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BirchView will be inactive from 3 Jan 2017 to early May 2017 due to study leave. If you have anything to discuss, do write it all out in this page. :D
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BirchView - BirchView Transit System
Town officials
Mayor _crepper_
Deputy Mayor Camelfantasy
MRT  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
Roadways Road connections, use
Highway A101.png, Highway A90.png, B17-shield.png or B12-shield.png
Nearest airport Leydon International Airport
Other transit BirchView Metro Transit
BirchView Bus Services
Facts and figures
Founded 30 October 2014
Recognized as town 28 December 2014
Town rank [Governor]
World New
Post codes  BV1 
Ward(s) 1

BirchView City

BirchView was established on the 30th of October 2014 and has since grown to be a Governor ranked city. BirchView is being served by the  C1 - ZN13  BirchView MRT station. The station exterior has been renovated to suite the city's modern theme. Over the days of building BirchView,it has gotten itself many notable dates such as the opening of Leydon International Airport.

Notable Dates

30 Oct 2014 → BirchView founded and established.

30 Dec 2014 → BirchView is now [Mayor] rank!

7 Feb 2015 → BirchView is now a [Senator] rank city!

21 Jun 2015 → We are now [Governor]!!!!!

30 Nov 2016 Leydon International Airport has officially reopened!


Waterfront Tower

Waterfront Tower.png

The Waterfront Tower both an observatory Tower and an office. There are 9 levels of offices in the Waterfront Tower. The Tower is located next to the big ocean. The Waterfront Tower reaches the height limit of 256 (Tallest building in MRT again!). It was opened on the 6 of June 2015 (6 / 6 / 2015).

X: 1178

Y: 81

Z: -4722

Connections to BirchView

There are many ways to connect to BirchView from riding the MRT to Driving and Taking intercity trains.
Roadways 🚗:
1. Highway A101.png ➡ exit 6/6A
2. Highway A90.png exit 0 ➡ Highway A101.png towards Nippia ➡ exit 6A
3. B17-shield.png exit 1
4. B12-shield.png Southwest

Train Lines 🚄:
1.  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
2. RaiLinQ logo.png RaiLinQ (Multiple lines and destinations)
3. Citiraillogo.png CitiRail (future)
4. ChromaRail

Aerospace ✈:
1. Leydon International Airport

District System

BirchView City is divided into 6 districts. In these districts, you will find many different kinds of building like highrised buildings in the Central business distrct and new city district.

District 1: Central Business District

In the Central Business District, You will see the  C1 - ZN13  BirchView station. Central Business District is where most official buildings like the town hall is located.

District 2: Downtown District

In the Downtown District, you will find many high-end shops like Music's Gems, Rapid Coffee etc. You will also find the Downtown Transit Center where you can board a train or take a bus to other part of the city.

District 3: Ocelot Housing District

The Ocelot Housing District is where lower density houses can be found.

District 4: New Town District

The New Town District is now one of the newest and modern district that can be found in BirchView. Buildings such as CitiRail and an elevated New Town metro Line can be found in this district.

District 5: Waterfront District

In the Waterfront Distirct, you will find the BirchView landmark - The Waterfront Bridge - You will also find the BirchView harbour and Airport.

District 6: North-Light District

The North-Light District is where the road connecting BirchView and Heights City can be found. It is also where the Regional Connect station can be found.

Metro System

BVMT Map 18122015.PNG

Take a look at the possible future metro map of BirchView too!

BVMT Map 5 Sept.png


Line Name Status Infomation
[1] Central Line Status: Service Good.png Good service -
[2] Downtown Line Status: Service Good.png Good service -
[3] Ghast Road Line Status: Service Good.png Good service -
[4] Airport Line Status: Service Closed.png Closed -
[5] New Town Line Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Newtown Station - North Hills Station -
[6] North Transit Centre Shuttle Line Status: Service Good.png Good service -
[7] North South Line Status: Service Construction.png Under construction -

More Information at → BirchView Transit System

Previous station Next station
 C119  Mihama (Heights City)
towards Wazamawazi
 C1  BirchView  C2  Dandenong West
towards Airchester
 ZN12  Mihama (Heights City)
towards Dand via Central City
 ZN13  BirchView  ZN14  Heights City
towards Rank Resort

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