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Wexford is a currently unranked town located on both sides of XE39 (Foobar). It was founded on May 3rd, 2019 by RileyServer. Echohue, LightningMC, and DaEdwards helped to build the city's foundation. Wexford has joined with Harvest Hill to form the State Of Riley

Town officials
Mayor RileyServer
Deputy Mayor Echohue
Founder RileyServer
Town Councillors DaEdwards, Luigi Board, TheGreenKangaroo, FiorkG
MRT  XE39  Foobar
Roadways  B246 ,  B355 
Nearest airport Farwater Airport
Other transit WMT (Wexford Metro Transit)
Facts and figures
Population 3
Founded May 3rd, 2019
Town rank Unranked
State State of Riley
World New
Political Party Democracy
MPO Woodlands MPO
Ward(s) 3
City Phone Code 314

Previous station Next station
 XE38  Foobar
towards XW31
 XE39  Foobar
 XE40  Foobar


Mayor: RileyServer

Deputy Mayor: Echohue

City Council: DaEdwards, Luigi_Board, TheGreenKangaroo, FiorkG

Secretary Of State: willowars

Secretary Of Transportation: Weier

Secretary Of Parks: AlphaDS

Major Roads

  • B246 Begins in Wexford and has two exits for Wexford.
  • B355 (In Construction) Will also connect to Wexford, making the town a major transportation hub.


WMT is a city owned and operated transit system that uses minecarts. WMT Stations are identified by WS#.

  • WS1 (Oakwood and Station)
  • WS2 (City Hall Station)