Torres Province

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Torres Province
PROVBAHIA-Flag of Torres.png
Flag of the Torres Province
Provincial officials
MRT SE23  Alta Mesa
 SE24  Foobar
 JS35  Foobar
 JS36  Foobar
WaterBahia Ferry System
Nearest airportTorres River Airfield
RailTorres River Station
Other transitBahiaRail
Facts and figures
Capital coordinates15988, 66, 16929
FoundedAugust 7, 2019
CapitalTorres River
Official language(s)English, Arabic, Spanish, Malay, Farsi
New World regionEpsilon
PartyBahia People's Party

The Torres Province is a Bahian province located on the northern coast of Thanos Bay. The province is one of the most populous in Bahia, and is a significant industrial hub. The province is bordered on the north by the provinces of Alta Mesa and Sahel, and to the south by the Independent City of Sunshine Coast.

Geography and topography


Torres Province is located on the coastal plain north of Thanos Bay, a large bay on the Coral Sea. The center of the province surrounds Torres Bay, and almost the entire southern border of the province is composed of coastal territory. The northeastern part of the province leads into the Sahel Valley to the north, and is the flattest part of the province. To the southwest, a large area of mesa plateaus makes up the largest area of elevated terrain in the province. The Torres River, namesake of the province, runs from north to south and empties into the Coral Sea at the city of Torres River.

List of hills and mountains

The Torres Province is mainly flat, but much of the southwestern area is covered in plateaus, and thus has a few hills and mountains.

  • Dune Hill '75
  • East Dune Hill '78
  • Riverbend Mountain '93
  • Torres Peak '86
  • Canyon Hill '85
  • Border Flattop '95
  • Red Canyon Flattop '98

List of lakes and rivers

The province is home to multiple bodies of water, and a few rivers including the Torres River, which is one of the longest rivers in Bahia.

  • Torres River
  • Sahel River
  • Borderfield River
  • Red Canyon Wash
  • Mimosa Wash
  • Mimosa Farms Pond
  • Torres River Lagoon
  • Torres Bay

Counties and Municipalities


The Northern Province is divided into four counties and one municipality, listed below.


There is one incorporated municipality and one unincorporated town in the province.

  • Torres River
  • Port Mimosa


There are a total of 66 buildings in the Torres Province.

Number Building Address Purpose
Municipality of Torres River (Total 64)
Downtown (Total 18)
1 Torres River City Hall and Provincial Capital 5 Main Street Goverment
2 Bahian Government Offices 3 Main Street Goverment
3 Home of MC_Protocol 1 Yerrington Avenue Residence
4 ForesTools & Taste of Foresne 5 West Street Franchise
5 Sippa 4 Main Street Franchise
6 Mac'D 1 Park Spur Franchise
7 Yellowbird Holdings Headquarters 6 Main Street Offices
8 Bayview Apartments 8 Main Street Residences
9 Tacurger Shack 7 Main Street Franchise
10 Dos Palmeras Mall 9 Main Street Mall
11 IKEA 6 West Street Franchise
12 Aroma Coffee 1 West Street Franchise
11 Offices 2 West Street Offices
12 Offices 3 West Street Offices
13 Offices 4 West Street Offices
14 Torres River Times Headquarters 4 Yerrington Avenue Offices
15 Offices 5 Yerrington Avenue Offices
16 Offices 6 Yerrington Avenue Offices
17 Offices 7 Yerrington Avenue Offices
18 Offices 8 Yerrington Avenue Offices
Uptown (Total 17)
1 AstroSlurp 1 Main Street Franchise
2 Taco Bell 2 Main Street Franchise
3 Home of EliteNeon 2 Yerrington Avenue Residence
4 Home of KittyCat11231 3 Yerrington Avenue Residence
5 Ray's Stroopwafels 9 Yerrington Avenue Franchise
6 Strip Mall 10 Yerrington Avenue Franchise
7 Foxfire Chemical Works 9 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
8 MineWare 11 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
9 Bento-Bento Box 1 Sahel Avenue Franchise
10 JAPANESE Restaurant 2 Sahel Avenue Franchise
11 Old Town Roads Bar 3 Sahel Avenue Franchise
12 World's Largest E 4 Sahel Avenue Franchise
13 Suspended Monorails Showroom 5 Sahel Avenue Franchise
14 Offices 6 Sahel Avenue Offices
15 AAAA Elementary School 7 Sahel Avenue Services
16 In'N Out 8 Sahel Avenue Franchise
17 Royal Cars 9 Sahel Avenue Franchise
West Side (Total 8)
1 RichPlus Fuel 1 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
2 Home of Neptune7505_ 2 Alta Mesa Highway Residence
3 Jim's Storage Building 1 4 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
4 Jim's Storage Building 2 5 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
5 BMT7 Headquarters 6 Alta Mesa Highway Offices
6 Presidential Palace 7 Alta Mesa Highway Residence
7 BMT7 8 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
8 General Motors 12 Alta Mesa Highway Franchise
Canyonview (Total 17)
1 BahiaRail Torres River Station 1 Sansmore Street Transportation
2 Home of hvt2011 2 Sansmore Street Residence
3 Home of Weier 3 Sansmore Street Residence
4 Home 4 Sansmore Street Residence
5 Home 5 Sansmore Street Residence
6 Home 6 Sansmore Street Residence
7 Home of Fiork777 7 Sansmore Street Residence
8 Home 8 Sansmore Street Residence
9 Home 9 Sansmore Street Residence
10 Home 10 Sansmore Street Residence
11 Home 11 Sansmore Street Residence
12 Home 12 Sansmore Street Residence
13 Home 13 Sansmore Street Residence
14 Home 14 Sansmore Street Residence
15 Home 15 Sansmore Street Residence
16 Home 16 Sansmore Street Residence
17 Sans Inn 17 Sansmore Street Franchise
Industrial District (Total 4)
1 Bahia Petrochemical Refinery 1 Industry Avenue Industrial
2 Naval Offices 2 Industry Avenue Military
3 Warehouse 3 Industry Avenue Industrial
4 Warehouse 4 Industry Avenue Industrial
County of Red Canyon (Total 0)
County of Ayala (Total 0)
County of Dunas (Total 0)
County of Port Mimosa (Total 2)
1 Home 1 Port Mimosa Road Residential
2 Home 2 Port Mimosa Road Residential

Parks and protected areas

The Torres Province is home protected areas, including:

  • Red Canyon National Monument
  • Torres River National Monument
  • Torres Bay National Monument



The province is a major gateway to the capital region and its location to the north of Sunshine Coast makes it an ideal corridor for traffic from the rest of the world to pass through. The A410 goes from north to south and terminates at the extreme southwest end of the province. The other major road is the Sahel Haul Road, which goes east to west.

Other transport

Torres River is served BahiaRail and the Sunshine Coast Metropolitan Railway. Ferries depart from the Waterfront Ferry Dock, and there is a bus hub under the Dos Palmeras Mall. The province is also served by Torres River Regional Airport.


As of October 2022, there are eight residents of the province.

County Address Resident
Torres River 7 Alta Mesa Highway Echohue
Torres River 1 Yerrington Avenue MC_Protocol
Torres River 3 Yerrington Avenue KittyCat11231
Torres River 2 Alta Mesa Highway Neptune7505_
Torres River 2 Sansmore Street hvt2011
Torres River 3 Sansmore Street Weier
Torres River 7 Sansmore Street Fiork777
Torres River 2 Yerrington Avenue EliteNeon