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Highway A8.png - Whitechapel Freeway
UC Roads Committee
UC Roads Committee
UC Transit Committee
Number of Exits25
Terminus NorthA84
Terminus SouthWishington Avenue, Central City
Road StatusService Good.png Open

The A8 is an A-class highway that goes from Central City to Kaloro City via Whitechapel. It is one of the most important thoroughfares through northwest Gamma and Epsilon.


The A8 was one of the earliest A roads built in New World, with plans going back to February 2015, when bids were being accepted for the road between Central City and Whitechapel, with the provisional code "XA1". In the next GSM at March 2015, the ward system was established, with the road being renumbered to A8, and the bid was awarded to _frozen's plan, being built by Benie.

In the September 2015 GSM, _frozen was approved to extend the A8 to the interchange with A850 which connects to Ilirea. Then, in March 2016 GSM, _frozen was again approved an extension of A8 up to Spring Valley.

At the September 2017 GSM, the United Cities Roads Committee's proposal extending the road to Vegeta was approved. It was intended to be done by April 2018, but it was actually done by August 2018 according to Narnia17. After the road was completed, CaptainObi planned a further A8 extension through northwest Epsilon, connecting Carnoustie, Skogheim and Norwest to the road system. The proposal was supposedly submitted to January 2018 GSM, but CaptainObi said it was never formally proposed due to never getting permissions from any of the towns on the route.

By June 2019, Vickiposa was planning an A8 extension, deciding whether to extend from Vegeta or branch off north of the B83 interchange to a new alignment, and it would be planned to go to Norwest. At April 2020, she made a plan for an A8 extension, which involved extending past Vegeta and through the taiga biome and Larkspur before going above-ground, going northwest across the taiga biome, serving Lakeborough, Norwest and Kaloro City. However, she was working on A92 and MRT Western Line northern extension at this time, so it didn't really get proposed at all, until in January 2021 where she made another plan for an A8 extension, this time forgoing the connection to Vegeta, which would be designated with another number, instead bypassing the area around it, then following the same rough route to Kaloro City like her earlier plans. It was finally proposed at the April 2021 GSM, where it was approved.

Due to VickiTori_ resigning from the staff team in June 2021, the question of who would take over the A8 project was put into the agenda for June 2021 GSM, and in that GSM, AP_Red took over the project, where they built the interchange with A8, and then after IRL responsibilities and many months of construction, A8 reached Skogheim by late February 2022, Norwest and the B9 interchange by August 2022 and Kaloro City and A84 by December 2022.

After AP_Red finished the A8 extension they took over from VickiTori_, chimata began planning an extension up to Las Playas in New Caledonia, being split up into 2 phases, with the first phase going between the A84 interchange and Spruce Basin and the second phase going between Spruce Basin and Las Playas. A small portion of A8 was built in Spruce Basin in preparation. After discussion through the section through Bristol and Aberwick, and the construction of an exit leading to Bristol from A8 by kingsnake, AP_Red expressed interest on constructing the A8 extension in the near future.


Central City - Whitechapel

The A8 begins at the intersection between Morningside Avenue and Inchmuir Street. As it continues west, leaving Central City, it has interchanges with A0 and A7, then turns to the northwest to cross the the taiga and forest biomes, with a interchange with A9 at Xilia, and then with B71 to Kenthurst, before turning towards Radiance Square, then it serves as the border between Radiance Square and Serena (signed as Watchfield) while going north, before reaching the interchange with A95.

In Whitechapel, the A95 interchange has numerous ramps to allow access to local roads and Whitechapel Sky Harbor. Then, the A8 rises high above around to cross Seneca Canal, and then some interchanges, including B901 and A89.

Whitechapel - Spring Valley

After crossing Whitechapel's border, the line follows the coast, crossing the mountains. The road briefly narrows to 2 lanes before approaching Fortaleza, and immediately after, there is an interchange with A850 to Ilirea. The A8 continues through the mountains, with an interchange for a road leading to Wazamawazi, and after that, the line goes into a tunnel, before emerging into a roofed forest biome, with an interchange to Stroalisburg and western Ilirea. From this interchange, the median widens to support a CitiRail line, and goes through a desert biome, with an interchange with B707 to DesertView, before reaching Spring Valley, with exits to 5th and 3rd Streets.

Spring Valley - Kaloro City

From the Spring Valley interchange, A8 goes through the forest biomes, with an interchange to Eagleshore, before continuing until crossing a mountain pass, reaching another interchange with B83 to Birchwood. After this interchange, A8 used to go underneath the ground after crossing into the mega taiga biome, ending at Vegeta, but as part of VickiTori_'s A8 extension, it was redirected away from that interchange, with the segment north of it being redesignated as A892.

From the interchange with A892, the road goes in a northwesterly direction, going through the edge of the mega taiga biome. After crossing the mega taiga biome, VickiTori_'s section ends, and AP_Red's section starts. In AP_Red's section, the road enters the northwestern tundra biome, and there are 3 interchanges in quick succession, which are A82, A92 and Keriyowna (Winter Wind) in that order. After crossing into the snowy taiga biome, there is another interchange to Skogheim. Then, the road goes through the tundra, with the road descending to go under Norwest. As it descends, it also turns to the west.

After going under Norwest, the road goes above ground into forest hills, with an interchange to B9. Soon after, there is an interchange to northern Kaloro City, and the A8 ends at the interchange with A84, for Grassbush, Augusta and A980. After the end of this road, there is an additional interchange connecting the road to eastern Bristol and B844.

Junction list


     Interchange exit
     Standard exit
     Rest area exit
Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Road Continues onto Inchmur Avenue (Central City)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0 Inchmur Avenue & Morningside Avenue (Central City) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1A Highway A0.png Counter-Clockwise
Central City, Sealane,  A4 ,  A5 
Highway A0.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1B Highway A0.png Clockwise
Central City,  A1 
Highway A0.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Highway A7.png Kenthurst, Vermilion, Ilirea Highway A7.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 A9-shield.png Xilia, Laclede, Cornus A9-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 4 Highway B90.png Xilia, Oakburgh Highway B90.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 5 Xilia HSR Station No connections NB Onramp, SB Offramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 6 B71-shield.png Kenthurst B71-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 7 Radiance Square, Serena No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 8 Highway A94.pngA95-shield.png Laclede, Lanark Highway A94.pngA95-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 9 Rivera District (Whitechapel/Radiance Square) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 10 Airport Sign.png Whitechapel Sky Harbor No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 11 Richland Avenue (Whitechapel) No connections NB Offramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 12 Rivera Street (Whitechapel) No connections SB Onramp, NB Offramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 13 Highway B901.png Whitechapel, West Calbar, Laclede Highway B901.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 14 Highway A89.png West Calbar, Waterville, Konawa, Snowtopic Highway A89.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 15 Union Drive (Whitechapel) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 16 Olympia Avenue (Whitechapel) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 17 Boundary Drive (Whitechapel) No connections NB Offramp, SB Onramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 18 Highway A850.png Ilirea Highway A850.png
Dynmap Construction.png 19 (Unnamed B-Road) - Wazamawazi (under construction)  B? 
Dynmap Cross.png 20 Storalisburg - Unnamed Road (closed)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 21 Storalisburg - Sunset Peak Ave No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 22  B707  DesertView  B707 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 24 5th Street (Spruce Valley) No connections SB Onramp, NB Offramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 25 2nd Street (Spruce Valley) No connections NB Onramp, SB Offramp Only
Dynmap Green Flag.png 26  B879  Eagleshore  B879 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 27 Unnamed Road (Eagleshore) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 28  B83  Rosemary City No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 29 Highway A892.png Vegeta, Willow, Frostbite, Chalxior, Oparia Highway A892.png


The Official Road Sign for the A8.