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Location Québec, Canada
Time zone Eastern
Language(s) English, French
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator]
Notable projects Lanatam
Federated States of the New World
Infinity Book Store
Accepted 11/01/2020
Citizen 24/01/2020
Trustee 29/04/2020
Councillor 07/05/2020
Mayor 23/05/2020
Social networks
Discord mpolo

Hi!, I am currently Senator, Governor soon, I hope. I am the mayor of Lanatam and Bouxesei and the Deputy Mayor of Snowhaven, Cypress and Trickdale. I also own Infinity Book Store. Tell me if you want one in your town/city.

To describe myself, I would say I am a bit weirdo, random guy, who doesn’t know how to speak English correctly, but I'm helpful


If I get banned, I would like my assets to be given as written here:

•Lanatam, my great city, to Aegledis, the deputy mayor. If he doesn’t want it or he can’t have it, Lanatam will be given to dartvader2005

•Infinity Book Store, to dartvader2005. If he doesn’t want it or he can’t have it, Aegledis will be the new owner of the franchise.


•Getting Lanatam to Premier Governor.

•Having 100 locations of Infinity Book Store

•Having a Featured Page on the Wiki