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Lapis Bay

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Lapis Bay
Venessa Bay.png
The Venessa Bay area in Lapis Bay
Flag of Lapis Bay.png
Flag of Lapis Bay
Deputy MayorHarborRandom852
City recognition
Date foundedMay 4, 2019
Date recognized as CouncillorJune 16, 2019
Date recognized as MayorJuly 4, 2019
Date recognized as SenatorJanuary 24, 2021
Town hall coordinates11899, 68, -2550
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 2
MRT XE31  Lapis Bay - Venessa Bay Station
Road connectionsA245
Air facilitiesLapis Bay Expo East Airport
Lapis Bay Seaplane Port
Rail facilitiesLapis Bay Expo East Airport Station (IntraRail)
Lapis Bay Station (BluRail)
Lapis Bay Venessa Bay Station
Water transit facilitiesVenessa Bay Ferry Terminal
Political affiliations
StateState of Lapis
MPO(s)Woodlands MPO

Lapis Bay is a Senator city founded and owned by AlphaDS, located at XE31 on the MRT Expo Line. Lapis Bay is a coastal town with resorts and low to high-density buildings.


Creation and foundation (2019)

A day after AlphaDS joined and applied for Member on May 4, 2019, he found XE39 and considered starting Lapis Bay there; however, HenryRileyYT, who had his application accepted half an hour earlier than AlphaDS, took the station and built Wexford. AlphaDS then founded Lapis Bay at XE31. The station of XE30 was also given from EliteNeon to AlphaDS.

The first building in Lapis Bay

After Lapis Bay was founded, construction began immediately. The first area developed was Venessa Bay Central, with the first building being completed adjacent to the XE31. As AlphaDS ranked up from Member to Trustee, many buildings were completed, including the Venessa Bay Apartments, the tallest build at the time. Lapis Bay received the rank of Councillor on 16 June 2019, and development on South Venessa Bay started. Parts of North Venessa Bay, as well as Venessa Bay Ferry Terminal, were completed when Lapis Bay achieved Mayor on July 4, 2019.

Post-Mayor (2019–2020)

During the summer of 2019, AlphaDS moved to Canada, and the development of Lapis Bay slowed down. At the September 2019 GSM, the B228 was approved and completed a month later. At the same time, the Venessa Bay District was completed and five Lapis Metro stations were constructed underground. At the November 2019 GSM, the A245 was approved and a portion was built north of Venessa Bay.

Seaview Resort

Around November 2019, a new district south of Venessa Bay began construction. Construction of the Seaview Resort lasted a few weeks, with drastic improvements on the exterior and interior build quality. The resort is one of the largest on the MRT Server, with 55 rooms, pools, beaches, a mini-golf course, and a park. A number of houses and the sixth Lapis Metro station was built before the Zeta migration.

Senator and Rode era (2020–present)

For a few months in 2020, very little to no development occurred in Lapis Bay. In July 2020, a pair of office buildings were built on a new area later known as Lake Lazuli. A week before Christmas in 2020, Lapis Bay saw rapid development again. Numerous skyscrapers were built in two weeks, as well as the seventh Lapis Metro Station. On January 10, 2021, Lapis Bay was submitted to the Senator promotion form, and was promoted by a unanimous vote of 7-0.

After the city achieved Senator, development was halted while A245 was being built. In February 2021, BluRail offered to provide service to the city. Two months later, bidding occurred for the naming rights of the upcoming Lapis Bay Senator Airport. godzilltrain won the auction with a bid of $2,000 and named the airport Lapis Bay Expo East Airport.

In late April, the city applied to host MRT Summer Games 2021. However, the bid was given to Cape Cambridge. A month later, Lapis Bay won the bid to host XXI TacoBurritoAThon on June 26, 2021. It was the first time Lapis Bay hosted a major event. As a result, the district of Pine Hills was founded early, with two starting facilities in the area: spleef and sumotori.

In November 2022, IntraRail began construction on the 68 line in Lapis Bay.


Lapis Bay is located in the eastern portion of the MRT Expo Line, near the southern border of Ward 2. Lapis Bay is located at the northernmost point of Lake Victoria and is mainly located in a taiga biome.

Lapis Bay has no direct neighbors. In relation to other nearby settlements, Sunset Pass and Lazure is to the east, Copperport is to the southeast, Mohawk and Mairie are to the south, and Aurora is to the west.

City layout

Lapis Bay currently has four districts with nine sub-areas.

Venessa Bay

Venessa Bay is the first district of Lapis Bay, divided into three areas. Venessa Bay is a low- to mid-density district containing XE31. Venessa Bay is a WorldEdit-free district. The district's areas are North Venessa Bay, Venessa Bay Central, and South Venessa Bay.

  • North Venessa Bay - North of the MRT Expo Line and south of the A245, North Venessa Bay contains different facilities such as the district hall, a soccer stadium, and the Venessa Bay Ferry Terminal. It is the largest area in Venessa Bay.
  • Venessa Bay Central - South of the MRT Expo Line and north of the Lapis River, Venessa Bay Central is the downtown area of Venessa Bay and was where Lapis Bay was founded. The tallest building in Venessa Bay, the Venessa Bay apartments, is located in this district, as well as the northern part of the Venessa Beach.
  • South Venessa Bay - South Venessa Bay is a tourist-focused area, as well as the smallest area in Venessa Bay. It is south of the Lapis River and north of the Sandy Shores area of the Lakeside Cove district. The area also houses the southern portion of Venessa Beach and a handful of franchises.

Lakeside Cove

Lakeside Cove is the district south of Venessa Bay focused on improvements on interior and exterior build quality. It is a mid to high-density district with strips of rural areas.

  • Sandy Shores - Sandy Shores is a rural area with a country park and hiking trails. The main landmark of the area is the Seaview Resort. Sandy Shores borders South Venessa Bay in the north and Lake Lazuli and Key Cove in the south.
  • Lake Lazuli - Named after the lake named by Starcubed, Lake Lazuli is a high-density area with the tallest skyscrapers in the city, along with shopping centres and banks.
  • Key Cove - Key Cove is located east of Lake Lazuli and borders the ocean. The special world generation of the beach is also one of the main landmarks.
  • Fraser Valley - Named after the real-life region in British Columbia AlphaDS lives next to, Fraser Valley is a planned rural district northwest of Lake Lazuli. It will be the last area of Lakeside Cove to be developed.

Taiga Hills

Located north of the A245, Taiga Hills is the smallest district in the city, with no smaller subdistricts. It is a rural area and focuses heavily on sporting venues such as spleef, sumo, and archery.


Odessa is an undeveloped district north of the XE30 station. It is planned to have a mix of residential and commercial areas.

  • Lantier - A planned residential area bounded by the Lapis River to the south and the Odessa River to the North. The Lapis Bay Expo East Airport and the BluRail station are both located in the area.

Intercity transit

Lapis Bay is on the MRT Expo Line at XE31.

Aside from the MRT, Lapis Bay is served by third-party transit. Lapis Bay is served by boats at the Venessa Bay Ferry Terminal. The terminal contains ferries from various companies to locations such as the MRT Marina and Sunshine Coast. Lapis Bay is also served by BluRail and IntraRail. Lapis Bay houses Lapis Bay Expo East Airport and Lapis Bay Seaplane Port.

Lapis Bay is also connected to the B228.

Lapis Metro

The Lapis Metro system is a free mass transit system in Lapis Bay that serves various parts of the city. As of October 2022, there are three lines and seven stations built.

City-loop Line

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png TH Taiga Hills (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png NVB North Venessa Bay  City-loop Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png VB Venessa Bay  Expo Line 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SVB South Venessa Bay
Dynmap Green Flag.png SS Sandy Shores
Dynmap Green Flag.png LL Lake Lazuli  Downtown Line 
Dynmap Pin.png KC Key Cove (planned)

City-loop Shuttle

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png NVB North Venessa Bay  City-loop Line 
Dynmap Green Flag.png VBFT Venessa Bay Ferry Terminal

Expo Line

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png VB2 Venessa Beach  XE31  Lapis Bay - Venessa Bay Station
Dynmap Green Flag.png VB Venessa Bay  City-loop Line 
Dynmap Pin.png LBX LBX (planned)  Downtown Line 

Downtown Line

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png LL Lake Lazuli  City-loop Line 
Dynmap Pin.png LBX LBX (planned)  Expo Line 


Lapis Bay is home to numerous franchises, including: