The Game of Numbers

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The Game of Numbers
Game overview
Game show runMay 11, 2018 - May 22, 2018
No. of seasons1
Created byCookie46910
Produced byCookie46910
Presented byCookie46910
InspirationSolitary (TV Series)

The Game of Numbers was a game show produced and hosted by Cookie46910 and megascatterbomb. The application was opened on April 27, 2018, and closed on May 6, 2018. MinecraftYoshi26 won The Game Of Numbers on May 22, 2018, by submitting 12 quizzes over a 12 day period. MinecraftYoshi26 solved 9 out of the 22 riddles for advantages as seen below. The answers for TGON were released six months later on a Google Doc.

Table of Players

Below is the table of particpants, and how many people they guessed correct each elmination.

Number Riddles that were given Name of participant Highest score in elimination #1 (May 16, 2018) Highest score in elimination #2 (May 21, 2018) Highest score in elimination #3 (May 22, 2018)
1 Seth Rogen, Justin Long, Gary Cole PineappleMaster2 0 N/A N/A
2 WTC reopens


The show had a $50 Million dollar price tag but got 3.4/10 on IMDB (FOX)


Heptilogy from the 50’s

Narnia17 1 9 13
3 Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar XJ, Rolls Royce Phantom VI MikeRoma 0 N/A N/A
4 JD, Walter, WAK


The poison gas museum


“Hey Vanessa Bloome nice shop you have, I’ll take 26 of your product”

“Sure which ones?”

“One of each thank you”

MinecraftYoshi26 8 +1 -1 1 16 17


#28 at 2100 & #31 at 2010 Food list on wikipedia

MindBender15 1 0 N/A
6 A10-B16


Governor ---> Councillor in April


Macaulay Culkin in 1994

woorich999 1 8 0
7 Will be renamed on September 7th KittyCat11231 0 N/A N/A
8 Just as many as KCI


Season 5 Episode 8 which aired March 8 2015

Jphgolf4321 1 0 N/A
9 This old US politician would have been hated in China as he was __th in almost everything


Joan Crawford, Bea Arthur and O.J. Simpson

Jian_Zen 1 0 N/A
10 Illegal in Brazil since 2000 due to a federal law enacted


EB →⛔IOC The emoji is a do/did not enter sign


Josh is the moderator

Rich is the Conservative

Katrina is the Liberal

TalonPlays 1 11 11
11 Ag is ConnConn2005 0 N/A N/A
12 Both uppercase and lowercase in a part of STEM


Rudy H was in the same things as #12, however, #12 did much better


4 ½ movies

AyyLion 1+1 2 8 0
13 Gothic metal band in Austria SoaPuffball 0 N/A N/A
14 Extra small to Large bombs Minecrafter_11 0 N/A N/A
15 What the ex-boyfriend of the Governor of Indiana in the year 2025 probably eats


"the landform that forms from the deposition of sediment carried by a river"


4 seasons, 106 episodes, 1 movie and one special

cal76 2 7 0


Can Cowardly Leopards Attack Wombats, Rather Understandably Killing Fearful Young Bears (All cities)


Village, Soap, and The Classic. All can be used against #4

Skelezomperman 2 10 0
17 Father knows worst hvt2011 0 N/A N/A
     Red box indicates that the player had been eliminated that week with the corresponding score.
     Grey box indicates that the player had already been eliminated therefore had no score for the week.
     Yellow box indicates that the player was safe that elimination but did not have the highest score out of all participants.
     Lime box indicates that the player had the highest score that elimination out of all participates.
1. ^ MinecraftYoshi26 had received the -1 "advantage" early in the week, however, he later received the +1 advantage there for his score was not affected.
2. ^ Ayylion had received an advantage that week in which his score increased by one for that week.

Riddles for Advantages

The following table is the list of riddles and the answers, whether they were solved or not, and what participant solved them.

Number Riddle Solved Staus Answer to the riddle Solver
1 Number of Likes on the second ever YouTube comment Solved 6702 MinecraftYoshi26
2 Was this suit worth it? Solved 7900 TalonPlays
3 2859,1389 Solved 7395 MinecraftYoshi26
4 “Hey do you know where Nathan Deal lives”

“No why?”

“Because I want to call him but I don't know where to start”

“Well try them all”

Closed 5362 or 5409 Unsolved
5 “I can't remember what time I blocked cola from my life"

Ignore colons and use the default time

Solved 1520 TalonPlays
6 First Wikipedia page (alphabetically) with four numbers in its title Solved 2013 MinecraftYoshi26
7 Song by ELO divided by a song by Tinashe Solved 5269 Skelezomperman
8 1234 (Wikipedia or Google will not help you, think differently) Solved 3354 TalonPlays
9 What the HHS Glasgow was involved in but how long it took in seconds Solved 2280 MinecraftYoshi26
10 "Oh where did you find that bug I named it Christine"

"What bug... oh that one It was Under the Dome but I squished it now it's just a Bag of Bones"

"Tsk tsk, that's another page in the bug killing book"

Solved 3267 AyyLion
11 all of the Z's (use the image as a hint to help your adding, not just the letter, think of other uses of Z) Closed 7021 Unsolved
12 Euclid discovered the special properties of this number in the 4th century BC. (6 is an example of a type that Euclid discovered) Solved 8128 MinecraftYoshi26
13 -496,-1128 Solved 8280 Narnia17
14 Only 4 digit! Solved 5040 MinecraftYoshi26
15 "Web: 9 March 2014" App (company was acquired by Ubisoft in September 2016) Solved 2048 Narnia17
16 # of letter in Mary Poppins quote * year it was set (only last two digits of year) (Has a wikipedia entry for this one quote) Solved 3600 MinecraftYoshi26
17 4:42 in a Pi music video Solved 5903 Skelezomperman
18 637 3155 Solved 6101 MinecraftYoshi26 3
19 The sum of this prime number's digits is 19.

The sum of this prime number's divisors is a different number whose sum of their divisors is 14586.

For example, if the prime number example was 13 then the sum of its digits would be 4. The sum of 13's divisors is 14 and 14's sums of divisors are 24

Solved 9721 Narnia17
20 "Hey Jimbo what are we watching on TV tonight"

"Oh you know the show that just beat Gunsmoke"

"What seasons?"

"Oh damn, how many hours will that take?"

Ignore the decimal

Solved 2343 MinecraftYoshi26
21 how many were produced? Solved 9130 TalonPlays
22 12-minute song about "the lecture"

This song set a new record in the song industry

I am not looking for the name of the song, something else about it

Closed 1900 Unsolved
3. ^ Narnia17 attempted to solve this riddle however he used staff powers to get to the box; after discussion Cookie46910 and megascatterbomb decided to not allow Narnia17 solve the riddle but did not give him -2 for the week.


In The Game of Numbers, no one knew who was competing. The ultimate goal was to complete a quiz which consists of correctly identifying all other contestants using riddles provided and other helpful elements. Each player was assigned a number and was not told their own number. At the beginning of the show, each contestant was randomly private messaged two facts about a random contestant. Similarly to Big Brother, the game was a side-game to daily server goings.


On the wiki, each contestant started with one riddle. After each elimination, a riddle was revealed for every remaining contestant.

The Quiz & Eliminations

To win the game, a contestant must complete the quiz perfectly by identifying each contestant correctly. After each quiz, a contestant would be told how many they have correct, but not which questions they have correct. Each contestant can only complete the quiz once in 24 hrs. After that time has passed, they may submit another quiz.

At the end of the week, the highest score from each contestant is taken, and the lowest score out of those highest scores is eliminated. In the event of a tie, all of the contestants with that score are eliminated. A contestant may also be eliminated is if everyone has taken the quiz and has guessed at one point a certain person correctly. Once a contestant has been eliminated, their name and number were revealed.

Riddles for Advantages

Riddles for Advantages are riddles that do not pertain to a person, but rather have a challenge or puzzle that a contestant must complete to receive a code that can be exchanged for an advantage. Generally, that advantage is giving an extra fact about a random contestant.

The following were the rules for the Riddles for Advantages: "Be aware, in the riddles for advantages you are looking for a four-digit code, which you pm either Cookie46910 or megascatterbomb your answer. If you are correct you will receive a random advantage from the list below, if you are incorrect you will be told so but may not submit another response. You only get one answer so make sure you have it correct. Also, you may NOT solve more than one advantage riddle in a row. If you have received an advantage in the past, you will not receive that same advantage again. "

The following are the advantages that could have been gained

  • +1 at the end of the week (will not make you win still must get 100% on The Quiz)
  • +2 at the end of the week (will not make you win still must get 100% on The Quiz)
  • -1 at the end of the week
  • Ability to ask Mega/Cookie a Yes or No question
  • Ability to know the rank of a selected player’s town (by number)
  • Ability to know the rank of a random player’s town (by number)
  • Ability to know the supporter status of a random player (by number)
  • Ability to know the supporter status of a selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know the age of random player (by number)
  • Ability to know the age of selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know the home country of random player (by number)
  • Ability to know the home country of selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know a fun fact of a random player (by number)
  • Ability to know a fun fact of selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know the favorite song of a random player (by number)
  • Ability to know the favorite song of a selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite color of random player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite color of selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite animal of random player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite animal of selected player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite food of random player (by number)
  • Ability to know favorite food of selected player (by number)


While there were not many rules to The Game of Numbers, any rule that is broken resulted in 3 in a -2 on The Quiz for the week.

Small list of rules

  • No staff powers
  • No X-ray