Lapis Bay

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Lapis Bay
Flag of Lapis Bay.png
Town officials
Mayor AlphaDS
Deputy Mayor Echohue
Founder AlphaDS
MRT  XE31  Lapis Bay
Roadways B228 Shield.pngHighway A245.png
Other transit Venessa Bay Ferry Terminal
Facts and figures
Founded 4th May 2019
Recognized as town 16th June 2019
Town rank [Mayor]
Official language(s) English
Post codes  LB2 
MPO Woodlands MPO
Ward(s) 2

Lapis Bay is a town located in Ward 2, next to  XE31  Lapis Bay. It is now under early development. The town is expanding towards the West and is expected to expand to at least  XE30  Foobar.


Creation of Lapis Bay

On May 3rd, AlphaDS, the mayor and founder of Lapis Bay, joined the server for the first time. He joined the server for 15 minutes, then he applied for member and left the server. The next day, May 4th, a Saturday, AlphaDS travelled around the server for 12 hours, waiting for the application results. He found  XE39  Foobar as a good spot to start Lapis Bay (Which doesn’t make much sense anyways, since it is a landlocked plot), however, TechAutoBlog, who has his application accepted half an hour earlier than AlphaDS, took  XE39  Foobar and built a town now known as Wexford. AlphaDSthen founded Lapis Bay on  XE31  Lapis Bay. The station of  XE30  Foobar was also transfered from EliteNeon to AlphaDS.

Early foundations

How to get here

Currently, there are 2 method to get to Lapis Bay. The first method is by MRT Expo Line. Just travel along the Expo Line and alight at  XE31  Lapis Bay and you will arrive the town. The second method is by the ferry terminal. You can apply for terminal gates here:

The city is also connected with B228, which connects to Mounty and Haneul

City Layout

The town currently has 1 district with 3 areas. Venessa Bay is the current and only district in Lapis Bay. It is devided into 3 main areas, North Venessa Bay, Venessa Bay Central and South Venessa Bay

  • North Venessa Bay contains different facilities, such as district hall, soccer stadium, ferry terminal and houses etc.
  • Venessa Bay Central is the downtown area of the district, also the first area to be constucted.
  • South Venessa Bay is a tourist-focused area. It has beaches and Inns.

Public Transport

The Lapis Metro system is a free mass transit system for citizens. Stations and lines are being built constantly and serves large parts of the city.