was supposed to be a final jury, but it never happened because everyone left early.
Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
skelezomperman Got Red Block Did Not Play
ryan_friel Eisitasi 1st Voted Out
tarheelscourse Eisitasi 2nd Voted Out
KittyCat11231 Eisitasi 3rd Eliminated
Music3_0 Kitania Hamanei Survived
MinecraftYoshi26 Kitania Survived
Cortesi Kitania Survived

This is the first time in Survivor history where an entire tribe was eliminated before the merge.


General Achivements

Achievement get!
The Sole Survivor
Be the Winner in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Win individual immunity in a post-merge immunity chllenge
Achievement get!
The Tribe has Spoken
Be eliminated in a tribal council.
Achievement get!
Find a hidden immunity idol.
Achievement get!
High Bidder
Bid your entire stack of diamonds on one item in the Survivor Auction.
Achievement get!
Be eliminated in a tribal council where all of the other tribe members voted for you.
Achievement get!
Win a reward challenge in Survivor.
Achievement get!
Million Diamond Decision
Be a jury member in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Faced the Jury
Face the final jury in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Get blindsided in a season of Survivor.

Seasonal Achievements

Achievement get!
Signed up for Tacos and Bacon!
Be in Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest.
Achievement get!
Winner, Winner, Taco Dinner.
Win Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest.