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VickiTori's Current Time
3:46 am, May 21, 2022 CDT
Director of Wards
Location Oklahoma, United States
Time zone

Central Standard Time (UTC-6) -- Winter

Central Daylight Time (UTC-5) -- Summer
Language(s) English (General American)
Gender Female
Birth date September 11
MRT information
Current rank [Mod+]
Notable projects Projects
Joined September 9th, 2018
Accepted September 11th, 2018
Citizen September 21st, 2018
Trustee October 3rd, 2018
Councillor December 9th, 2018
Mayor December 23rd, 2018
Senator February 3rd, 2019
Governor April 24th, 2019note
Premier January 12th, 2020note
Trial Moderator April 14th, 2019
Moderator July 13th, 2019
Supporter September 30th, 2018note
Social networks
Discord Vickiposa#6152

Hi, my name is VickiTori_, otherwise known as the user that will forever be constantly confused with this guy.

Yes, I am female. One of the, like, three on the server, but I am female regardless.

I am most notable as the founder and current mayor of Larkspur. I also own the small towns of Kanterlyn and Celina.

Who promoted/sponsored me to each rank?


Each section is in rough chronological order:

Towns and Municipal Projects

My Franchises

National Projects


Contests and Game Shows

Essentially all contests and game shows that I have participated in and my rankings in them.

Note: A green cell indicates that I won the competition. A yellow cell means that I made it to the finale but failed to win (e.g. Final 3 in Survivor), or second place if the competition does not follow that structure. A red cell indicates that I was eliminated prior to or scored lower than this threshold. A gray cell indicates an incomplete competition or where strict placement does not apply.

Contest Host Date Occurred Place Total Contestants
MLS MLK Day Invitational Jphgolf4321 2019-01-20 Quarterfinals 8
January 2019 Mini-Golf Contest Godzilltrain 2019-01-31 2nd (18 Hole) ?
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 MinecraftYoshi26 2019-03-30 18th 41 (Total) / 21 (Finals)
MLS: Shoveler's Cup 2019 Skelezomperman 2019-07-20 2nd 12 (Total) / 6 (Playoffs)
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4 MinecraftYoshi26 2019-07-27 19th 37 (Total) / 20 (Finals)
Crystal City Spleef Tournament 2020 Skelezomperman 2020-02-15 4th 8?
_Conductor's Bridge Buidling Contest 2020 _Conductor 2020-06-18 4th 6
Serial Game Shows
Game Show Season Premiere Date Place Total Contestants Teammate(s)
Survivor 1 (Utara) 2018-11-03 2nd 12
Game X 2 (Portals of Hell) 2019-01-19 11th 18
Survivor 2 (El Calor) 2019-05-18 5th 15
Big Brother 4 2019-07-14 3rd 17
The Amazing Race 10 2020-01-04 6th 9 Teams AyyLion
Survivor 3 (Vakayawa) 2020-03-15 3rd 15
Big Brother Mini 13 2020-04-25 5th 12
The Mole 10 2020-04-25 24th 29
Big Brother 5 2020-06-01 N/A 16