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Town Officials
Mayor megascatterbomb
Deputy Mayor hvt2011
MRT None
Roadways B10.png
Nearest Airport Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
Facts and Figures
Town Rank [Senator]
World New
Ward(s) 1

Moramoa is a [Senator] city in the northern-epsilon region of the New World. It was founded by megascatterbomb in October of 2017. The "Old town", on the eastern peninsula, was where the town originated. Several builds were built upon the peninsula, as well as a large mansion on an island just south-east of the coast.


Moramoa was founded in late 2017, with the unexpected return of megascatterbomb from a 3 year break. Moramoa quickly obtained [Councillor] in December 2017, consisting only of the Mega Mansion and a small number of builds on the peninsula. After this time, Moramoa remained largely untouched, with the exception of Megap Parkour, which was constructed to be a far more difficult version of Cortesi's Parkour House in Murrville.

In early 2019, Moramoa expanded at a rapid pace, thanks to quick construction of a road network laid out in a similar fashion to Auckland, New Zealand. This lead to Moramoa quickly gaining the rank of [Mayor]. Despite the road network's origin, almost all builds in Moramoa are completely original, with the notable exception of the Egyptian Gods guarding the eastern beach, which were based off 3D models found on the internet. The road network mirrors Auckland's enough that using Google Maps to navigate the town is a viable method, especially since street names in Moramoa are the same as those in Auckland.

After reaching the [Senator] Rank, Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield was built. The airfield was constructed with 18 plane gates and 18 helipads. Gates were allocated at will by megascatterbomb, with a priority being placed on unique destinations.

Future Projects

Moramoa has a number of plans related to the town's infrastructure. Once these projects gain significant progress, the relevant section(s) will be moved to their own heading on this page.


KiwiBus and KiwiMetro

The "Kiwi" brand is being used to describe local services in and around Moramoa. There are plans to construct a CitiRail-style metro in Moramoa, with a unique implementation that allows different routes to be configured by only modifying the contents of a station's dispensers. This system will also allow users to pass through stations on the way to their destination, which CitiRail does not have the capability for. Currently, a single route is active between the Military District and MMA.

KiwiBus will provide direct transit between major transport centers within Moramoa. International buses will have a dedicated terminal that allows buses designed for right-hand-side roads to park at stops without =modification.


The Mega-change is a project to connect two major roads, the B10 and the planned A11 together, while also providing entry and exit points to various parts of Moramoa. The interchange will be based on the spaghetti junction in the Auckland CBD, as it maps perfectly to the number of roads intending to connect to the city. Roads connected to the Mega-change will swap from RHS to LHS driving, to allow easier entry to the town's internal LHS roads. Completion of the Mega-change will almost certainly be after Moramoa obtains [Governor], and possibly  [Premier] .


Moramoa International Airport (MIX)

Moramoa International Airport is intended to serve a larger amount of airports than MMA. It will also serve as the sole landing area for the Big Thing, an extremely large airborne aircraft carrier. The Big Thing has never been pasted on the New World due to concerns about the feasibility of doing so, however pasting it as a part of MIX will significantly reduce the associated risk of crashing the server. Live updates on the pasting process will be posted to Breaking News NOW! when construction of MIX is complete.

Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png