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Town Officials
Mayor Cookie46910
Deputy Mayor MinecraftYoshi26
MRT None
Roadways B10.png
Other transit BluRail, RaiLinQ, Prime Rail, FrostyRail
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates 3676(X), -11,941(Z)
Founded 3 Jan 2017
Town Rank Mayor
World New (Epsilon)
Other Info
Motto "The land around a river"

Peripotamia (pronounced: /pɛripoʊteɪmiə/) is a New World city located in the northeast quadrant of the world. It was founded after the Epsilon expansion on 3 January 2017. The town is currently councillor and is owned by Cookie46910. The deputy mayor of the town is MinecraftYoshi26, who was appointed to the position on 4 January 2017. Peripotamia is derived from Greek for meaning "around river". Since getting Councillor as of 3/25/18 Peripotamia has seen a major upgrade, Peripotamia now has a housing district courtesy of Megascatterbomb and hvt2011 and upgraded roads* that are now U-Car able (some are even named). As of 3/30/18, the town is now divided into 3 districts:

1) The main island which is full of memes both dead and alive.

2) The middle rim which is a blend of memes and decent builds, as seen below.

3) The outside which will not ONLY consist of good builds.*

As of 9/2/18, Peripotamia is now connected to the A1 via the B10.

Surprisingly, Peripotamia is not actually home to a Potoe and Chicke.

This is the flag of peripotamia

Places in Peripotamia (Main island)

  • Fishing Hut
  • Chess players house: Owned by Hvt2011
  • Barney’s house: Owned by _Kastle
  • The no stones house: Owned by Megascatterbomb
  • The airhead house: Owned by Aliksong
  • Boat raceway with fireworks
  • Gameshow buzzers
  • City hall (Built by _Kastle)
  • The Peripotamia Apartments* (If you want one follow the instructions under the stable bullet point down below)
  • A subtle meme
  • Nuclear reactor built by Zomghi
  • Bart logistics building with a semi-truck outside.

Middle Ring

  • USSRgrad embassy (the dead meme that is the The War on Communism)
  • Sportsball arena
  • Afk box
  • The Mosquito
  • Peripotamia Police Protection Force(3PF)/ Peripotamia Defence Force (PDF) both full of Peripotamia's finest (the kids the go to the school)
  • Stable with actual horses that need names (If you would like to name one just send me a /mail or a dm)

Outer Rim/ Outside Peripotamia

  • Housing district* (If you would like a plot for a franchise I, Cookie will pay you $30 to fill the spot)
  • Peripotamian Palace (part of the USL)
  • Imart won in Deal or No Deal (Built by _Kastle)
  • Hvt's Arcade location #39
  • B10 to the A1

* In progress