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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Flag of Raymont.png
Town officials
Mayor _O_OM3GA_O_
Deputy Mayor TechAutoBlog
MRT  XE40 
Roadways  B246 
Other transit Raymont Transit
Facts and figures
Population 3
Town hall coordinates 15487, -2134
Founded 4th June 2019
Recognized as town N/A
Town rank [Councillor]
World New
Post codes  RT2 
MPO Woodlands MPO
Ward(s) 2

Raymont NE

Dynmap Layout: Raymont-Dynamp-6-23-19.png Raymont NE is a town located east of Wexford and west of Bawktown. It is currently [Councillor] and its mayor is _O_OM3GA_O_.


Raymont is located about 2,500 blocks west of the world border, and just west of Bawktown.


Raymont has a transport system that will provide rail (and soon bus) service through Raymont.

Intra-city transport

Main article: Raymont Transit

Raymont has a large transportation network that provides access to almost all parts of the town. It is currently made up of 3 metro lines and 1 bus line, but more are planned.

Inter-city transport

Raymont has a connection to the MRT Expo Line, which provides its own connections to other towns.

Previous station Next station
 XE39  Foobar
towards XW31
 XE40  Foobar
 XE41  Bawktown West (Islands)

Downtown District

The Downtown District is the main part of Raymont NE.

Notable Monuments

  • Town Hall
  • Court House

Metro Stations

  •  A1 
  •  A2 
  •  A3 
  •  B1 
  •  C1 

Housing District

The Residential District is where most of the housing in Raymont is located, hence its name.

An Overview of The Raymont Housing District

Notable Monuments


Metro Stations

  •  B2