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DS's Current Time
8:59 am, July 7, 2022 PDT
Mayor of Lapis Bay
LocationMetro Vancouver, Canada
Time zonePacific Time Zone (UTC -7 in summer, UTC -8 in winter)
Language(s)English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin)
Birth date30th March
MRT information
Current rank[Senator+]
Notable projectsLapis Bay, Highway A245.png
Joined3rd May 2019
Accepted4th May 2019
Citizen12th May 2019
Trustee27th May 2019
Councillor16th June 2019
Mayor4th July 2019
Senator24th January 2021
Supporter15th June 2019
Social networks
Nickname(s)DS, Alpha

Hi! My name is AlphaDS and I am an active member in the MRT server. I own a town in  XE31  Lapis Bay - Venessa Bay Station and it is named Lapis Bay.

About myself

I live in Metro Vancouver and I speak English, as well as Cantonese and I understand Mandarin. I don't know how to type Chinese characters on keyboard (duh) so I probably couldn't do so in game. If you have anything to find me, send me a mail in game or better yet, ping me or DM me on discord. Don't worry, you can ping me anytime, and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

How I found this server

On the evening of May 3rd 2019, I was searching for Minecraft city maps on YouTube (I really like complex roads and highways) when I saw Robang592’s video about his city Birdhall’s mass rail lines. Fortunately, he left the link to the website of the server in the description. I clicked on the link and joined with the IP, and to my surprise, this server is still active. I joined immediately and stayed on the server for 5 minutes before applying for member. The "10-20%" acceptance rate and a ban upon the 5th failed member application did worry me at the beginning (10% x 5 = 50% ban rate??? Mafs), but fortunately I got accepted on my first try the next day.

May - July 2019

After I joined, I claimed  XE31  Lapis Bay - Venessa Bay Station which was a brand new station opened only a few weeks prior, and founded my one and only town, Lapis Bay. I quickly climbed the ranks, until early July when I got [Mayor]. I never thought PermaMayor was a thing and I thought "Well, you only had to double the size of your town just like going from [Councillor] to [Mayor]". Ironically, that is when my PermaMayor started. I planned to get [Senator] by the end of August, but obviously, that didn't come true.

July 2019 - December 2020

I moved to Canada in mid July 2019 and I was less active on the server. Seeing that there were no road connections along the Expo East Extension 1, I proposed A245 in the August 2019 GSM and it got denied. I reproposed the road in the November 2019 and it was approved. The project quickly came to a halt after a week or so though, as I wanted to push Lapis Bay to Senator by December 2019 or January 2020. That was also when Seaview Resort was built. Fun fact, one of my new year resolutions for 2020 was to get [Governor] by the end of the year (Well, that was embarrassing). Seeing that I wouldn't get Senator by January, I kept on developing Lapis Bay slowly until the Zeta migration or when Corona hit. Despite staying at home 24/7 for 3 months straight, I rarely came online. I joined for a few days and built a few buildings in July, but my motivation quickly evaporated.

December 2020 - Present

On mid December, I returned to participate in Christmas island 2020. After a year and a half, I decided to push to [Senator] for real this time. I built 8 new buildings and skyscrapers in 2 weeks (I know that ain't much for most people but that is actually quite impressive for me, sadly). On January 10th 2021, I finally submitted my first [Senator] promotion form, and received a promotion on 24th January after 1.5 years of being [Mayor].

Future plans

My current plans are to continue the Highway A245.png project and rank upLapis Bay to Premier (Well, if possible, probably not until 2025 with my current build rate) soon. I also have tons of projects to do before I can continue full time development with the city.

Owned Assets

Cities and Towns

Franchises and Companies


Are you from Hong Kong or Canada?

I am a Canadian currently living in Canada. However, I was raised in Hong Kong and has lived there for over 15 years, so its kinda like a Hong Konger living in Canada. (Tho I'm quite used to Canada lifestyle now, I think? :P)

Do you speak Chinese?

Yes and no. I speak fluent Cantonese and can read both traditional and simplified Chinese scripts, but I'm not good at Mandarin. I also can't type Chinese characters on keyboard because I never bothered to learn (oof).

Profile Pic/Achievements/Will?

pfp: maybe if I find a good one Achievements: no Will: no, wiki wills are never official so it's just a waste of time

Which town do you own?

Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. Lapis Bay. (and Sunset Pass for the 2 towns that I founded.)

Who are your friends?

irl or on the server? Not that I have any friends irl, but I would love to be friend with anyone on the server! :D

Governor when?

When I have time and finish all pending projects

Why are you online on Asian time zone?

Because my sleep schedule is ruined. It's not unusual for me to wake up in the afternoons.

Views on Hong Kong (Pro Democracy or Beijing?)

Certainly not Beijing. I used to be more neutral but I would say I am lean democracy now.

When are you gonna work on Galaxy Venus?

When I feel like it :P. I went into the cruise industry for leisure (ie when im bored of rode or city building)


Yes ask me more questions. I like to answer them for some reason.