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Totsworth Dynmap.png
Town officials
Mayor gogojakeo
Deputy Mayor tarheelscouse
Sheriff _MajorMagpie_ (Chief Constable)
Town Councillors JakD2000 (MP for Coombe)
MRT  M35  Totsworth
Other transit Totsworth Metro System
Facts and figures
Population 6
Town hall coordinates -6907, 88, 9141
Founded October 4th, 2014
Recognized as town 1 November 2014
Town rank Mayor
World New World

Totsworth is a town that is currently being built by gogojakeo on the new world on the MRT Server. If you would like to build something, (because he really needs buildings), please contact him through PM.

Totsworth in is the SWGA

Totsworth Metro

The Totsworth Metro was developed by gogojakeo with some help from others. It is currently looking for a link outside of Totsworth! Please notify gogojakeo with the /mail command in order to set this up!

Town Hall
Antalya Avenue
The Dog Park

Totsworth Canal System

Main Article: Totsworth Canal System

Totsworth is the hub of the Totsworth Canal System (TCS). It currently runs from Totsworth to the western ocean. If you want to get a canal to your town, preferably in the south west, then contact gogojakeo. The first part of the TCS was heavily helped by mine_man_ and ValachSarkhor