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Inchmuir Space Agency

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Inchmuir Space Agency
ISA Logo.jpg
Inchmuir Space Agency logo
FormedJuly 25, 2013
Agency Executivesthomasfyfe
JurisdictionInchmuir City Council

The Inchmuir Space Agency (ISA) is the agency of the city of Inchmuir that is responsible for the city's space program.

thomasfyfe established the Inchmuir Space Agency in 2013. The goal of the Inchmuir Space Agency is to re-create many iconic vehicles, missions and locations within Minecraft. On top of the aesthetics, ISA wanted to provide an interactive role-playing experience for players to participate in.


Inchmuir Space Agency has a range of launch vehicles located across both of its launch facilities. This list includes currently operating launchers and does not include vehicles under construction or support vehicles and aircraft in which ISA also operates.

Space Launch System

Space Launch System at FSC

The Space Launch System (SLS) is NASA's heavy expendable launch vehicle currently under development. It is intended to replace the retired Space Shuttle and will see its first test flight in late 2018. ISA's recreation uses the "Block 1" variant which includes the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. With the support of various service modules, the Orion spacecraft will be able to travel to other planets.

The launch vehicle is located at Launch Pad 1 at Falloway Space Centre. It is currently in the final phases of construction and will be used for future interactive space missions. These missions may include travelling to space stations, asteroids or even to other planets.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle at Inchmuir

Officially known as the Space Transportation System, the Space Shuttle is NASA's partially reusable orbital spacecraft system. It flew from 1981 to 2011 completing a total of 135 missions. Inchmuir Space Agency has three space shuttles in service.

Other rockets

Soyuz lifts off from Inchmuir

The Inchmuir Space Agency also has the rockets Soyuz and Zenit.

Space Flight Programs

Comms-1 ISA headed the launch operations for a communications satellite for BaseWire and built by Quantum Mechanics.

  • Launch Site: Pad 2, Inchmuir Spaceport
  • Rocket: Soyuz
  • Payload: Communications Payload

Falloway Geographical Office (2016)

ISA partnered with Falloway City Council to prepare and launch a survey satellite to aid in map planning for the Falloway Geographical office

  • Launch Site: Pad 2, Inchmuir Spaceport
  • Rocket: Soyuz
  • Payload: GeoSat-1F


Inchmuir Spaceport

The Vehicle Assembly Building at Inchmuir Spaceport.
Inchmuir Spaceport.

The Inchmuir Spaceport is a spaceport in southern Inchmuir and can be reached by taking the Inchmuir Subway Network's Spaceport Express line.

The spaceport facility consists of a number of buildings and facilities, including:

  • Vehicle Assembly Building - The exterior structure for the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) has been built and the interior is ongoing construction. The VAB currently houses spare spacecraft and developments on new spacecraft and rockets.
  • Launch Pad 1 - Mostly complete, pending the installation of the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) which will protect the orbiter as well as provide access for installation and servicing of payloads at the pad.

A Mobile Launcher Platform will bring the spacecraft to the launch pad where it will be hooked up to external power and the Sound Suppression Water System.

  • Launch Pad 2 - Mostly complete and in the final process of building, with the recent addition of its four lightning masts. The launch pad is smaller than Launch Pad 1 and is designed to launch smaller payload rockets into orbit. A Mobile Servicing Tower provides transportation from the VAB to the pad and can provide protection and maintenance support while at the pad.
  • Orbiter Processing Facility - Under construction, will service and maintain space shuttles.
  • Spacecraft Development Facility - Mostly complete, will construct, test and service other spacecraft including rovers and scientific payloads.
  • Visitor Centre - Contains public information about the spaceport and missions, with access to other locations in the spaceport and viewing at mission control centres.
  • Space Shuttle Landing Facility - When the ban on Old World airports and runways was lifted, ISA installed a runway at Inchmuir Spaceport to allow the Space Shuttle and other support aircraft to land directly at the facility.

Falloway Space Centre

Falloway Space Centre (FSC) is a spaceport under construction at Falloway. ISA will lease the facility from the Falloway Government and launch rockets from this location. The space centre is located adjacent to Falloway Airport, allowing easy connection from the spaceport to other cities throughout the world.

Once completed, FSC takeover from Inchmuir Spaceport as the agency's primary launch facility.

Partner facilities

Capricorn Industries

Capricorn Industries works closely with the Inchmuir Space Agency as the primary logistics operator for transport of ocean cargo between facilities. Capricorn Industries also supplies satellites that have been built for other customers.

Atlantis Defense Force - Aircraft Carrier

The Atlantis Defense Force's A.D.F Taco aircraft carrier is used to house two of Inchmuir's "assist and escort" aircraft. They are used in escorting the Space Shuttle Carrier or assisting with ocean landings. They may also escort the Space Shuttle as it lands on test flights.

On board the A.D.F Taco is a specialised command centre built and operated by ISA during missions which involve the aircraft carrier. The command centre monitors weather in the surrounding area as well as maintaining links to other partner facilities.

Two of ISA's Assist & Escort aircraft.
ISA's command centre within the A.D.F Taco.